13 Best Free Online Proxy Browser Services (2024)

Understand a proxy browser before discussing the best Free Online Proxy Browser Services. A proxy browser helps you stay anonymous online to browse safely without being watched by any third party. Proxy browsers use various IP addresses across the globe to mask your actual IP address. The IP address keeps bouncing from one to the other, making it impossible for anyone to track you.

Proxies offer even much more benefits than these. They enhance internet speed and save bandwidth by caching web pages and files accessed by multiple users, reducing server overload. Furthermore, they improve security by filtering out malware before it reaches the user. They also safeguard user privacy by masking their online identity.

However, your ISP will still be capable of seeing all your browsing activities. If you are on any other website, you might want to check this article on what key features should you look for when choosing a Proxy.

We mentioned the best free online proxy browser services for 2024: VPNBook, Hide my Ass, K Proxy, NewIpNow.com, and many more. Stay with us to find out the rest that will benefit you.

A proxy browser intercepts the data between your computer and the website that you are visiting. On the other hand, knowing about multiple Online proxy browsers would help your customer service department to help customers with the same issues.

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Best Free Online Proxy Browser Services

Here are some of the best Proxy Browser Services for safe and reliable surfing. Do have a look and choose the best one suitable to your needs.


You can use a VPN book to surf the internet anonymously. VPNBook provides a free SSL- encrypted web proxy to browse with privacy and freedom. VPN book automatically records your web activities in its logs. This log records any illegal activity carried out through this proxy browser. However, this log gets automatically deleted after a week. This proxy browser supports HTTPS websites too. You can choose proxy browsers based in the USA, UK, and Canada or let the website choose one randomly.



  • It supports HTTPS.
  • It has the feature of selecting proxy servers randomly.


  • It does not have support to block cookies.
  • This software has a lot of ads.
  • It contains a limited number of proxy locations.

Click here to visit VPNBook.

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Hide my Ass

Hide my ass is another one of the Free Online Proxy Browser Services. This is a perfect option to browse the web anonymously without downloading software or adding an extension to your browser.

Hide my Ass

Hide my ass is a safe, secure, fast, Free Online Proxy Browser Services option. It lets you choose proxy servers based in the US, UK, and Netherlands. Other countries are also available to choose from in the drop-down menu. But, to select servers from countries other than those mentioned above, you must upgrade to a premium account. A premium account has better features.


  • It allows the user to change proxy servers at any time while surfing.
  • This software provides good speed.


  • It does not support streaming, gaming, or encryption over a free web proxy.
  • This software prefers to keep anonymous logs for statistical purposes.

Click here to visit Hide my ass.

K Proxy

K proxy is a Free Online Proxy Browser Service. It can be used by visiting its website, adding a K proxy extension to your browser, or installing a portable version of Mozilla Firefox, which already has a K proxy extension added to it.

K Proxy Free Online Proxy Browser Services

It keeps a log of the records like your IP address, websites visited, pages viewed, etc. The free version of K proxy lets you surf for 3 hours in a stretch. Once this limitation has been reached, a pop-up message will appear requesting you to upgrade to a premium account. You can each upgrade to a premium account or wait for 30 minutes and start browsing anonymously for free again.


  • The proxy menu can be hidden while surfing.
  • It supports Chrome and Firefox extensions.


  • Once the user uses the extension for a specific period, one must wait 30 minutes to continue using or pay for a Pro upgrade.
  • The free version provides limited usage.

Click here to visit K proxy.

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Privoxy is the ideal Free Online Proxy Browser Service for all online privacy-related issues. It masks your IP and lets you browse the internet anonymously.


What makes Privoxy different from other websites and software in the list is that with the help of Privoxy, you can turn your PC into a proxy server. So, if you are outside browsing while connected to a public WiFi, you can use your PC as a proxy server. All you have to do is keep the computer on at your home. Privoxy logs your web activity.


  • It has the option to block ads.
  • This software provides many proxy servers, and you can switch between them.
  • It makes it easier to distinguish which browser you are working on.


  • No negatives were encountered when using this web proxy.

Click here to visit Privoxy.

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FilterBypass is a Free Online Proxy Browser Services website that is very serious about the security of the person using this website for anonymous browsing. It has additional security features like URL encryption, page encryption, and disabling cookies and scripts.

FilterBypass Free Online Proxy Browser Services

All these features are available for free. These features are often found in premium or paid proxy server websites. FilterBypass logs your activity and releases it, if necessary, to government agencies if you have done anything illegal through this website. You can view videos unavailable in your country by using FilterBypass.


  • It is swift and reliable.
  • Highly Secured connection, which is always encrypted with a 128 / 256 Bit SSL.
  • Very user-friendly.


  • Website speed can decrease because of the complexity involved in calculations for encrypting and decrypting.

Click here to visit FilterBypass.

