Quick Steps On How To Connect The Wired Headset To PS4

An immersive gaming experience on your PS4 can be improved by using headphones. However, some PS4 compatibility difficulties may make connecting the headset more challenging than you might anticipate. Even worse, there are situations when wearing headphones is the only choice. This is particularly true if you wish to know how to connect the wired headset to ps4 and want to play some games late at night without waking up the entire house. You could also feel excluded if you cannot join your team through game chat because your headset mic is broken.

Many wireless headphones compatible with the system come with an additional USB receiver that you may use with your PlayStation. To know how to connect the wired headset to ps4, you need to select “Bluetooth devices.” The PS4 will instantly search for nearby Bluetooth gadgets. Once the device appears in the listing of Bluetooth devices, choose the headset. Start your PS4, select “Settings,” and then select “Devices.” in the menu, you can change the sound settings. To change the settings, click “Sound/Devices” after pressing the PS button.


This detailed guide demonstrates how to connect the wired headset to ps4 in every detail. You can find a means to smoothly connect your device, regardless of the type of headset you use.

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How To Link A Gaming Headset To A Computer

Connecting to your is all you have to do to your headset for it to operate. Your computer could be required to install additional drivers depending on how complex the headset’s features are, but that procedure ought to be automatic. As soon as everything is set up, verify that your computer has used your headsets for audio input & output. Normally, this happens without intervention, but things might occasionally get confusing.

open sound settings in computer

Select the appropriate device by left-clicking the tiny speaker icon on the right. Also, check the audio options menu in programs like Discord to ensure they are correctly configured.speaker selection in computer

Almost every gaming headset can be set up and operated on a PC with only that, but typically there is a little more to use to its full potential. Most of the time, the applications function like the Logitech G Hub by maintaining the alignment of your various devices’ LEDs. However, they occasionally include EQ tweaking choices and other capabilities similar to the Audeze Mobius software (or its equivalent HyperX Cloud Orbit version).


You’ll need to study up on your specific headset to find out what software is offered and whether it’s worthwhile downloading, as these apps are often optional extras.

How To Connect Wired Headset To PS4

You can use both the controller and the console to connect in a general sense. Unfortunately, nothing is ever as straightforward as merely plugging it in. 

  1. The first step is to plug your headset into the bottom side of the Playstation 4 controller if it has a 3.5mm connector, as many Razer headsets do. 3 mm audio jack ps5
  2. This would be telling how to get the headset to work on ps4. devices option on ps4
  3. It’s time to access the settings menu, go to the Devices tab, and choose Audio Devices once that has been plugged in.audio devices option on ps4
  4. If it hasn’t changed the output option to “ps4 headset connection,” do now. output devices on ps4
  5. Choose the same input setting if the headset has a microphone. all audio option on ps4
  6. Ensure “all audio” is selected in the Output to Headphones tab after that. headset connected to controller on ps4
  7. You’re all set once you’ve completed that; however, it wouldn’t hurt to click the “Switch output device automatically” box if you had to do it manually.

This would tell you how to use a headset on ps4. Before carrying out the procedures mentioned above, go to the Sounds & Screen tab in the main options menu if your headset employs a base station that needs an optical connection. The Main Output Port should then be set to “Digital Out.” 

The Audio Format setting may also need to be adjusted, although that depends on the headset you’re using and should be covered in the instructions. Once you’ve completed that, your Playstation 4 should be ready.

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How To Link A PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

It’s pretty simple to connect a gaming headset to the new PlayStation 5. 

  1. Plugging in your headset or wireless dongle is the first step. wireless dongle ps5
  2. Either use the DualSense controller’s 3.5mm jack or the USB-A and USB-C ports on the front of the PlayStation 5 to connect devices. 3 mm audio jack ps5
  3. The console will detect a connected headset as soon you plug it in and switch the audio output.pluging in ps5
  4. You can play only chat  audio through your headphones instead of headphones set to play all audio by default.audio output option ps5
  5. Change to chat audio solely by going to the headphones part of the audio output page in the main options menu (the gear symbol in the top right).output device ps5
  6. You can modify the PlayStation 5’s built-in spatial audio settings directly beneath that choice. 

You can broaden your playing experience by learning to connect a USB mic to the Xbox One. 

Every gaming headset can use the feature by default, and it adds a simulated sound system to any game that has been designed to support it. There is little customization available, but you can turn between height profiles to ensure that the vertical component of your game’s audio sounds right. To do this, scroll through the 5 height settings & select the running water recording that sounds closest to your ears (it will make sense when you do this).

adjust audio profile

When you hit the PS button, a menu at the bottom of your screen with basic audio & mic volume adjustments appears. Navigate to the speaker and microphone icon to make a quick change.

How To Link A Smartphone To A Gaming Headset

It’s relatively easy to attach a gaming headset to your smartphone. You only need to connect the headset to ps4 using the headphone jack on your phone if your headphone supports 3.5mm connections. If your phone lacks an integrated headphone jack, a dongle is required to connect the headset. 

connect gaming headset to a phone

Some gaming headsets also allow Bluetooth connections. However, there are no compatibility standards with Bluetooth, unlike plugging in a headphone. Since practically all gaming consoles don’t support it, Bluetooth isn’t a connection designed for gaming, but having the ability to connect with a phone when you’re not gaming is a pleasant extra function.

game console

It should be noted that gaming headphones frequently have constrained functionality when linked to a smartphone. You might not have accessibility to controls found on a platform or PC, such as EQ controls unless the headset was made mainly to work with your phone. Check the product page for your headset to see if there are any specifications about the smartphone compatibility if you want further information.

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How can my Xbox controller be compatible with a USB headset?

An Xbox One controller will never work with a USB gaming headphone that doesn't have a 3.5mm connector. However, your headset will function with the system if it has an official 'For Xbox' mark on the box. If not, USB connections are out of the question.

How to connect a mobile to a gaming headset?

Any phone with such a headphone port can use a gaming headset that connects via a 3.5mm TRRS connector; all you have to do is plug it in, and you're ready to go.

Why won't my Xbox One gaming headset connect?

After following the instructions in this tutorial, there may still be a few issues if your gaming headset won't connect to the Xbox One. No matter what the settings, a connected or wireless USB playing headset that isn't compatible with the system (i.e., one that doesn't say 'Made for Xbox' on the box) won't function. Ensure the Xbox's audio settings are configured to support headphone audio if you're using a wired headphone that connects via a 3.5mm jack.

Can I attach a headset to many platforms?

Yes! Many gaming headphones today allow Bluetooth and their primary connection method to be used simultaneously. Most of the time, it's dead easy; you must follow the headset's instructions.

Last Words

Despite their apparent simplicity, getting a game headset to function on your preferred platform may occasionally take work. Though it shouldn’t be, sometimes this stuff is complicated. Possible interruptions include a webcam mic on your PC or a dropdown menu in the Playstation 4’s settings menu. We hope that through our guide, you can connect the wired headset to ps4 and will know how to connect the wired headset to ps4 and how to connect a wired headset to ps4 without the controller.

The PS4 adheres to the more recent, widely used headphone jack configuration. This implies that while most headphones should function without issue, some may need to be modified or use external devices.