How To Open Bin File On Android? The Complete Guide!

The hardest file type to open on a smartphone is the bin format. You might be thinking about how to open bin file on Android.  So we have covered how to open the bin file. 

There are two methods to open a bin file on Android.

  1. Install a file manager app from the Google Play Store (e.g., ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer, or Total Commander) if you don’t have one already.
  2. Open your file manager app and navigate to the location where the bin file is stored.
  3. Locate the bin file and tap on it. When prompted to choose an app to open the file, select a text editor app from the list (e.g., HTML Viewer, Bin Editor, or any other app that reads and modifies text files).
  4. The selected app will open the bin file, allowing you to view and modify its contents as text.

You could find it difficult to open your .bin file on Android. It is a crowded arrangement with several codes, many of which look intricate and delicate. It may therefore become corrupt in some courses of activity. And when anything goes wrong, it won’t work out any longer. To solve the issue, clear-cut rules must be there. We will discuss how to open bin file on Android in this post so the issue resolves by the time you finish.

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What Do BIN Files On An Android Phone Mean?

A BIN file is precisely like any other type of file. This file only contains data in Binary format. Also, the file’s.bin extension makes it easier to differentiate it from other files. open bin file on androidAs a result, it works with computers. The limited techniques to access a BIN file available on modern devices are difficult. There is no comparison to opening a word document on a smartphone or desktop. Check this out if you want to open a zip file in windows.

There are methods for doing it, though. Converting any bin file, however, is an entirely other matter. That is both unlawful and challenging. So now you know what are bin files

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What Is Android?

Based on the Linux kernel, Google produced the Android mobile operating system. Although originally designed for smartphones and tablets, it may also be applied to Televisions, cars, and wearable devices.

Android is recognized for its adaptability and customization, allowing users to change their smartphone’s home screen, themes, and other features. The Google Play Store is renowned for having a strong app ecosystem because of the enormous amount of apps available for download. Check this out to know about android FTP server apps.

androidNumerous businesses, like Samsung, Google and many more use Android. It’s the mobile OS that’s most often used worldwide, with a market share of over 75%. The steps for accessing a BIN file on an Android device will now be discussed.

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How To Access A Bin File On An Android Device

Anybody may install any file type they choose from the internet to fulfill a need or an objective, as the file is merely a general term. Unfortunately, it’s never 100% assurance that they’ll be capable of opening the file format easily.what are bin filesFor Android devices, there are 2 methods to open a bin file. The first option is to open it as text using your File Manager program. The second is to open it using apps that read and modify text files, including HTML Viewer, Bin Editor, ISO Converter, Extractor, etc.

Bin file within Android File Manager opened

The actions below must be taken to open it as a text:

  1. Double-click the display or hold down the power button to open an Android. See your installed apps by tapping the start button or the app drawer on the home screen.
    app drawer
  2. To access every storage folder, go to the File Management icon and click it.
    file manager
  3. Find the .bin file you wish to open among your available file extensions.
    open bin file
  4. Check if the file opens by clicking on it. If not, hold down the file for a long time before selecting the three dots in the upper right corner.
  5. Choose open as text from the menu options provided to open a bin file on Android

Congrats, you’ve just used your Android device to view bin files. Suppose the File Manager application doesn’t allow viewing bin documents directly. In that case, you may download a text readers software like Note Editor or a 3rd file browsing app like MiXplorer from Google Play Store.

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Launching the bin file in Settings

Opening it in settings is an additional choice. You may do it by taking the below actions:

  1. Pick up your phone. If necessary, click the App drawer. Scroll until the Settings app appears, then tap it.
    phone app drawer
  2. Continue reading until you reach Storage, then select the storage label to find the file on your phone’s memory or the external storage device button to see what’s within.
    android storage
  3. Long-press the file and choose “open as text” by clicking the three dots, which are often in the right corner.

You deserve congratulations because you were able to open the bin file format. So now you have solved your doubt about how to open bin files on Android

Applications For Reading And Modifying Bin Files

You can access the bin file using various tools, which is a way to avoid the time-consuming method in case you need to open it to urgently change the bin file on Android devices.bin viewer appThe following apps are available for use:

  • Bin Editor 
  • ISO Converter and Extractor 
  • Bin Opener/Viewers/Readers

Methods For Downloading Software To See Bin Files

The steps below can be used to download the applications.

Bin Editor 

Bin editors are not included as system software. Download these to your device. 

  1. Open the Google Play Store application on your smartphone. bin file viewerUse the search button to discover bin editors. To install the bin editor of your choice, click the download button.

Converters and Extractors for ISO

The steps below should be followed to obtain the ISO Converters or File Extractors:

  1. Launch your device’s Google Play Store app. Use the search feature and look up ISO Converters or File Extractors,
    bine file to iso file bin file to iso file
  2. Click the download button to download your preferred ISO Converter or File Extractor.

Bin Opener or Viewers

Many of these Bin Openers or the Viewers—as the developers may refer to them—are the same object doing the same duties. However, some of them may be dependent on choice.  Download any of them by using the steps below.

  1. On your smartphone, launch the Google Play Store app. Select the search icon and type “bin opener” or “bin viewer” into the search bar to get play
  2. To download your preferred Bin Opener, click the download icon.

We hope this article has helped you with how to open bin files on Android


The Bin file format: what is it?

Using the Bin file format, you can save the data in the binary format. As it uses disk storage, media may be put on actual discs.

What is the Bin folder?

The binary files are kept in the Bin folder. They include the programs' actual executable code.

What does.Bin file mean?

A binary file, often a bin, stores data like photos, videos, texts, and music. Due to the decline in CDs and DVDs, the format is seldom utilized.

Detection of malware through BIN files?

The file shouldn't have any problems uploading since it's not launching. Often, the malware won't be able to wreck your computer. Moreover, bin files on Windows are inaccessible by definition. Hence, when you're using Windows, although if you tapped on one, nothing ought to have occurred.

Are BIN Files Deletable?

From the Waste Bin folder on the computer, select Empty Recycle Bin. You can choose the files marked for deletion, then choose 'Wipe' after selecting 'Empty Recycle Bin.'


Using an explanation article that handles accessing bin files, you may open and view all of the files on your phone, including bin files, in a matter of minutes without waiting for someone. This article explains how to open bin file types on your phone so that you never again have to battle with opening bin files.

We hope this article has helped you with how to open bin files on Android. You can ask us questions or offer ideas about any other subject you want us to write an article about. Please share them with us in the comments area below.

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