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Securefor.com is a very basic and simple one of the Free Online Proxy Browser services. This website does not have a fancy layout or attractive design. But it does the job of keeping you anonymous very well. You can use this website to surpass restrictions imposed by your country or college and visit websites and watch videos anonymously and safely with relative ease. All you have to do is visit this website, type the URL in the website search bar you want to attend anonymously, and press enter.



  • Very user-friendly.
  • Interactive user interface.


  • Can be slow sometimes.

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The best feature of this Free Online Proxy Browser Service is the multi-IP feature. This means you can choose a new IP whenever you wish to and start browsing using that IP address.


The most used proxy servers are on the website’s front page. These servers are mainly from the US and UK. NewIPNow.com protects your browsing history with its URL encryption scheme. This website is a safe and valuable website for browsing anonymously.


  • Secures your browsing history with a URL encryption scheme.


  • Performs very slow at times.

Click here to visit NewIPNow.com

Hide.me Proxy

This Free Online Proxy Browser Service is my favorite because this website has no annoying ads. You can easily use this website to browse anonymously. Hide.me proxy is very safe and secure.

Hide.me Proxy Browser

All you have to do is type the URL you want to visit in the search bar at the head of the screen and press Enter. You can choose proxy servers from the US, Germany, and the Netherlands. Another unique feature of this Free Online Proxy Browser Service is that they do not let servers log your web activities. This website is used by more than 5 million worldwide, making it pretty trustworthy.


  • Turn web technologies on or off.
  • Offers free VPN service.
  • Free VPN has no ads.


  • Free VPN service is limited to 2GB of data transfer.
  • I cannot access Netflix content.

Click here to visit Hide.me proxy


4everproxy is widely adopted by many users mainly because it provides unlimited bandwidth and speed. It is the best Free Online Proxy Browser Service and video proxy site. This proxy service protects you by hiding your geographical location and other private information related to your device, such as your IP. One can also unblock content unavailable in their own country using 4everproxy.

4everproxy Proxy Browser

It also ensures that the user has high-level security for private data. 4everproxy ensures the browsing sessions are deleted every two hours to maintain user privacy.


  • It provides a high level of security for user privacy.
  • It makes sure that the user gets access to unlimited bandwidth and speed.


  • The proxy provider can access your IP.

Click here to visit 4everproxy


If you are very specific about your private data and surfing, then Hidester may be your best choice. Various malicious websites may harm your device if you try to access them without proxy support, such as SSL proxy support. You must have noticed that most VPN services slow your internet connection speed; you need not worry about it while using Hidester.

Hidester Proxy Browser

It provides excellent speed while surfing and is also available for free. The default version allows you to choose between US and Europe servers. You can also access servers from various countries with the paid version.


  • It is highly reliable for any device.
  • It does not pull down your internet speed like some other proxy services.


  • No cons observed.

Click here to visit Hidester


Megaproxy is a deserving entry into this list. It has some exceptional features you won’t find in any other proxy service.

Megaproxy Proxy Browser

The features that make it stand-alone are you can remove altogether adds from your browser and turn identification information on or off according to your comfort.


  • It is very secure.
  • Allows you to access blocked content in your country.


  • It restricts the number of pages you can view to 60 pages every five hours.
  • It restricts download file size.

Click here to visit Megaproxy


If you wish to keep your browsing details safe, Anonymous is one of the best options. It enables you to browse anonymously throughout the web and also allows you to view location-based restricted content.

AnonyMouse Proxy Browser

You can choose between a paid version and a free version. The paid versions get you to access additional features such as encrypted connections and cookie management. However, the free version can help you with all the necessary work, such as anonymous browsing and email services.


  • It has multi-lingual support.


  • The free version has issues working with Flash files.

Click here to visit AnonyMouse


Whoer.net allows you to choose a proxy server manually among seven different location options. It sticks to the claims that it makes and helps you to browse through the web anonymously. Unlike other proxy services, Whoer.net does not degrade your internet speed. It is one of the best Free Online Proxy Browser Services.

Whoer.net Proxy Browser


  • You can leave the server choice to be made automatically.


  • You cannot remove the big advertising bar at the top, asking you to buy the proxy service.

Click here to visit Whoer.net


Are there free proxy servers?

A decent free proxy server can improve your internet experience significantly. It will increase your anonymity and online freedom by masking your IP address. However, more practical and safer ways exist to obtain these advantages, such as using a VPN. IP: 145.239 is one of our best free proxy servers.

What is a free web proxy?

What Exactly Is a Web Proxy? A web proxy enables you to browse the web anonymously and unblock your favorite websites without installing software such as a VPN. Our web proxy is completely free and works with the most popular websites, including YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and adult entertainment sites.

Is Hidester VPN free?

Hidester Web Proxy is a free service that allows you to view any website and from any location. Avoid being blocked by your government, company, or ISP.


In conclusion, mentioned above are some of the best Free Online Proxy Browser Services you can use for safe surfing. We understand how important a user’s privacy is, and hence we have made sure only to include the safest options available so that you can choose one among them according to your needs. Happy surfing! You can also learn to disable the proxy if you are an iPhone user.

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