How To Open An OBB File In Android? Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

The popularity of Android devices has skyrocketed. Everything has become more convenient for us thanks to these electronic devices. Before we can make the most of our Android devices, we need to know how to use them. There are several file types, but obb is one of the new types, so you need to know how to open an obb file in Android.

It has certain requirements like must have an external storage Linux operating system installed within your system. One of these fundamentals is understanding how to open an Obb file on Android. Let’s examine how to open OBB files on an Android.

 Refer to this article to learn how to open an obb file in Android using easy steps. 

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How does an OBB file work?

Before knowing how does OBB file works, let’s know what is obb file. Google‘s Android Studio owns the majority of OBB files. Android applications use expansion files called OBB files to store additional data that would be too large for the main APK file. Therefore, one has to learn how to open an obb file in Android.

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  • Naming: In computer science, a sizeable piece of data is an “Opaque Binary Blob” when it looks like binary garbage to people who don’t know what it carries but makes sense to people with access rights.
  • Usage: The compressed APK file that a user downloads from Play Store must not be over 100 MB. While this is sufficient for most applications, some use media files, high-fidelity graphics, and other assets that significantly exceed the size limit. It has certain requirements like must have an external storage Linux operating system installed within your system. You can use virtual machines to use windows and Linux operating systems simultaneously.
  • Structure: A group of encrypted resource files and subsequent fixes make up OBB files. Requirements that the application developer feels, such as visuals, media, textures, etc. There are a maximum of two of these expansion files per APK file and a maximum file size of 2 GB.

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Does OBB Opener Support All Types Of OBB files

OBB files open with an OBB opener, but not all OBB types open with the same tool. It has a .obb file extension.

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Android device makers also use Linux programs to build OBB files. Obbtool is one of these Linux applications. Individuals downloading these OBB records get the Application Bundle (APK) document and the augmentation. You can add up to two expansion files to an APK uploaded via the Google Play Console

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Conditions Before Installing OBB Files

There are some conditions you have to met which are necessary to learn how to open and OBB file in Android. So, before you begin, make sure you have installed all the necessary programs. Before beginning the installation and learning how to open obb file in Android, check to see that your Android device is equipped with the following software or tools:

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  • Data Folder
  • Application package file
  • External memory card

After fulfilling these conditions, ensure your android device is connected to a computer. And you are now ready to open the OBB file on your android device.

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How to Open an OBB File?

To learn how to open OBB files, you will need appropriate software, such as Android Studio from Google. Try right-clicking or long-pressing the OBB file if you have trouble opening it correctly. To pick an application, choose “Open With.” An OBB file can also be displayed directly in the browser. Drop the file into this browser window by dragging it there and learn how to open the obb file.

The examination of obb files: OBB is a file extension used extensively. The file type mostly uses the same format. 


Internally, the ZIP format is used by 70% of all OBB files, which combine multiple files into one. They typically range from four to 190 compressed files. Tencent, pubg, free-fire, krmobile, rockstar games, imobile, Android, and patch are frequently linked to these files.

These OBB files store game-related data. You can only see illegible characters if you open these obb files in a text editor. These files typically use the keywords 1bsr. Common filenames are as follows: either or

Doing APK Installation on Your Device?

To install an APK file, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Download the APK file on the external SD card. Check this out to learn how to download Apps to SD card.sdcard
  2. After checking the phone’s external memory card, select the “APK file” option.
  3. Press “Install” to download it to your device.installing
  4. You must first locate the OBB file correctly before learning how to open it on Android. locating obb
  5. Extract the data from the ZIP file once downloading is over.extracting zip
  6. Move the data-storing folder to the SD card’s External Storage. Next, select Android, then External Storage. Finally, select the “Data” option.
  7. Transfer the OBB file to an external Card to transfer it. After that, select “OBB” from the Android selection.
  8. If you’ve looked for the “OBB” or “Data” files but can’t find them for obb file open, the folder may have been made by hand.
  9. Verify that the files were appropriately copied and pasted to prevent further problems.transferring files
  10. Open the USB cable to take the Android phone out of the laptop.unplug your device
  11. On your device, run the APK you downloaded.

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What is an OBB file?

Opaque Binary Blob files make up the OBB. They are mostly connected to Android devices. Because APK can only save 100 MB of data, the OBB files contain any additional data. To extract data, utilize the Android Studio JOBB tool from those files.

Can I follow the same procedure if I need to open obb files on IOS devices?

The procedure given is only for android users. If IOS users wish to open obb files on their devices, they can follow these steps by installing Windows OS.

In the future, what to do if some issue occurs with the connection?

In that situation, you can file a complaint using the complaint number, and a technician will come to your location and take care of the problem for free within the next 24 hours.

How to fix issues with OBB files- Connect the OBB file extension to the right software?

We should use updated software to open encrypted data archives. On Windows, select 'Open with' > 'Choose another app' when right-clicking on any OBB file. Select a different program by selecting the checkbox next to Always use this app to open .*obb files. Because the most recent version only supports the most recent OBB file format. Therefore, look for an Android Studio update, such as on the Google manufacturer's website.


Many Android users need to familiarize themselves with the Obb file format. It is important to keep up with simple but important information in a changing world. You can also open exe files on your device easily like these files.

If this is your first time installing an OBB file, follow the steps above carefully to open the obb file in Android. Determine which points you missed if you fail to open them, then attempt again. So, this is the complete tutorial on opening an OBB file in the android.

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