Top 6 Fan Control Software to Increase CPU Fan Speed

The fan is fundamental to keep your PC cool or to lessen the upsetting uproar like an air stream. Furthermore, changing your framework’s fan speeds help you to keep your structure chill when it is included. In this article, we will discuss fan control software and how it can improve the functioning of your PC.

The top 6 Fan Control Software to Increase CPU Fan Speed are Argus Monitor, Corsair Link, HWiNFO, Thinkpad FanController (TPFanControl), NoteBook FanControl, and SpeedFan.

Fans are essential bits of any PC make, yet they don’t run with some other individual. Notwithstanding whether your framework has different fans, keeping up with unequivocal authority over every one of them is fundamental. There are various assignments open that work for you to change the speed of your PC fan. In any case, picking the right one is massive as the market has open choices.

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Top 6 Fan Control Software to Improve the Functioning of Your PC

As the term suggests, this fan control software will help control or change your PC’s fan speed. We have enlisted some of the best fan control software among many in the market to improve the functioning of your PC.


This fan control software screens and changes PC fan speed, voltages, and temperatures. It can, in like manner, show the warmth of hard drives by finding an unequaled standard pace. It proceeds with SCSI drive additionally. Also, it can find and change the fan speed, which helps diminish distress levels.



  • SpeedFan screens PC temperature from different sources.
  • Access mechanized temperature sensors and change fan speeds, beginning now and into the not extraordinarily far-cleared, upsetting impact.
  • It strengthens SCSI drifts correspondingly.
  • The system plate shows the structure factors as plans and a pointer.
  • It can clear contraption screens chips, hard circles, temperature readings, PWMs, which is just a hint of something dependably central.
  • Perfect with Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2008, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012.

Visit: SpeedFan 

NoteBook FanControl

This fan control software depends upon to empower clients to control the PC’s fan speed. After you present the thing, it will get together with your PC’s taskbar, and shockingly the program is in no way, shape, or forms an obvious one after you dispatch it for clearly the critical event when you see that it goes with an unimaginably quick interface that can be enabled and understood even by young people.

notebook fan control



  • You will decide to pick one of the different structures that connect with the program, as indicated by your workstation’s model and creator.
  • You can see whether your PC is kept up or not by visiting the submitted zone on the program’s guaranteed GitHub page.
  • It offers you a resolute CPU temperature look beside the present speed of the fan.
  • Besides, this fan control software is an elementary to-utilize program that will be key when you have to get dependably out of your structure’s cooling limits.
  • Its programming allows clients to control the PC’s fan speed. It is filtered through with the easy to use’s interface since, after the establishment, its wires with the PC’s taskbar.
  • Award controlling the fan speeds at any rate focal slider designed in the reason behind blending the key menu.
  • It is simple to utilize and flawless with Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 moreover.

Visit : NoteBook FanControl 

Thinkpad FanController (TPFanControl)

Considering this PC fan control software, one way or another, readied to deal with a spot at a tenth condition in the energetic structure. This free utility is endeavoring to lessen the fan change in the journals.



  • Screen CPU and GPU temperatures by missing the mark unquestionably.
  • Change fan speeds for flawless cooling.
  • Show the reprimand picture of the CPU and GPU temperature.
  • Control the structure and CPU fan speeds by turning the fan to keep the temperature low.
  • It supports 32-piece and 64-piece Windows and all Windows working structures.

Visit : Thinkpad FanController 


This fan control software is a freeware program for Windows. Basic programming engages you to do different undertakings rather than changing fan speed on a PC and is genuinely astounding.

 fan control app


  • It is an extraordinarily effective fan control software awards changing brief CPU and affiliation fan speeds.
  • With this, you can screen a few framework groups like CPU, motherboard, HDD temperature, CPU and GPU use, CPU pack power, GPU power, Core clock, RAM use, and the sky is the limit starting there.
  • Furthermore, give every datum about structure CPU and GPU code names, CPU turbo repeat, RAM type, BIOS data, and Sensor information.
  • Store a full report containing whole estimations of various parameters in a CSV record.
  • It works with both 32-piece and 64-piece Windows.
  • Great with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7/8, and 10.

Visit: HWiNFO

Corsair Link

Corsair Link PC fan control software provides free services to Windows users. This reasonable fan speed screen goes with the gaming-focused interface. It is an inconceivable fan control programming. Those with a Corsair CPU fan in their structure should consider utilizing this changed fan control programming.

This fan control software is an astounding PC-watching program. It interfaces with you to check the CPU temperature, hard drive plate temperature, and CPU load and to control the CPU fan speed. Regardless of how this thing functions for frameworks with Corsair zones, it will also work inconspicuously in different structures.

corsair fan control app


  • Close by the fan speed screen. It shows relentless CPU fan speed with CPU and GPU temperature, voltage, load, and DRAM go over.
  • It can design notice of the CPU/GPU temperature and fan speed change.
  • Besides, it offers complete oversight over fans, dazzling Corsair power supplies, lighting, and Hydro Series fluid CPU coolers work both for cooling and execution.
  • It supports the most recent gadget and all Windows OS, including Windows 10.

Visit: Corsair Link

Argus Monitor

The Argus Monitor is a reliable and light fan control software that helps in changing/controlling the fan speed of your PC. It misses the mark rapidly, and controls fan speeds proportionately as the screen hard plate flourishes.

argus Monitor fan control app


  • It controls fan speed for the mainboard and GPU dependent on whole open temperature sources.
  • It screens HDD temperature and the thriving status by checking the S.M.A.R.T. characteristics.
  • Also, it shows the structure’s fan speeds and award controlling the pace, possibly.
  • HDD and SSD benchmark to process reasonable pace move rates.
  • It provides a graphical segment of the center to go over, and what’s more, respect checking the force the board is working fittingly.
  • It supports all Windows changes 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Visit: Argus Monitor 


Can I control fan speed with software?

Use SpeedFan, an application that can adjust the speed, voltage, and temperatures in PCs. It also supports SCSI drives and can access the temperature of the hard disk as well.

What is the German fan control software?

Argus Monitor can control fan cases connected to the motherboard.

Can I control fans from Windows?

You can control fans from Windows by using Speedfan. If the motherboard is controllable, it can help make in-depth adjustments. Ensure you turn the fan speed too slowly to avoid overheating the PC.

How to control CPU fan speed with software?

Follow the steps to control CPU fan speed with software: Go to Configuration Menu>Fan Control Go to Advanced Fan Control> Add a box Select the Fan controller to adjust the group of fans. Click on Control Speed. Make changes.


Hence, these are top fan control software for improving the functioning of your Windows PC/PC structure. I endeavored to list down the heavenly and freeware embarks to control fan speeds flawlessly with Windows structure. In a perfect world, this urges you to find the best fan control software.

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