Discover Excellence: The Best Restaurant POS Software In Qatar

POS Software assists you in managing your inventory, sales, staff, and payroll effectively with an online ordering system for restaurants. They also enhance consumer satisfaction by improving the shopping experience. The article discusses the best restaurant POS software in Qatar.

Qatar’s best restaurant POS software are Lightspeed Restaurant, Square For Restaurants, Upserve By Lightspeed, TouchBistro, Toast, etc. Although some complete POS systems offer a free tier, you must pay for processing and other extras.  Here is a guide on the best 2D animation software.

Restaurant managers may efficiently run the establishment and, at any moment, compare business strategies from other locations. Hence, keep reading below to determine the finest choice if you are a restaurant owner headquartered in Qatar seeking to implement the best restaurant POS software in Qatar. Don’t forget to check out these property management tools!

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10 Best Restaurant POS Software In Qatar

Here is a ranking of Qatar’s top restaurant point-of-sale systems.

Lightspeed Restaurant

A flexible point-of-sale system called Lightspeed Restaurant is made to meet the particular requirements of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Hence, it has capabilities, including tableside ordering, inventory management, personnel management, and order management. Since the cloud-based system used by Lightspeed makes it simple to access real-time data from any location, restaurant owners in Qatar frequently choose it.lightspeed restaurant

Here are the critical characteristics of Lightspeed Restaurant:

  • It has simple order input with an intuitive user interface.
  • It has tools for advanced analytics.
  • It also provides integration of different payment processors.
  • It offers customizable floor plans and a menu.
  • Lightspeed has the capability of managing several locations.

Visit: Lightspeed

Square For Restaurants

Small to medium-sized restaurants in Qatar often choose Square For Restaurants. It is the best restaurant POS software in Qatar. It includes various functionality, such as order customization, table administration, and simple interaction with other Square products. Budget-conscious restaurant operators find it enticing because of its simple pricing structure.square for restaurants

Hence, here are the main features of Square For Restaurants:

  • It also provides customizable tables and floor plans.
  • So, it provides sales and inventory reports that are in-depth.
  • It also enhances connection with Square’s payment processing, which is seamless.
  • Timekeeping and employee administration are there in Square For Restaurants.
  • It has customer feedback and loyalty schemes built in.

Visit: Square

Upserve By Lightspeed

Upserve By Lightspeed is the best restaurant POS software in Qatar, and a complete restaurant POS system strongly emphasizes enhancing customer experiences and boosting profitability. It is now a part of Lightspeed. Hence, it provides capabilities for tracking server performance, optimizing menus, and real-time reporting. In Qatar, Upserve is appropriate for expensive eateries and fine dining venues.upserve lightspeed

Here are the critical characteristics of Upserve By Lightspeed:

  • It helps in creating a guest profile to provide individualized assistance.
  • It also has item-level reporting and menu engineering.
  • It includes optimization and tracking of server performance.
  • It had integrations with platforms for reservations and loyalty.
  • It provides a thorough examination of labor and sales costs.

Visit: Upserve By Lightspeed


TouchBistro is an intuitive point-of-sale system that aids in streamlining order taking, payments, and customer management specifically designed for the restaurant sector. With capabilities like menu modification, table management, and in-depth reporting, it may also be used by tiny eateries and big restaurants.touchbistro

Here are the critical characteristics of TouchBistro:

  • Using mobile devices to place orders at the table with TouchBistro.
  • It helps in tracking inventory and modifying the menu.
  • It provides CRM for client loyalty initiatives.
  • It has integrations for processing payments.
  • It also provides an offline mode to ensure continuous service.

Visit: TouchBistro


Toast is the best restaurant POS software in Qatar. However, it is a complete platform for managing restaurants with a potent point-of-sale system. Hence, it offers features like menu management and inventory tracking, making it appropriate for restaurants of various sizes. To assist restaurant operators in making data-driven decisions, Toast offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.toast

Here are the main features of Toast:

  • It aids in the management of online orders and deliveries.
  • It has self-service ordering kiosks for convenience.
  • It provides inventory control with automatic reorder alerts.
  • It has timekeeping for labor costs and employee scheduling.
  • It also provides tools for customer interaction in marketing campaigns.

