Enough of sitting for hours in front of your laptop! The time has come to set hands on the keyboard of your phone for coding purposes. There are several programming apps present on the Play Store that gives coding facilities. Here are 10 most exceptional app that can help you.

If you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional coder, it doesn’t matter. These programming apps can turn your phone into a full workstation that does everything for you. Find out about the best apps to learn coding now!

List of 10 Best Programming Apps

Programming Hub

The most trending application in the field of programming apps is Programming Hub. The app supports more than 17 different languages. It even provides vivid examples of code in various supported languages. The app size is just 13.5 MB. Using this app, we can also share our programs, do a quick search and use Office.

The UI can be even translated into 13 regional languages. You can get more features on buying the premium version of this app. The versatility of this app makes it popular in the market. The app has an overall rating of 4.3 with a majority of 5-star voters. Certainly a must have coding apps for beginners.

Algoid Programming App

Algoid Programming is a unique app which provides an excellent experience for people starting with programming. It supports a new but simple programming language called Algoid Language. Its working is based on the fundamental principle of Logo programming language.

A turtle draws back the result of the code run by the user. It provides a step by step execution mode called real-time debugger. The developer claims that this feature is only found in this app so far. The python learning app is tiny regarding download size. It takes only 741 KB. This app has a rating of 4.1 on the Play Store and beginners find it very easy to learn app.


Next up is the Udacity app which is more like a window classroom. You can get contents related to the programming language from various sources. The app focuses on developing skills in fields like Data Science, artificial intelligence, Digital marketing, Web and app development, and more.

It has some remarkable features like the classroom sessions can be pre-downloaded. The 23 MB has an overall rating of 4.3 stars. It provides an excellent platform for people to get tutorials and educational videos on specific subjects. The condensed form of the information supplied by this app is truly worth watching and useful.


Another user-friendly app DroidEdit is a code editor that supports several languages. As the name suggests, this is an excellent app for code editing purposes.

Features like the “find and replace” option carry out easy editing and amendment jobs. The UI for this app is also attractive. It has some cool features like code indentation, keyboard shortcut and character encoding support. The app is minimal in size. It requires just 2 MB.

AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

When it comes to app making, AIDE-IDE holds the most robust roots among other programming apps. You can learn basics of coding in exquisite detail by the step by step coding lessons offered by this app. The app size is 33 MB. It supports Java development, C and C++ native development.

The app has Java programming course, Android development course, Android wear course and Game development course. Using this app, we can build Java, XML, C, C++ NDK and pure Java console applications.

How to learn programming? It supports various other mind-blowing features that every developer wishes. It is an excellent app for beginners, intermediate and even advanced level programmers.

Learn Programming

This app is believed to be a master key for all languages. Learn Programming supports more than 70 programming apps. There are some astonishing features that this app supports. It provides the coders with some interesting interview questions related to particular language.

The app offers a feature called “Sandbox” that can be utilized to create our code and even customize it. It is a small app with a download size of just 5 MB. If you want versatility regarding languages, then this is the perfect app. The working of this app is fundamental and easy to understand.


Next up is an app called Codemurai. It supports 20 languages for program development. In this app, you can get enriching and fruitful lessons on code learning from industry experts of various fields.

It has a build in the library for programming lessons and claims to be a 100% beginner-friendly app. The app has a download size of 23 MB. Amongst the various programming apps that provide online tutorials and window teaching, the content of this is most highly rated.

Lightbot: Code Hour

Often while coding, there pops up a problem in logic and programming concepts. Lightbot is the solution for all logic and concept related problems. It is altogether very different from other programming apps. This app might look childish, but I insist the coders play this game before getting hands on pure coding.

The app is a game that helps you to refine and amend the concepts of programming. It focuses on clarifying the users’ programming logic. The small game app can be handy to coders who are doubtful with relevant concepts. It has a download size of 19 MB. This (game) app is for all age. If you are starting with coding, this app can strengthen your concepts.


This is one of the most loved apps on Play Store. Enki provides amazing features for learning new codes. The app is very useful for amateurs and professional coders. It supports 6 languages.

The knowledge provided by the various question-answer exercises and skill level analyser helps you to grow faster as a coder. You can now learn to code for free. The app has an amazing rating of 4.6 on the Play store. The developers of this app believe in filling the knowledge gaps. The download size for this app is 29 MB. One more fun fact, we can even play mini-games in this app to make code learning interesting.

Code Monk

The last of the programming apps on this list is Code Monk. It is a very fast learning app. In fact, it is more like a weekly tutorial session app where the coder can learn a lot over the 7 days.

This one of the best coding apps packs up competitive contests, attractive tutorials and much more. It supports the basic app making and coding programming languages. The tiny 2.4 MB app has great deals piled up once you set gears in the coding universe. Truly, it’s unique amongst other programming apps.


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