Top 3 iPhone Tracker Apps To Consider Using In 2024

In this article, you will know about 3 main ways to track iPhones and will be acquainted with the best iPhone tracker apps.

How many nights have you had to sleep through and worry about where your kids are? No matter how much parents try to control their child’s every move, sometimes it becomes impossible to do so. We’ve found a number of ways to track the activity of the target device, but we can declare right away – the most practical and convenient option is an iPhone tracker apps. If you still doubt the benefits of this innovative way of looking after your family in the best possible way, it is worth discussing in more detail its main advantages. Check out how to track a phone call.

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3 Best iPhone Tracker Apps To Use

For more advanced monitoring, advanced users use the iPhone tracker apps. Such tracking apps give full access to the target device and fewer opportunities to circumvent the restrictions. Users choose iPhone tracker apps because they are singled out for their extra capabilities and ease of use. These apps will help you avoid the thrill of a child not answering a phone call or being delayed after school. 


uMobix perfectly performs its main function – tracking and remote control of the mobile device. To start work, you should register with your email address and password. From now on, the tracking and geolocation of the iPhone, as well as the remote control of the iPhone, will be available from your personal office.

To use the app on Android, the target device needs to install the program, register, and specify the smartphone where confidential information should be sent – Geolocation, activity on social media, calls, and messages.

Although the main purpose of these iPhone tracker apps, uMobix is for tracking a child through a telephone is to monitor the location, it can be used in other ways. You can track social media activities and protect them from unwanted content and contact. The application shows incoming and outgoing messages, likes, comments, and shows the whole history of the browser.

umobix mobile tracker

Main benefits of uMobix:

  • This iPhone tracking app is a universal method of tracking Geolocation.

Is it necessary to make sure that the child does not skip school, dance, or any other exercise? The application will visually provide you with the necessary information on the map. If you leave your child with a babysitter, you can pinpoint the trajectory of their travel within a meter of their hometown for a walk. You’ll also know where your teenager goes with his friends, and even how long he’s been in institutions.

  • Full access to all audio data.

No mobile operator provides its clients with such broad features as the modern practical iPhone tracker app uMobix. The application lets you know conversations and whether it has become badge bullying or sexual harassment.

  • Warning of the target iPhone leaving the safe zone.

Each parent may, at his or her discretion, designate safe areas and streets on the map of his or her hometown as normal. As soon as the child moves outside the areas that were marked by the mother or father as prohibited, a fixed-term notice will be sent to the parent’s phone. Then he can take the necessary measures and have parental control.

Visit: uMobix

  • Route data is stored

A history of all earlier movements will be stored in the application’s memory. You will be able to view the data for the last 30 days.

  • Free trial version.

The free version allows you to know the basic functions of the iPhone tracking app and how to use it. You will then be able to purchase a paid subscription. All these make uMobix one of the most popular iPhone tracker apps of all time.

1 month will cost you $29.99, 3 months is $49.99, and the yearly subscription is $139.99 (for a month only $ 19.99). 


The service allows not only to save the necessary files but also to find contacts, mail, calendar data. It is also a search engine for an iPhone or iPad.


If you go to a site with an Android device, the algorithm is:

1. Go to from the new browser tab

Click on the image of three points in the additional menu bar. In the open list find «Full version».

       2. When an authorization window is displayed in the tab, you will need to enter Apple ID ID.

apple iD

           Enter your Apple ID and password.          

       3. You will need to select the «Find iPhone» icon.

find iphone

Now run the application.

        4. To determine the exact location of the iPhone, click on the tab «All devices».In the drop-down list that displays the information about all                     Apple-bound gadgets, locate and mark the gadget.

all devices iphone tracker

            In just 20 to 30 seconds, an interactive map will appear on the smartphone screen to show the device you are looking for.

If the gadget is turned on, the function «Find the iPhone» is activated on it and the Internet connection is installed, the program will show the exact location of the iPhone. If the smartphone is not available, the card will display its last position.

Without a doubt, iCloud is one of the best iPhone tracker apps available presently.


Like Google Maps, the iMessage application allows users to configure shared access to a location history indefinitely. iMessages is one of the fastest emerging iPhone tracker apps. In order to do this, you need to check specific people by accessing additional information in the dialog. You should see if you’re transmitting your location data to them.

imessages iphone tracker

Reporting your location is a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones, or just tell them when you’re home, avoiding a million messages with questions about where you are. But it can also be used as a kind of stalker software. You better double-check.

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Is there a free tracking app for iPhones?

FollowMee GPS Tracker converts your iPhone or iPad into a GPS tracking device. Installing this app to the device you want to track, you can monitor its whereabouts on the website. Using this app, you can track your family members, company devices, or employees.

How do you secretly track someone on your iPhone?

So, if you want to track someone covertly using an iPhone, you must first install the Find My Friends app. This applies to your and your friend's phone. However, if you both have iOS 9, this is already included in the software update bundle.

How do I track someone's iPhone location?

Use the Find My app to locate a buddy on a map if they share their location with you. Remember to enable Precise Location in the Find My app if you want to see how far away your friends are from you. Control the location data you share on your iPhone.

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In conclusion, you can use these iPhone tracker apps to protect children from unwanted sites and long-term stays on the Internet or games.  Therefore, you now know the basic ways to protect your family and how to do it with ease and without loss.

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