Before telling you about the best Free Online Proxy Browser Services lets first understand what exactly is a proxy browser. A proxy browser helps you stay anonymous online so that you can browse safely without being watched by any third party. Proxy browsers use various IP address across the globe to mask your real IP address. The IP address keeps on bouncing from one to the other making it impossible for any person to track you. However, your ISP will still be capable of seeing all your browsing activities. A proxy browser intercepts the data between your computer and the website that you are visiting.

Best Free Online Proxy Browser Services


Best Free Online Proxy Browser Services (2017) - VPNBook
Best Free Online Proxy Browser Services (2017) – VPNBook

You can use VPN book to surf the internet anonymously. VPNBook provides you with free SSL- encrypted web proxy so that you can browse with privacy and freedom. VPN book automatically records your web activities in its logs. This log is maintained for recording any illegal activity carried out through this proxy browser. However, this log gets automatically deleted after a week. This proxy browser supports HTTPS websites too. You can choose proxy browsers based in USA, UK, and Canada or let the website choose one for you randomly.

Hide my Ass

Hide my ass is another one of the Free Online Proxy Browser Services. This is a very good option if you want to browse the web anonymously without having to download software or add an extension to your browser. Hide my ass is safe, secure and a fast option for browsing anonymously. It lets you choose proxy servers based in the US, UK, and Netherlands. Other countries are also available to choose from in the drop-down menu. But, to choose servers from countries other than the above mentioned, you have to upgrade to a premium account. Premium account has better features.

K Proxy

K proxy is o a Free Online Proxy Browser Services. It can be used by visiting its website, by adding K proxy extension to your browser or by installing a portable version of Mozilla Firefox which already has K proxy extension added to it. It keeps a log of the records like your IP address; websites visited, pages viewed, etc. The free version of K proxy lets you surf for 3 hours in a stretch. Once this limitation has been reached, a pop-up message will appear requesting you to upgrade to premium account. You can each upgrade to a premium account or wait for 30 minutes and start browsing anonymously for free again.


Privoxy is the ideal solution for all your online privacy related issues. It masks your IP and lets you browse the internet anonymously. What makes Privoxy different from other websites and software in the list is that with the help of Privoxy, you can turn your PC into a proxy server. So, if you are outside browsing while connected to a public WiFi, you can use your PC as a proxy server. All you have to do is keep the computer on at your home. Privoxy logs your web activity.


FilterBypass is a proxy server website which is very serious about the security of the person using this website for anonymous browsing. It has some additional security features like URL encryption, page encryption, disabling cookies and scripts. All these features are available for free. These features are often found in premium or paid proxy server websites. FilterBypass logs your activity and releases it if necessary to the government agencies if you have done anything illegal through this website. You can view videos that are not available in your country by using FilterBypass.

See also: 10 Best Free Drafting Software With Pros & Cons (2018 Updated) is a very basic and simple one of the Free Online Proxy Browser Services. This website does not have a fancy layout or attracting design. But, it does the job of keeping you anonymous very well. You can use this website for surpassing restrictions imposed by your country or college and visit websites and watch videos anonymously and safely with relative ease. All you have to do is visit this website, type the URL in the search bar of the website you want to attend anonymously and press enter.

The best feature of this website is the multi-IP feature. Which means you can choose a new IP whenever you wish to and start browsing using that IP address. On the front page of the website, you will see the most used proxy servers. These servers are mainly from the US and UK. protects your browsing history with their URL encryption scheme. This website is a safe and useful website for browsing anonymously. Proxy

What makes this website my personal favorite is the fact that there are no annoying ads whatsoever on this website. You can easily use this website for browsing anonymously. proxy is very safe and secure. All you gotta to do is type the URL you want to visit in the search bar placed at the head of the screen and press Enter. You can choose proxy servers from the US, Germany, and Netherlands. Another unique feature about this website is that they do not let any servers log your web activities. This website is in use by more than 5 million users across the world which makes it pretty trustworthy.


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