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Choose the best software for your device with the help of our articles. Compare all the features along with the pros and cons of each of the software to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

Best Photo Viewer

5 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10/8/7/XP

If you click good photos, you need a good photo viewer in your computer to enhance them. As we all know, the basic photo viewer...
Video Editing Software

10 Best Video Editing Software | Updated 2019

Videos are the most powerful ways to attract and engage audience. Users nowadays tend to watch more videos and videos have larger reach and...
Game Recording Software

Top 10 Best Game Recording Software (Latest 2019)

If you play games and sometimes stuck during a mission where you go for help? YouTube right? Ever wondered how tutorials made or how...
Whatsapp Pattern Lock

Simple Steps to Set Whatsapp Pattern Lock

Nowadays, if someone tells you to stop using your WhatsApp for few days then you will feel like some of your body part is...
Download GIFs from Twitter

Simple Steps to Download GIFs from Twitter

People nowadays, spend much of their time and remain active on social media. The reason these social networking sites experience such colossal traffic is...
Delete All The Photos on Instagram

How to Delete All The Photos on Instagram at Once

Do you regret posting any photo/photos on Instagram which looked cool the other day but which in reality looks like crap? Then, you must...
Circuit Design Software

11 Best Free Circuit Design Software for Windows (Updated)

So there are these tools nowadays which help you with designing circuits beforehand. They are called PCB designers or circuit designers to be plain....
Windows 10 Headphones Not Working

How to Fix Windows 10 Headphones Not Working

The Windows 10 update has brought in many breath-taking features, improved functionality and a better look to the new Windows compared to the older...
Free Online Fax Services

10 Best Free Online Fax Services (#4 is recommended)

The invention of the Fax machine was a breakthrough at the time. It made the transfer of vital documents from one place to another...
Block Websites on Google Chrome

Top 6 Kickass Ways to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the best, fastest, simple and secure browser for all our devices. Most of the mobile and PC users always wish...

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