Top 5 Life360 Alternatives For Use In 2024 [Updated List]

Life360 has been in existence. The app gives you tools to connect with loved ones & find out where they are. Various apps like life360 enable you to warn your family when an issue arises. You can find serenity with Life360, ideal for contemporary living. Many of you ask for life360 alternatives.

A popular app for tracking the whereabouts of family members is Life360. Life360 is used to share whereabouts, get roadside assistance, send aid alerts, & report crimes. The best life360 alternatives are:

  • FamiSafe
  • KidsGuard Pro
  • FollowMee
  • Glympse
  • OwnTracks.


The top apps, including Life360, are listed below. The best apps that are similar to life360 are discussed below. These programs can be excellent parental control tools. There are various alternatives to life360. We make a list of life360 alternatives given below. Continue reading with us to know more about it.

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Top 5 Life360 Alternatives

The best 5 Life360 Alternatives are given as follows.


Opposite to Life360, which is capable of tracking, FamiSafe also allows you to block adverts, websites, offensive images, and in-app transactions. You can even regulate their YouTube content with the app in addition to viewing the other person’s phone’s location history and remaining battery percentage. 

famisafe appOnce you utilize the software, you’ll agree that FamiSafe is the most excellent parental control tool because of its incredible capabilities. The finest parental tool on the market has been Life360 for some time. 


  • You may follow the exact location of your loved ones using real-time location tracking, and you can direct them to remain in a secure location.famisafe parental control
  • With the help of the geofences tool, you may set limits for your children. When your child is in a safe place, this function is inactive. It alerts or warns you if they enter an unsafe region.
  • While the app blocking tool prevents all dangerous apps, including gambling and violent gaming apps, the web content filtering feature screens all the online content your children encounter with.
  • Parents may accurately monitor daily activities and prevent their children from using a phone by controlling and monitoring their screen time. Check out this fan control software, and turn your home into a smart home.


  • It’s also a good web application.

famisafe features

  • It provides most parental control capabilities, making it more than a location-sharing app.


  • Copyright issue.

famisafe cons

Visit: FamiSafe-Parental Control App on the App Store

KidsGuard Pro

With the help of the mobile app KidsGuard Pro, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your loved ones from a distance. If you are a teen’s parent, you may relate to the anxiety that may consume you when they don’t return your calls.

kidsgaurd proThis program is appropriate for iOS & Android users and tracks locations, checks location history, and monitors phone usage.


  • Location history and real-time tracking through GPS or WI-FI.
  • Keeps track of call and text logs.kidsgaurd pro iphone
  • Tracks discussions on social media
  • Keeping track of web browser history.
  • Examines phone files, including pictures and videos
  • It enables you to monitor calls & take real-time screenshots on the KidsGuard Pro dashboard of your computer or mobile app developer.


  • Provide real-time data in a matter of seconds.
  • Installation and use are both straightforward.

kidsgaurd pro android

  • No jailbreak or rooting is necessary.
  • It is a safe app.


  • A free demo is available, but no free trial, so you must pay immediately.

kidsguard pro keylogger

Visit: KidsGuard – Parental Control on the App Store


FollowMee is one of the life360 competitors. Using FollowMee, you can turn your iOS or Android device into a GPS tracker. If your family member already has the app installed, you can access the website to see where they are.


  • Family members, company equipment, and employees can all be tracked using FollowMee. 

followmee logo

  • While Life360 purportedly exchanges user data with third parties,
  • FollowMee is secure to use. 
  • GPS-based location tracking in real-time.
  • View the location without an app using the online portal.
  • Cross-platform compatibility with a big emphasis on privacy and security.
  • Set up geofencing and look over arrival and departure reports.


  • Installing an app is unnecessary because you can track your whereabouts via a web gateway.

followmee app

  • It uses a login token for privacy and does not sell information to third parties.


  • Geofencing does not transmit notifications.

followmee cons

  • The user interface needs some improvement.

Visit: FollowMee GPS Tracker | Real-Time GPS Tracking Mobile App


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Family Locator

An app like Life360 called Family Locator lets you keep tabs on your family members. In contrast to Life360, Family Locator is considered one of the safest platforms because user data security is their top priority. Like Life360, the app lets you monitor your family members’ driving records and is available for both iOS & Android devices. It is one of the free apps like life360.

family locator

With Family Locator, you may create safe zones on GPS, such as homes or schools, and get alerts when someone enters or exits these places (Want to know how the ‘Microsoft critical alert‘ will help your internet experience secure). As long as the app is loaded on the lost phone, it may track down that phone and provide a location history for up to seven days.


  • It gives the information needed to find family members trapped wherever.
  • It provides a plethora of reliable and easy-to-understand information about families.

family locator features

  • Live location on a family’s map.
  • Enables GPS device tracking and position history checking.
  • Notifies you when a family member’s battery level drops to 15%.


  • Focuses on intelligent alerts and privacy

family locator pros


  • Lacks features to monitor phone activities

family locator cons

  • There could be a significant synchronization delay.

Visit: Find my Phone – Family Locator on the App Store


Like Life360, Family360 is a location-tracking app. So invite them and start to monitor their phones. The software eliminates the need to send tens of unpleasant messages to find out where your loved ones are.

family360 appConsequently, you can add individuals you want to track to various groups you form using Family 360. The family-focused app offers advanced features that connect and safeguard the people you care about. And has expanded to serve over 500K families internationally. The software respects your privacy, unlike Life360 so it won’t share your whereabouts with anybody else.


  • Brings your family together in a closed circle.
  • Location sharing in real-time.

family360 pros


  • Emphasizes privacy and intelligent alerts

family360 features

  • Immediate alerts for nearby family members.


  • Lacks capabilities to track phone activity

family 360 cons

  • There can be a sizable synchronization lag.

Visit: Family360 – Family Locator on the App Store – Apple


What are the most effective Life360 alternatives?

If your family member has the app downloaded on their devices, you can access the website to track their whereabouts without installing it. You can track family, friends, company devices, & employees using FollowMee.

What functions does the Life360 family app offer?

The location tracking functions are identical to those of the Life360 app. The app focuses on properly tracking family members and maintaining the family's safety, from family location to security area alerts and notifications.

Is there a Life360 substitute for MapMyRun?

MapMyRun is focused on health advantages, whereas Life360 is helpful for family communication & sharing places with family members. Although there may be better substitutes for Life360, the app's Live Tracking Tab lets you keep tabs on your loved ones.

Will Life360 sell my location information?

The business was discovered selling user location information to numerous data brokers. The CEO of Life360's sugarcoated remark adds to the report's credibility.


We make this detailed guide on life360 alternatives and give answers to all the questions like, is there a better app than life360? Although Life360 has long been a popular software, new changes have raised numerous concerns about the program. So this was all about the life360 alternatives you can try out. 

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