4 Best Online EXE To APK Converters [Updated List]

There is no question that everyone utilizes smartphone hardware and software, and we can observe that more apps and software have been developed over time. Various Android applications are available on Google PlayStore. You may also get software for PC users on many official websites and online shops. Every single task takes a smartphone or other device. However, you must learn how to convert an online EXE to APK converters in four simple ways to run Windows software on Android.

There are 4 ways to convert online EXE to APK using converters. The first one is by utilizing the Inno Extractor App to extract APK file contents, the second one is by getting EXE to APK Converter For Windows 11/10, the third one is by utilizing an APK file emulator, and the last one is by Installing Exagear and runs full Windows applications on Android. For instance, if you encounter issues related to Microsoft Critical Alert while performing these conversions, it’s essential to address them promptly. To know more about these, keep on reading. To know more about these, keep on reading.

New users should know that EXE and APK are two separate files running on different operating systems, including Windows and Android. Windows can open EXE files, while Android smartphones and tablets can open the other type. If you have an EXE file, you may execute it on Windows, but remember that it won’t work on any other operating system. If you have an EXE file and want to use it with an Android device, you must first convert it to APK format. Windows systems and Android smartphones can be used for this. 

Converting an EXE File into an APK File 

The Best Converters for Converting online EXE to APK converters are available in 4 ways.

Utilize the Inno Extractor App to extract APK file contents.

This program, which you can get from the PlayStore, can extract EXE files and disclose all its components. This will assist you in extracting the files you need and modifying the modules to create an APK if you are a developer seeking specific files in an EXE setup.

If you’re looking for tools to help manage extracted files, you might find this Zip File Opener helpful. Additionally, if you’re dealing with JAR files, you might want to explore this JAR File Opener Software for efficient extraction and management.

  1. Download the Inno Setup Extractor. inno setup
  2. After completing the process, launch the program and choose the EXE File and destination folder.inno setup install
  3. Once you pick both, press the “start converting button” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.inno setup install button
  4. After some time, all the files will be there in your chosen destination folder.
  5. Once the APK file’s contents have been properly extracted, you may utilize it to turn it into an EXE file so that you can launch it on a PC.

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Get EXE to APK Converter For Windows 11/10 

To convert using online EXE to APK converters, using this method is fantastic. The converter tool is one of the few applications that assist with conversion because the field hasn’t been thoroughly studied.

  1. From the URL below, you must download the software to your computer to convert EXE to APK. If you encounter any challenges during this process, you might find helpful tips in this guide on how to rename multiple files at once.exe to apk
  2. Following completion, extract the files from the archive. WinRAR is a suitable tool for this.
  3. Since the program doesn’t require installation, you must click “application to open it” after that.
  4. When the app interface loads, select “portable application” and then click “Next.”exe to apk install
  5. A box will then display, asking you to select the target folder. Navigate to the desired folder, select it, then press the “OK” button.exe to apk storage
  6. After this has been chosen, you must “select your preferred EXE file” to be converted. Once the required file has been selected, click “ok.”
  7. After choosing the file, choose “convert” from the menu.
  8. Transfer the converted APK file to the chosen location once the conversion process is finished, and you can locate it there, then install and run it on your Android device. This is one of the best ways to convert .exe to .apk

Utilize an APK file emulator.

Installing APK files and other Android programs on your device is possible using an emulator like NoxPlayer on Windows.

  1. Downloading and installing NoxPlayer is the first step to convert exe to the apk file. The official website has it available for purchase. If you encounter any issues with handling specific file formats like BIN files on your Android device, you may find this guide on how to open BIN file on Android useful.nox player
  2. Installing it requires running it on your computer.nox player install
  3. After it’s finished, use it on your computer.nox use
  4. When prompted, click “sign-in” and provide your login information to access your Google account.nox page
  5. At this point, you may use this to install both PlayStore apps and APK files.nox playstore

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Install Exagear and run full Windows applications on Android.

In rare circumstances, converting an EXE to APK online file might result in compatibility and user interface problems. An ” Exagear ” app enables you to run Windows programs on Android without converting them in real-time. This is due to the difference in height and breadth of the screen when the software is converted. Yes, you heard correctly, and it accomplishes this with emulation.

Follow the steps to install Exagear:

  1. The Exagear software must be downloaded and installed immediately; it is not yet formally accessible. Here is a link to it.
  2. Next, put the OBB in the install folder and the APK that you downloaded.
  3. Your home screen will now display the newly generated icon.

Follow these steps to utilize Exagear:

  1. Open the menu on your Android device’s top-left corner of the Exagear app.
  2. Select “Manage Containers” from the options you now see, which include Start Menu, Install New, and Desktop.
  3. Click the “Plus Icon” in the upper right to add a new container with any name, such as “My Windows Apps on Android.”
  4. Depending on your app’s compatibility, you will now have the option to choose between 64-bit and 32-bit color depth.
  5. After choosing an app, click “Run.” Just that to convert EXE to APK online

Exagear enables you to build containers that import and utilize Python-based Android apps in an emulated environment. So these were the four ways to convert online EXE to APK converters. 

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Is exe files running on Android possible?

With the aid of programs like NoxPlayer, which simulates the environment, and Exagear, which extracts the contents of an exe file so you can use them to create an apk, it is feasible to run.exe files on your Android device.

What should I do now that the EXE file I converted to an APK was in the wrong folder?

The EXE file won't run and will crash if you convert it to an APK file and put it in the incorrect file. It utilizes libraries and dependencies to facilitate the software's operation. It must first be uninstalled before being reinstalled in the proper location.

How does Android handle extracting exe files?

A specialized program, such as Inno Setup Extractor, is required to extract an Exe file on Android. This program completely organizes an Exe file's breakdown so you can examine the code and turn it into an APK version.

What qualifies as an app is an exe file?

Although it's widespread, Windows executable files only use the EXE file extension. APP is the extension for Mac executable files. Users must use Boot Camp, another virtual machine, or another emulator miming a Windows OS to run an EXE file on a Mac OS.

What class of malware is exe?

A polymorphic, encrypted, or non-encrypted EXE infector is possible. A core code and one or more decryptors comprise an encrypted or polymorphic virus.


This article showed you how to run a Windows program on an Android device by converting online EXE to APK converters 2024. The finest exe file converters allow you to convert an Exe file to an Apk file using one of four techniques. Nevertheless, bear in mind that while it works in some situations, this is not a long-term fix for operating Windows applications on Android.