How To Get Apps For Free Without Jailbreak [Full Guide]

A few of the inconveniences iPhone users face is that most of the good apps for iOS need to be purchased from the store. Additionally, jailbreaking is not a sufficiently secure option. On discovering this, I was curious about the alternatives available and chose to look into ways to acquire how to get apps for free without jailbreaking on iPhones.

Guess what? You have other alternatives to get free apps without jailbreaking! The tried and tested methods include downloading apps in third-party stores, installing free apps for a limited time, using the free trials through in-app subscriptions, and, in some cases, finding a cracked version of apps.

That is the gist of the query. But how to go about these methods? Do not worry if you are no expert on the hows and whats. Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide to executing all the methods above through which you can get apps for free without jailbreak.

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How To Get Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

Following are some of the best ways on how to get apps for free without jailbreak-

Third-Party Stores For Apps Without Jailbreak

Third-party app stores are app markets with applications created for official app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They are like duplicate apps available for free download in these third-party stores. However, these apps are developed by organizations (other than Google and Apple) or individual developers. Check Out these Duplicate Photo Finder Tools For Windows here.

third-party stores for iphone apps

Some of the best vendor app stores to download free iPhone apps without jailbreak are:

  • AppValley
  • AppEven
  • TweakBox
  • TutuApp
  • vShare

You will learn the step-by-step download and installation of two apps in detail below.


AppValley is undisputedly the most utilized third-party store for iPhone users.



When you search for “how to get apps for free without jailbreaking,” this is frequently the top result shows.

  1.  To access it, you can go to its website and press the Install button.
  2.  You can choose any configurations as per your preference. appvalley install
  3.  Now, click on ‘Allow’ for the dialog box asking to download a new file for configuration.
  4.  Once downloaded, go to ‘Settings’ and tap the ‘Profile Downloaded’ option.
  5.  Select ‘AppValley’.
  6.  Click on ‘Install.’

Visit: AppValley


Another popular external store instead of the Apple Store is AppEven.


It has modified several social media applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Another highlight of AppEven is its good downloading speed – which is 50% faster than its counterparts, making it more appealing.

  1. From the official website of AppEven, download the store.  appeven install
  2. To open the app, you must go to Settings – General – Device Management – Pheliad Partners.
  3. Tap ‘Trust’ (again in case another app appears), and now you can open the store.
  4. Click on ‘Allow’ to access ‘Settings.’ Now, tap the passcode on your Apple device.
  5. Once you navigate back to the app page, you can proceed with the apps downloading for free without any jailbreak.

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Apps That Are Made Free For A Short Time

A very legal way to download free paid apps for iPhones is the limited period of free availability of certain apps. Several developers on Apple App Store sometimes make their apps free for the users for a fixed duration. It is especially done for promotional purposes. Nevertheless, it is also a great opportunity for iPhone users to install the required application without any payment.

apps that are made free

You must be wondering how it is feasible to keep an eye on apps going free regularly. It can be tardy, for sure. But don’t worry! Two types of sites will easily assist you in this:

  • Websites of Free App Aggregators
  • Companies involved in App Dealings

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Websites Of Free App Aggregators 

These sites compile all the free app deals currently available in the app store. You can check and download the apps as per your requirements. Example – App Saga  

Companies Involved In App Dealings

Rather than gathering all free apps available, these company websites inform about free deals individually every day. You will receive the offers once or twice every day from the various catalog that the company maintains. Example – AppCity  

Also, for gaming enthusiasts, TouchArcade is the trending site dedicated to Apple for all your queries and solutions on how to get free iOS games.

Apps With Free Trials

A good number of apps in the Apple Store offer a free trial for their users. These apps aim to lure you into trying them out and decide if you want to purchase them or not. However, this also dubs an answer on getting free apps without jailbreak. apps with free trials ios

Once you download the app, you can utilize certain free trials right away while you have to make an in-app payment for others. For the latter, you must click on ‘Get Trial’ and enter your payment details before you go for app installation. And that is one way to get apps for free without Jailbreak.

It is important to realize that this method is feasible only for applications you wish to use for a limited time. In order to prevent a subsequent purchase, it would also be beneficial if you remember to cancel your subscription before the trial time expires. Also check out how you can  play iOS games on your PC.

Cracked Versions Of Apps Without Jailbreak

Another approach to get paid apps for free without jailbreak is using cracked versions of apps. These apps are the ones that hacked the authorized apps and made them available for free download on different websites and stores.

cracked versions of apps

However, there are some drawbacks worth noting. First, downloading cracked versions of paid iOS apps for free is illegal and makes it liable for Apple to take legal action. Also, several of these appropriated apps run only after jailbreaking the devices. So, you must ensure to authenticate the source of download for such software. 

In addition, the cracked versions are sometimes modified from the original app, thus leading to a change in its UI. They may also not conform to all the security standards of the established app regulations. It deems the cracked apps not as safe as other alternatives available under how to get apps for free without jailbreak.

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What is Jailbreak? Is it safe?

Jailbreak is the process of altering any electronic device to eliminate its default security checks and restrictions. Jailbreaking is usually done to install unauthorized, illegal applications and software. As for security, jailbreaking is not safe in technical terms. The process has its risks as it removes certain security measures of Apple, thus leaving your device vulnerable to threats of spyware, viruses, and data breach. Also, see Merriam Webster's definition of jailbreak here.

Are third-party apps safe?

The safety of vendor apps rest mostly with the users. Several of these apps are designed by developers (individual or organizational) who abide by the strict app standards and criteria that are set by Google and Apple. Such designed apps are at quite a low risk. However, some developers do not conform to these set criteria, making their apps not so safe. It is, henceforth, your responsibility to check and re-check the source of all these non-native apps that you install.

Is vShare a good option for third-party app downloads?

Initially, vShare was undoubtedly the best store for third-party apps in the market. However, it suffered due to a lack of regular updates. Newer, more advanced vendor app stores for iPhones took over. Though vShare is still widely use by several users as it has iOS applications still missing from other of its counterparts. Furthermore, there are several complaints about the vShare installer not working. Some have also raised issues on how the app is often loaded with viruses. So, if you are in doubt, it is better to go for other better third-party stores. Official website: vShare


In light of our above discussion on how to get apps for free without jailbreak, we saw several methods to go about it. Moreover, with the security threats associated with jailbreaking, you are not the only user looking for alternatives, which you read in detail above. How you decide to install programs then depends on your needs.

The domains covering third-party or vendor apps remain the most popularly used means to install paid iOS apps for free. For those applications that are require for a shorter duration, free-trial availing applications are a good option. Whereas if you do not mind compromising, waiting to get a suitable app made free is also a viable solution!