The 7 Best 2D Animation Software for Amateurs and Experts

Since 2010, the prospects of the best 2D animation software have been tremendously growing in quality, employment, and consumer demand. It is safe to say that animation has integrated itself into every aspect of human culture, from TV shows, our favorite movies, memes, and the list is endless. It is pretty apparent that consumer demand for best 2D animation software has risen and will keep growing, making animation a logical and lucrative career choice. If a job in animation is not what you’re after, animation can still be a fun hobby to have. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn animation, a person might even find the whole concept of learning a new skill to be daunting.

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The 7 Amazing and best 2D Animation Software

Fear not, for this list provides a whole range of best 2D animations softwares that are comfortably adapting to use by beginners or professionals.  

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Synfig 2D Animation Software

One of the best-open-sourced software’s available on the internet, Synfig is a free 2D animation software that is a perfect introduction to the world of animation for beginners, with its easy to use interface. Available on Windows and OSX, veterans of the craft will be pleased to find the ability to add or sync music/narration to a video.


The part of Synfig is that it allows users the freedom to create over fifty layers; the only limitation to your animation is your imagination. This feature outshines Synfig as one of the best animation software. The most significant pitfall of Synfig, however, is that there are not many video tutorials available online, so beginners will have to experiment a little.

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Opentoonz 2D Animation Software

It is another popular ranking animation software. It is available on Windows and OSX. The simplicity of Opentoonz is what draws people to it in the first place. With plugs available to make truly breathtaking animations without the need for further editing. Unlike the Toonz software, Opentoonz is free. It comes with a GTS scanning tool and gives the user the ability to make changes to the source code to add specific features.


The outdated UI, however, does serve as a deterrent for some aesthetically inclined users, but the ability to create animations is on par with any other software in this domain.

Visit : Opentoonz

Maefloresta 2D Animation Software 

This is the best 2D animation software for the lighter side. If you intend to learn a new skill and maybe create a few fun videos for your friends and family to enjoy, then Maefloresta is the application for you. Available for iPhone and Android, Maefloresta is an app that you can download on a tablet or smartphone. It uses an interface so easy to understand that even kids can use it.


That’s not a saying either, Maefloresta is a great app to use if you want to introduce your children to animation. Adults, too, can find the use of this app. Its easy animation tools allow users to quickly create content they can be proud to show to their friends. The pinch is, you need to contact the staff to get an installer, and that can be quite a turnoff.

Visit : Maefloresta 

Pencil 2D Animation Software 

Another free and one of the most amazing animation software is Pencil 2d. It is available on Windows, OSX, and Linux. It offers various choices of language to learn the tutorial. Pencil 2D’s minimalist design allows users to create videos with ease, even if they lack prior experience.

pencil 2d

This software introduces a user to the basics of 2D animation, how it works, and it also teaches you some fun little tricks along the way. However, the lack of a shape tool prohibits users from creating shapes or drawings.

Visit : Pencil 2D

Animaker 2D Animation Software

Suited towards a more professional environment, Animaker is among the best 2D animation software that gives the user various animated icons, characters, etc., to allow the user to create the perfect video for their organization, projects, or personal videos. It provides the choosing option from six unique animated video styles and over 200 inbuilt sound effects.

animaker animation app

A great feature of Animaker is that it allows the user to record direct voice recording. Overall, Animaker is simple to use and easy to understand, a go-to to animation enthusiast.

Visit : Animaker 

Krita 2D Animation Software 

It is a user-friendly and ranks high in the list. Krita provides over 100 professional brushes. It allows users to customize the brush with nine different brush engines. The comic artist will appreciate the built-in vector tools to allow the easy creation of comic panels. Its seamless integration allows a user to order, flatten, or combine layers to complete their artwork.

krita animation app

It helps organize a person’s workflow and enables you to incorporate various artworks into a person’s current color management pipeline. However, it is limited in its potential and is suited for a niche group of artists.

Visit : Krita 

Harmony 2D Animation Software 

Harmony is the ultimate animation software, an all-inclusive 2D animation software that gives the user complete control from start to finish. From sketch to the final product, Harmony allows a user to draw, animate, and add sounds or special effects to their animation.

harmony animation app

The absolute control given to the user comes at a cost. However, the final product will only be as good as the creators’ skill. Harmony is more complicated to use compared to a few other Software and, as such, can prove to be quite daunting for a beginner.   

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What animation does Disney use?

Maya by Autodesk. Disney artists use lots of animation software, and Autodesk Maya is one of the most popular. (However, if your query is, 'What animation software does Pixar use?' it's proprietary software that isn't available to animators outside of the firm.

Is OpenToonz suitable for beginners?

It is a fantastic program for learning the fundamentals of animation. This is ideal for 2D animations. I was able to continue the animation by importing art from Procreating into Opentoonz.

Is Pencil2D good?

Pencil2D is one-of-a-kind and professional tool for creating 2D hand-drawn animations. The program is simple to use so that anyone can pick it up fast. It's small and operates on practically any operating system. Pencil2D's tools, capabilities, and possibilities are outstanding and fantastic.


In conclusion, these are the seven amazing and the Best 2D Animation Software among many that can improvise your play in the animation world. So, who knows one day your passion turns into a profession!

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