How To Fix “This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country” Issue?

Using various applications for diverse purposes has become commonplace due to the rapid evolution of technology. Seeing “this item isn’t available in your country” irritates many. So can fix this item isn’t available in your country. Let’s dive in deep to know more in detail in this article.

You can fix the “this item isn’t available in your country” issue by

  • Eliminating Data From Google Play
  • Determine To Alter Country
  • Use An APK
  • Setting Up The VPN

But if you use the correct method, you can get past these restrictions and once more experience a free and open internet while playing games and watching the movies you want. So read below for more about how to fix this item that isn’t available in your country.

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Why does this issue occur?

The most unpleasant places appear when the message “this item isn’t available in your country” appears. 

  • The majority of users run across it while trying to download programs that aren’t yet available in their area.
  • That also happens when you try to watch movies or TV shows from a service that doesn’t offer connections in your country. Your IP address is the only thing consistently linked to the availability fault, regardless of where it happens.
  • IP addresses are similar to postal service addresses for internet data. A particular IP address is assigned to the device when it establishes an internet connection.
    fix this item isn't available in your country issue
  • It guarantees that information packets are always sent and received where they should go.
  • With IP addresses, you could only undertake a limited amount of online activity because it would be impossible to determine which device requested which data.
  • The drawback of IP addresses is that they simplify determining a user’s location. Each IP address belongs to a certain range of addresses connected to a specific nation. 

By maintaining a master list of these nations, a website or streaming service can keep track of the locations from which users connect and block their access if they are in the “wrong” nation.

How To Fix “This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country”?

Many people suggest utilizing a VPN like to resolve the issue that this item isn’t available in your country. Here are a few more methods to fix the issue “This item isn’t available in your country.”

Determine To Alter Country

The location is connected to your payment methods. Security is also crucial. You may only change your nation once yearly, so remember. Even if you are successful in obtaining something illegal in your country, you still run the risk of losing it later.

determine to alter countryNonetheless, if you have relocated and must input a new payment method, you can do so by following the guidelines below:

Below is a link to a website’s Google Pay page (on your PC or Android smartphone). If necessary, set Choose Edit as the drop-down option next to Country/Region. Provide a second nation as a potential payment option after that. You must wait 48 hours after changing your area or nation for Google Docs and Google Pay to take effect.

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Removing Data From Google Play Store

If, after changing your country, you can still not access any applications, games, books, TV shows, or movies that are supposed to be accessible in your country, you should restart the Google Play services. If this item isn’t available in your country, restarting the Google Play Store on your Android phone will fix the problem. There are reliable statistics from a few connected websites as well.

clear google play store dataEstablish boundaries—program selection. For every app, lengthen it. The 3-dot menu contains an option called “View system processes.”When opening the Play Store, select an app from the list of options. Use the press room. After the computer has rebooted, return to the list of applications. Google Play Services should come after Open Storage. Employ the Google Services Framework for the time being. When your device has restarted, check the Play Store to see if the missing file is still there.

Use An APK

There are different methods for Android apps to fix this item that aren’t available in your country.

Remember that nearly all Play Store programs may be downloaded as APKs from various sources. Even while using APK Mirror has long been the standard, you can use any alternative APK aggregator. Numerous companies, including F-Droid, promote and offer for sale open source goods.

apk mirrorIf it isn’t already on APK Mirror, click here to search for the installation file for the program you want to install. The most recent version downloads, installs, and is useable right away.

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Configuring The VPN

Any device installing and downloading VPN software and using a VPN in Dubai is a good idea. You can follow the steps here to resolve this item isn’t available in your country.

  1. Create a VPN account on a computer using your preferred web browser.
    create vpn account
  2. Download the app to your smartphone from the official website after logging in. As soon as everything is working, log in.
    download vpn app
  3. A VPN program often selects the closest server when it starts and establishes a connection immediately away. Your account has to be unblocked still. Thus, you must take other action.
    setting browser
  4. Connect from a different country to set up the VPN‘s server browser.

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How to fix the 'This item is not available in your country' problem message?

You may need to take additional actions to access Google Play content if using a VPN to alter your virtual location doesn't make the 'this item isn't available in your country message to go away. Using a VPN, you should be able to visit Google Play on your tablet or smartphone without experiencing the regional issue.

Why am I unable to download apps from the Google Play Store?

There are a few options accessible to you if you wish to download Play Store apps that are unavailable in your country. Check the region settings, reset Google Play Store and related services, and only proceed if you are positive that the product supports your area.

As to why Google Play, What if my country is not available?

The error message for nation availability on Google Play differs from that on other websites. It's not always related to IP addresses; it could also have to do with the countries listed by the app developer or the region you selected in your account settings.

Why can't I install an app in my region?

Check the region settings, reset Google Play Store, and only proceed if you are positive that the product is supported in your region. After that, you can simply sideload the app using an APK and carry on.


It was about fixing this item that isn’t available in your country. If the program is available in the Play Store but not legal in your country, you might still need help installing it after clicking the install option. This issue typically appears if you attempt to install an app that Google has blocked in your nation or region. Thankfully, utilizing the techniques covered in this article, fixing it is very quick and simple. 

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