Connect Xbox One Controller To Retropie | Best Guide For 2024

Are you a fan of classic video games? If so, you’ll be happy to know that connecting an Xbox One controller to Retropie is simple. Retropie is a great software package that allows you to play classic video games on a Raspberry Pi. You can easily connect your Xbox One controller to your Retropie system with a few simple steps and start playing your favorite classic games. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that!

Take a quick look to Connect Xbox Controller to Retropi: After Retropie finishes loading, navigate to the Configuration menu, and then proceed to the Bluetooth section. Prior to selecting “Register and Connect to Bluetooth Device,” make sure to press the Xbox button located on the Wireless Controller. Wait for a few seconds, and the device should become visible in the available list.

Once you get an Xbox controller, you can connect it to some system, like Retropie. You can connect the Xbox One controller using a USB, Bluetooth, adapter, or natural pairing. You can also connect a Bluetooth speaker with Xbox Series X or a USB Mic to Xbox one. Any method will connect you easily to the controller. Connecting these controllers to the system is also a big task, as a single mistake can lead to a mess. Therefore, we provide a guide with easy steps to connect Xbox One controller to Retropie. Refer to this article to know the best easy way to connect Xbox One controller to Retropie. Also, check out How To Download Free Xbox 360 Games? Guide 2024

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What is Xbox?

The video game company Xbox was created and is owned by Microsoft. The brand comprises five video game consoles, software (games), streaming services, Xbox Network, an online service, and a division for game production named Xbox Game Studios. The company made its American debut in November 2001 with the release of the original Xbox console. 


RetroPie and Recalbox’s automatic configuration tools allow you to control your game with your Xbox controller. But you need to connect Xbox One controller to retropie.

You can also take control of your gaming experience by calibrating your Xbox controller to your preferences, ensuring seamless and immersive gameplay.

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Best Ways To Connect Xbox One Controller To Retropie

Before beginning this method, use a USB cord to connect your Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC so the device can get firmware upgrades.” Press F4″ to go to the “command line” and enter: sudo nano opt /retropie/configs/all/, “Scroll up” and press Enter to create a line before the “Emulation Station” line and type: sudo bash -c ‘echo 1 > /sys/module/Bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm’


When you’re done, press Ctrl+X, Y, and Enter to save what you’ve done. Perform a full reboot by typing: “sudo restart.”

How to Use USB to Connect an Xbox One Controller to a Raspberry Pi 

The great thing about USB is that it’s plug-and-play. The convenience of the Xbox One controller lies in its wireless flexibility, but if you don’t want to use it, try USB. This is one of the easy ways to connect the Xbox One controller to retropie.


You can use the Xbox One charging cable for this, but you’ll need to purchase your own if it’s not included with your system. The “2.7m version” is perfect for gaming on retro systems. Remember that you can also buy a wired version of the Xbox One controller. It connects instantly and saves time on Bluetooth setup.

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How to Use Bluetooth to Connect an Xbox One Controller to a Raspberry Pi

This is one way to connect Xbox One controller to the retropie. We recommend choosing the newer model if you plan to connect an Xbox One controller to your Raspberry Pi. Older Raspberry Pis don’t have the processing speed (or WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities) to handle wireless controllers. If you’re limited to older PIs, use USB.


There are two wireless connectivity options: a wireless adapter dongle, Integrated Bluetooth tools. 

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Using Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Adapter

The easiest way to connect Xbox One controller to Retropie is with the official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter. (Note that this controller differs from the one used in the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.) Boot with the WiFi adapter connected to the Raspberry Pi and wait for the device to light up.


Wait for the lights to sync while simultaneously pressing and holding the pairing buttons on the adapter and Xbox One controller. When it stops blinking, you’re ready to play!

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Connect Xbox 360 To Windows

An expensive and easy route, a cheap and somewhat frustrating route, and a gray market intermediate route. For example, if you’re sitting at your computer desk instead of your living room, skip all the hassle, buy an “official Xbox 360” wired controller for $27, and you’re done.


The wired controller is plug-and-play. Easy to use, but if you need to play wirelessly on your PC, you’ll need to buy a USB-to-wireless adapter.

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Direct pairing with Bluetooth tool

Before proceeding, ensure you have the Xboxdrv driver installed as described above. ERTM must be disabled to sync Xbox One controllers. This is Extended Retransmit Mode, a key feature of Bluetooth. You will immediately see a list of devices available in your terminal. However, the Xbox One controller is not one of those items. You can easily connect Xbox One controller to Retropie. Instead, it would help if you made your controller discoverable. “Power it on” and “Hold the sync button next to the micro USB port” on the front of the device.

xbox ret

Using your Xbox One controller, you are ready to play on your Raspberry Pi. Whether you’re using RetroPie, Recalbox, or another retro gaming suite for the Raspberry Pi controller profile, you should be able to use them. So when you connect Xbox One controller to Retropie, you can operate the retro gaming platform’s interface and play games.


Directory opt/retropie/configs/all does not exist?

This is one of the errors you get while you connect the Xbox one controller to retropie. This error should read: sudo nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/ And in the next step where you need to edit the file, for some reason, the line must be entered. When I try to copy a line from the tutorial, the terminal aborts with a weird apostrophe "'" and the Pi doesn't boot. Use regular single quotes " ' " instead.

What is Retropie?

RetroPie is an operating system that runs on top of a full OS. The software converts your PC, Raspberry Pi, or ODroid C1/C2 into a retro gaming system; it builds on Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch, and numerous other projects. It also offers a wide range of configuration options for power users to tailor the system further.

Will these methods keep my Xbox safe?

These methods will not cause malware installation in your Xbox and are completely safe.

What must setting(s) be changed to be able to play with Dpad instead of analog?

It's an option in the quick menu settings, not the controller settings. Open the Retroarch Menu/GUI > Quick menu > Settings (not Controls indeed) and head for the Control Mapping setting. Change the value to Analog (left stick) or Digital (Dpad).


When it comes to playing fast-paced first-person shooters and complex strategy games on your PC, nothing beats the precision of a keyboard and mouse. But if you play platform, puzzle, or retro games or are more comfortable with controllers, adding a gamepad to your gaming PC is a good idea. Microsoft’s latest Xbox Wireless Controller (the same one you buy for your Xbox Series X or S) is the best controller you can buy for PC gaming because it’s comfortable, most games support it, and it is easy to connect to Xbox One controller to retropie.

Any of these methods provide easy connection tips to the controller using Retropie. We hope you can connect Xbox One controller to retropie by the methods provided.

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