Visit: Toast

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Revel Systems

From quick-service restaurants to fine dining venues, Revel Systems is a sophisticated and feature-rich restaurant point-of-sale system. Hence, it provides cloud-based solutions with real-time reporting, menu management, and kitchen display systems for effective order processing.revel systems

Here are the critical characteristics of Revel Systems:

  • It, being the best restaurant POS software in Qatar, provides customizable floor plans and a menu.
  • However, it has integration of loyalty programs.
  • It also provides the feature of time tracking combined with employee management.
  • It has an offline mode to ensure continuous service.
  • Hence, Revel Systems also has kitchen display systems for order accuracy.

Visit: Revel Systems

NCR Aloha

NCR Aloha is a reputable restaurant POS system with a solid reputation for dependability and scalability. Both single-location and multiple-location restaurant franchises can use it. For better guest experiences, NCR Aloha offers features, including tableside ordering, kitchen display systems, and mobile payment choices.aloha ncr

Here are the critical characteristics of NCR Aloha:

  • It also uses portable devices for tableside ordering.
  • It has techniques for organizing orders efficiently in the kitchen.
  • It also provides integration of a loyalty program with gift cards.
  • It shows real-time sales analytics.
  • However, it provides data protection and security at an enterprise level.

Visit: NCR Aloha 


Aldelo is an intuitive point-of-sale system created for Qatar’s small- to medium-sized eateries. It includes integrated payment processing, tableside ordering, and order management. The ease of use and low cost of Aldelo also make it a preferred option for new restaurant owners.aldelo

Here are the main features of Aldelo:

  • It can record quick order entries with an intuitive user interface.
  • It shows alerts for low stock and inventory tracking.
  • It has time clock management and employee scheduling.
  • It also provides integration of different payment processors.
  • It keeps a database of customers for loyalty schemes.

Visit: Aldelo


A robust point-of-sale system for pubs, clubs, and restaurants is called Maitreya. It is the best restaurant POS software in Qatar. Hence, it provides adaptable solutions to address the particular requirements of various dining establishments in Qatar. However, Maitre’D offers table management, order customization, and extensive reporting tools.maitre d

Here are the main features of Maitre’D:

  • It has ordering and payment processing at the table.
  • It shows item-level reporting and menu engineering.
  • It also has the incorporation of outside delivery services.
  • However, it helps in scheduling employees and managing labor costs.
  • It has tools for customer relationship management.

Visit: Maitre’d


Sapaad is the best restaurant POS software in Qatar. It is a point-of-sale system emphasizing quick and effective order processing. Hence, it is appropriate for cafes, quick-service eateries, and Qatar businesses specializing in deliveries. Online ordering, delivery control, and menu customization are all provided by Sapaad.sapaad

Here are the critical characteristics of Sapaad:

  • The ability to order online and via a mobile device.
  • It shows the tracking of the driver for delivery management.
  • It provides modifiers at the item and menu levels.
  • It also gives control of inventory and reminders for automatic reorders.
  • It shows sales and performance analytics in real-time.

Visit: Sapaad

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What is POS software for restaurants?

Restaurants can manage orders, handle payments, and streamline operations using POS software. Hence, it is a crucial technology for effective restaurant administration because it frequently incorporates capabilities like order entry, table management, menu customization, inventory tracking, and reporting.

Which POS has the lowest fees?

The point-of-sale system with the lowest costs will rely on your unique requirements and region. ShopKeep and Square for Restaurants are renowned for their competitive prices and transparent, unambiguous pricing. However, costs vary depending on transaction volume, hardware needs, and additional services, so weighing your options is essential.

What are the drawbacks of POS?

One drawback is the vulnerability of POS systems to technical problems or outages, which can disrupt operations and result in lost revenue. Other negatives that firms should consider when using POS systems include up-front fees, ongoing maintenance, and potential security issues, like data breaches.

Who uses the POS system?

An all-inclusive tool that businesses may utilize to run smoothly and effectively is a point of sale system or POS. Hence, it combines various aspects of your business into a simple, workable solution. Many companies, like online shops, employ POS systems.


It was all about the best restaurant POS software in Qatar. POS software selection is crucial to optimize operations, boost efficiency, and offer excellent customer service in Qatar. Each software mentioned in the article above offers distinct features tailored to dining venues’ various styles and sizes. You might want to check this article on the best Craigslist Flagging Software.