How to open exe files on Android Tablet | Top 4 Ways

This article is about how to open exe files on Android tablet or Smartphones.The executable files are euphorically known as the .exe files. In other words, a gateway for all modern programs. It is still an extremely popular file format among Windows users. If you are a gamer, programmer, designer, and anyone would have come across this file extension.

Well, especially gamers, who are into old video games can actually run files on Android using limited controls. Many may think exe files only work on Windows devices, but it’s not. If you are having an Android device, a smartphone, or a tablet, you can run applications on them. There are many emulators on windows which is cool while coming to Android? we can see further about it in detail.

how to open exe files on android tablet

But unfortunately, you cannot download them directly and install them on your Android OS. Fortunately, you can install an exe file opener for android, and also an exe file to open. 

Many apps are compatible and can run .exe files on Android. However, not all exe files can run through android, if you are thinking of running heavy applications that is quite impossible.

Top 4 Ways to How to Run exe Files on Android OS 

Here is a list of ways how to open exe files on Android Tablet :

Open with Inno Setup Extractor

Perhaps the simplest and most elegant way to open exe on android devices.

  1. After you download your exe files on your Android tablet or a smartphoneinno
  2.   Download and install the Inno setup extractor from the Google play store, use a file browser option to locate the exe file, and open that desired file from your app. extract
  3. Inno setup extractor will then extract the exe on your Android Tablets. Afterward, you can run the exe files from your Android devices.

Download now : Android

Following these minimal and precise steps, leads you to run .exe on android

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Using DOS Emulator DOSBox 

If you have any experience of running old applications on your more recent operating systems, then you have a glimpse of what DOS is, you are certainly aware of this.  For those who don’t, no worries! 

In general, they allow programs made for old MS-DOS programs to work on Windows via emulation.  But however, the good news is that they have also DOS Box apps for Android, and also DOS BOX is an app that generates a command line on your Android phone, that paves the way and acts as a exe file opener for android tablet or a smartphone. We can now see how to open exe files on android tablet

You can find enormous DOS BOX apps on the Google play store, now we are going to see is AFreeBox Application (Available on Play Store)

  1. Download and install the app from the play storefreebox
  2. Place the exe file in your root folder where ever is possible and convenient for you and name it as DOOM
  3. The next step is, to run the app which you have installed, go to your desired folder which you have created. As soon as you are inside your folder, type your exe file name in the command line. For instance, if your file name is DOOM, type “cd/DOOM”  and press enter.afreebox

Certainly, you will be directed into the folder where your exe file is, you will be able to access your exe files on your android tablet or smartphones only if the program is quite compatible with the AfreeBox application.

Remote Desktop Viewer 

The next method is a bit trippy and confusing, but nevertheless, challenges make life interesting. Let’s go.

Since exe files cant run directly on your Android phone, sometimes you may have to use your PC to host the application triggering your Android gadget.

We can do it with VNC( Virtual network computing). You will be able to view or take control of the PC applications using your Android phones. We can jump into the process.

  1. The first step is to install a freeware VNC client on your System. This is the mandatory step and most important too, it enables your computer to be controlled and viewed from other devices.

 remote desktop viewer 

  1. After the launch of the server, doing the initial setup, copy the external IP address and port number to trigger the connection. After that, you can also copy the PC name (Optional)
  2. Similarly, you need to install any VNC client on your Android tablet or a smartphone. These apps are smoothly available and accessible too easily and most of the apps are open-source. Eg: Android VNC Viewer 

android vnc

  1. After the installation of the application, you need to enter the desired IP address and port number in the app. You also need to enter passwords and other information. 
  2. Now the setup is complete, you will be completely able to access the files on your PC and be able to install the required exe file from your system. 

And again, not all exe files are compatible with Android devices.

ExaGear – Windows Emulator

There are many Android emulators that act as a doorway and let you access Android apps on your Windows PC, there are also many windows emulators that have access to Windows files on your Android gadgets.

ExaGear is one of the prominently used emulators for Android tablets and now we can see how to open exe files on android tablets or Smartphones using ExaGear.


To download the Exagear app, the app is not available in the google play store. There are many apk available online, you can download them.

  1. Firstly, you have also to download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store as well. Navigate the download folder, open the ExaGear Folder, you will find two files. exa2
  2. Secondly, copy the file com.eltechs.ed and also go to Android>obb and paste the copied file there. 
  3. Once the copying procedure is done, go back to the download root folder and install the apk file of Exagear on your Android tablet or Smartphone.exa apk
  4. Once installed open the app, click on the top left corner > install new. Scroll to the bottom, and select other apps. exagear
  5. Now you can select the exe files that can be downloaded which are present in your Download folder.

You cant install every exe file, it has the capability to access some executable files

After opening the ExaGear app, you will see shortcuts to installed exe files.

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Is it possible to access exe files from Android devices?

It depends on the exe file you are choosing not all exe files are compatible with Android tablets or smartphones.

How to open exe files on android tablets?

Android does not have any feature to open exe files on its own, it needs an host(PC) to trigger exe files on Android.

Can you install high-end softwares and games using exe files on your Android Devices?

No. Only some exe files and applications can be accessed by Android devices, it depends on Smartphones Hardware.


In conclusion with, how to open exe files on an android tablet, these are the ways for exe files running on your phone, even it’s a high-end hardware component. Not all files can be run through android, still, it’s a possible solution worth experimenting with, depending on your needs and curiosity. 

The above methods are handpicked and presented to you for better understanding not making complex.

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