The extreme fun is encountered when we have our world of cartoons with our discovered characters.A very entertaining involvement. It gives not only immense pleasure but also helps in building your career over the time. There are hardly any places that do not serve animation. There are plenty of animation shows for fun purpose, to broadcast on television, movies and so on. The animation world is unlimited. Thus, you must know about the best Free Animation Apps out there.

Top 9 Free Animation Apps for Android & iOS

Animation Creator HD Free

This Free Animation Apps allows you to be your creator and show your talents with the help of your Android or iOS device. With the aid of appropriate drawing tools, they use the favorite core work. The Animation Creator application has unlimited originality.

In the end, you are sure to come up with an animation that has a proper adaptation frame. Out of the plenty feature it offers, some of them are – better brush, ink brush, audio manager, navigate quickly, import video, toolbar editor, color transparency, etc.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is another finest one of the Free Animation Apps that help you in spawning your animation which is used in cinemas nowadays. After the time-lapse image of the subject has taken place, further then, the video is obtain.

The creation of these kind of movies is quite convenient, but everything has a price, and this one demands patience and tolerance. The user interface is easy to work along.

It also provides an option to share with the world after you have saved it in your phone. This impressive application is completely worth a shot and values your time too. Download it for your device and don’t miss any fun out of it.

Animation Studio

Animation studio is also a proper implication for creating animations compatible with Android and iOS device. This application helps to work with animation in AVL, FLV, MP4, or WMV (Windows Media Player) formats.

There is an unlimited number of layers that you can in the process; it helps with even importing files from our gallery, camera or your clipboard.

The interesting part of the application is that it has eight realistic instruments like band scrolling, bass playing and more. If you don’t wish to have something in your frame, feel free to cut it out of the video. Thus, this one turns your phone into a professional studio.

LookSee Animator

The slow-motion and time-space animation helps with transferring pictures from the camera to our animated video. This excellent thing adjusts to grab the frames on closeness detector, movement or sound, even to delete the material but for direct control of the camera. The function also works when a you click a button or set the timer.

When the material is made, LookSee Animator can be used in different animations also and more possible to break the video images that can be later combined into a new video.

StickDraw Animation Maker

Everyone loves cartoons and cartoons that you can draw on pads is yet another adventure. The application doesn’t really emphasize you to study animation. StickDraw Animation Maker provides options to create men and to convert it into an animation video.

This primary application is completely free, but you can always buy the premium version without ads by paying. The easy to interact interface makes sure to help us with all the requirements. Download on your devices and try out to experience the fun.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is one of the Free Animation Apps that does justice to the children who love to create their fantasy universe of animations. All that is needed is a picture for the animations to be ready. Creating a cartoon is very easy and can be done after pressing the record button and choosing the character from the screen. With the next step, the tale comes to life.

Fascinating, right? Once you take care of all the steps, you will get the final product. Don’t have fun alone, share it with your family and friends too!


Everybody loves GIF and to be able to create one with your images is a bonus. The interface is simple as you can understand that once you download the app on your Android and iOS phones and start using it.

After the GifBoom is started, the instructions come alongside. Try to use your camera in any manner and then after you shoot, convert to GIF format.

It also helps with editing your pictures and videos and save it in GIF format. Share the same with your friend’s Social network.

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Plastic Animation Studio

Plastic Animation Studio helps with animating your imagination. You don’t need a lot of skills to be able to work with this program. The only things needed are – uploading your sketch, building your structure, etc.

It also provides facilities that provide animations with the help of only one picture. There is a particular page that provides editing facility according to which you can delete the items that you don’t need anymore.

So, if you are more into animation and have a dream of seeing your animation studio soon, you are at the right place. These Free Animation Apps are more than anyone could hope for and also makes sure for you to take one step further to your ambitions.


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