How to Add Xbox Friends on PS5? Full Guide

With the rise of popular titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty that support crossplay, gamers want to be able to invite friends on other consoles. Specific instructions are provided for adding Xbox friends when playing supported games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and more. These games utilize linked accounts from companies like Epic Games and Activision to enable cross-friends lists. So, how to add xbox friends on ps5?

To add Xbox friends on PS5, create or log in to a game-specific account and then add friends through the game’s built-in friend system. After that, enter your friend’s game-specific ID or username. Send a friend request. Communicate across platforms if it’s allowed.

The article first addresses whether adding Xbox friends to PS5 is possible directly and tells you the detailed process about how to add xbox friends on ps5. Third-party solutions are explored since Sony and Microsoft don’t fully support cross-platform functionality. Be aware of all the limitations of partial crossplay games. While you can play together, your progress may not carry over between platforms.

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Cross-Platform Support: Can You Add Xbox Friends on PS5?

Many popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Apex Legends offer partial or complete cross-platform support, allowing PS5 and Xbox players to play together. To add Xbox friends on PS5 in these games, players need to link their PlayStation and Xbox accounts to a joint account like Epic, Microsoft, Activision, or EA account. This allows finding and adding friends across platforms.

The process varies between games but usually involves searching for a friend’s username on the linked account and sending a friend request. For example, you search for the Epic display name in Fortnite while it’s the Activision ID in Call of Duty. Not all games support saving cross-platform progress to the linked account. Some, like Apex Legends, only allow crossplay matches but don’t save stats. Others, like Minecraft, fully integrate cross-saves.

PlayStation does not natively support cross-platform friend lists or progression. Third-party games and linked accounts act as the bridge to allow Xbox and PS players to add each other. As crossplay grows in popularity, more developers are making the experience seamless. But total integration still requires cooperation between PlayStation and Xbox.

How to Add Xbox Friends on PS5? Step-by-Step Guide

Under are the steps on how to add xbox friends on ps5(PlayStation 5):

  1. First, make sure crossplay is enabled in the game settings. Check for the crossplay option and toggle it on.enable cross platform play
  2. Many games require linking your PSN account with a third-party account like Activision, Ubisoft, or Epic Games. Your Xbox friends also need to link their Xbox your play station network
  3. Open the friends/social menu in the game lobby or pause the menu. Look for options to add friends or find cross-platform friends.
  4. You need to search using your friend’s display name on the third-party network, not their Xbox Gamertag—for example, search by their Activision ID for Call of Duty.add friend
  5. Find your friend’s profile and send them a friend request. Once they accept, you’ll be connected and can invite them to play.
  6. You and your Xbox friends can join supported games despite being on different consoles. Enjoy playing with your whole friend’s group!

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Best Cross-Platform Games for Xbox and PS5

Some of the most popular games that allow cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation 5 include:

  • Fortnite: The battle royale phenomenon allows for easy crossplay across all devices. Supports full cross-progression.fortnite game
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Requires Activision accounts but enables crossplay and partial of duty
  • Minecraft: The Bedrock Edition allows seamless crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, mobile and PC. Supports full cross-progression.minecraft
  • Rocket League: Cross-platform multiplayer is supported between all devices. Cross-progression is available via linking a Psyonix account.rocket league game
  • Apex Legends: Supports crossplay but does not save cross-progression due to balancing considerations.apex legends
  • Fall Guys: Crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC is enabled. Cross-progression is supported via an Epic Games account.fall guys
  • MultiVersus:  Warner Bros. platform fighter enables crossplay across all platforms on launch. Cross-progression is supported.multiversus
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Massively popular MMORPG supports crossplay between PlayStation and PC versions. Cross-saves are fantasy game
  • World of Tanks: Cross-platform multiplayer is available between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC for the free-to-play tank of tanks
  • Dauntless: Crossplay is supported across all devices for the co-op monster-hunting game. Cross-progression uses Epic accounts.dauntless

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How to Manage Cross-Platform Friends on PS5

Adding friends from other consoles like Xbox to your PS5 is easy. But how do you manage these cross-platform friends? Here are some tips:

Check Friend Requests

If you receive a friend request from an Xbox player, you can accept or decline it from the “Friends” section of your PS5. Make sure to check for new requests regularly.

Message Friends

Once added, you can message your Xbox friends right from your PS5. Select their name and “Message” to chat even when not gaming together.

Edit Friend Details

Also, you can view additional details about your cross-platform friends, like their real names. Edit these details as needed by selecting their name and “View Profile.”

Remove Friends

You can remove them from your friends list if you no longer want to be connected to an Xbox or other cross-platform friend. Select their name and choose “Remove Friend.”

Mute Friends

If a friend is being disruptive, you can mute them. Select their name and choose “Mute Voice Chat” to silence them for some time.

Manage Privacy Settings

Check your privacy settings to control who can message you, join your games, and see your online status. Adjust as needed for a comfortable experience.

Utilizing these friend management features gives you complete control over your cross-network social experience on PS5.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you have problems adding or connecting with Xbox friends on your PS5, don’t worry – some simple troubleshooting steps can help resolve common issues.

Incorrect Gamertag

Double-check that you’ve entered the gamertag correctly when searching for a friend. Gamertags are case-sensitive, so ensure the caps lock isn’t on if you’re typing on a keyboard.gamertag

Network Issues

Both consoles must be connected to the same network for cross-platform features. Try rebooting your router if connections seem unstable. You can also test the network settings on both devices.

Privacy Settings

You may not see friend requests if privacy settings are too restrictive. Check that your profile and friend request settings are open to allow connections from other networks.

Account Mismatch

Ensure you have signed into both consoles’ PSN and Xbox Live accounts. The accounts need to match up for cross-saves and multiplayer.

Reset Console Cache

Clearing temporary files can sometimes resolve glitches.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Storage
  3. Clear the Cache to reset the PS5 cache if issues persist.clear system software cache

Contact Support

Also, if problems continue after checking these basic steps, contact support. They could further troubleshoot and help enable cross-console features. This gives you a good starting point to resolve any issues adding or playing with Xbox friends.


How do I enable crossplay on Xbox?

To enable crossplay on Xbox, go to Settings, select Account & Family Options, then Privacy & Online Safety. Look for the option that says You can play with people outside Xbox Live. Toggle this setting to 'Allow' to enable crossplay with other platforms on supported games.

Can Xbox and Playstation play together?

Yes, many modern games support cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Popular titles like Fortnite, Rocket League, and Minecraft allow players on Xbox and PS4/PS5 to join the same servers and play together in multiplayer modes. Developers continue adding crossplay to more games.

How do I add Xbox friends to Steam?

Click the Friends tab and select Add a Friend. You'll need to link your Xbox Live account first if you still need to be connected. Search for Xbox friends by Gamertag and send a friend request, which they can accept. Once added to Steam, you'll see your online status and can be invited to games.

Can you add Xbox friends on PS4?

Yes, you can add Xbox friends on PS4 by searching for their gamertag from the friends list section of the quick menu. Enter the Gamertag precisely as it appears on Xbox Live and send a friend request. If your friend accepts it, they'll be added.


Modern consoles can connect with friends across different gaming platforms, making multiplayer more accessible. Adding Xbox friends to a PS5 allows for online co-op and competition. Cross-network play has improved convenience and compatibility, making sending friend requests and joining groups between Xbox and PlayStation easier. However, it’s essential to double-check connections and account settings when connecting with friends on another system. This article give readers a clarity on how to add xbox friends on ps5.

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