10 Best Free & Paid Weather Apps for iPhone | 2022

At times while travelling, climatic change or incessant rainy days we need information about the weather conditions. Here is the list of best ten free and paid Weather Apps for iPhone.

It will clear the clouds of confusion and show you the weather reports of the desired locations. The list also contains apps that provide advanced options that can be used for research and analytical purposes.

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Top 10 Weather Apps for iPhone

Download and install these weather apps for iphone:

Weather Live – Local Forecast

The first best weather app in this list is Weather Live. It is a 93.9 MB free app. I have placed it in the first place because of its amazing features. It not only provides hourly weather updates but also predicts the changes for the next ten days.

Weather live supports a wide range of languages which makes it a ‘go to’ in the list weather apps for the users. The compatibility for this application is iOS 8.0 or later. We can even customize this app by making in-app purchases. This 4.5 rated app is very simple to use and reliable at the same time.

weather live app ios

Visit: Weather Live

Yahoo Weather

The next app is Yahoo Weather. It is developed by Yahoo Inc. and has a download size of 134 MB. This free app supports most of the popular languages. It is compatible to iOS 9.3 or later.

The 4+ rated app lets you know changes in the weather day wise and hourly as well. This travel weather forecast app has some unique features that are useful at an advanced level. These features are loved by the weather geeks and researchers who want detailed reports on their fingertips.

yahoo weather ios app

Visit: Yahoo Weather


This is a very popular Weather Apps for iPhone in the market today and ranks third in my list. AccuWeather is a free app on the App Store. The main reason why it is third in the list is because of its huge download size. It requires 184 MB of download. The “RADAR”, “HOURLY” and ‘DAILY” features in the app are amazing and accurate most of the time.

Using the RADAR option you can get the climate patterns of different places in one go. In the comment section of the users, it is claimed to be the most precise amongst all other weather apps.

accuweather ios app

Visit: AccuWeather

CARROT Weather

The first paid Weather Apps for iPhone in my list is the CARROT Weather app. The payable amount for this app is just four hundred. Carrot Weather download size 104 MB. It comprises all the generic features of weather apps and has a compatibility of iOS version 10.0 or later.

The rain prediction feature of this app is very well known. There are multiple reasons why it is holds the fourth place. First of all, it is not free. It supports only one language which is English. Though it has a rating of 4.5 stars but still it does not hold strong amidst the rest weather apps.

carrot weather ios app

Visit: Carrot Weather

The Weather Channel: Forecast

Next up is a very generic and cliché Weather Apps for iPhone. The Weather Channel app has all the necessary features. It is free and has a download size of 147 Mb. The compatibility of this app is iOS version 10.0 or later.

It supports a wide range of languages. As I have mentioned earlier, this app is basic in features and simple to use. This also one of the reasons it finds the fifth spot in my list.

the weather chanel ios app

Visit: The Weather Channel

Weather & Radar

From here, all the weather apps have almost similar features. The next one to talk about is the Weather & Radar app. This application has a download size of 122 MB. Weather & Radar supports most of the popular languages.

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The “14-DAY FORECAST” feature of this one of the Weather Apps for iPhone is quite interesting. The predictions of this app are not commendable (as far as I have read from the Users’ comment section). The compatibility of this app is iOS version 10.0 or later. It often gets upgraded. Every new update is accounted as an improvement so far.

weather and radar app ios

Visit: Weather & Radar

Weather Radar

There are few differences between this app and the previous one. Apart from the names, it has a download size of 117 Mb and compatibility of iOS 8.0 or later making it different from Weather & Radar.

WeatherRadar comes with many in-app purchases. You can choose from the wide range of schemes offered by the developer. The 4+ rated app supports several languages. In my list of weather apps this is an apt place for Weather Radar.

weather radar live ios app

Visit: WeatherRadar


Next up is the Weather+. It is a simple but gorgeous looking app. It is free and has a download size of 117 MB. The UI and looks of this app may simply take away your heart. It has a very attractive design and display view.


It supports many popular languages. The compatibility of this app is iOS version 8.0 or later. It can only forecast the weather of five days ahead. One good thing about app is the fact that it is ad free. I would recommend you using it if you want a good-looking weather app on your phone.

Visit: Weather+

Weather Cast – Local and World Live Weather Forecast and Alerts

The name might look a bit long to you but trust me this one of the Weather Apps for iPhone really small in size. In fact the download size of this app is the least amongst all weather apps. WeatherCast just requires 43.9 MB of your data.

Weather Cast
Weather Cast

The app is very simple and lacks in features compared to other weather apps. It has a compatibility of iOS 6.0 or later.

Visit: WeatherCast


Last on my list is the RadarScope app. It is a premium Weather Apps for iPhone worth $9.9.

The app not only tells about the temperature but also the ten day weather forecast around you. The app has a download size of 177 MB and compatibility of iOS version 9.1 or later.

Visit: RadarScope

You can say that it is different from the others but costly as the same time. I suggest you to try out other apps first before getting hands on this one.

All in All, hope these handpicked weather apps turn out to be useful for your iPhone.

radarscope live ios app

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