How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone

Smartphones are nowadays growing a bit faster as a result of new technology introduced to them. Every day a company launches a new smartphone, and people buy them to know about the present features and the technology. Smartphones come with unique features that amaze people. Since smartphones have all the technology and features, people are using them more than computers. Compared to computers, smartphones too have advanced technology. But some have a shortage of internal memory, and you should know how to Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phones. Sometimes, your memory usage will be high and you need to fix it so the phone runs faster.

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A smartphone can do its job perfectly when it has a good processor and good memory. Memory is needed to store all the applications, files, audios, and videos you need, and it should be capable of withstanding them. Your smartphone also should be capable of handling them without any lags. If your phone’s memory is less, you can store only a few applications, which might cause your problem storing other applications and files. Thus it would help if you Increase Internal Memory Of the Android Phone. Increasing internal memory means adding an external memory that your phone supports and then merging that into internal memory.

External memory is inserting a micro SD card into your phone. Micro SD cards can function as internal memory, but you need to perform some steps. There are many techniques by which you can Increase Internal Memory Of an Android Phone. Some are very easy, but some are tough, so you need to do it with all your concentration.

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Methods to Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone

Here are the methods to increase the internal memory of Android phones.

Clear All The Cache And Data

To increase your internal storage, this method is very useful as it may save a lot of space. You need to free all the data and cache of the unused apps. You can also delete the unwanted or unnecessary apps, i.e., the apps that are not used frequently can be deleted and then again downloaded when needed.

Clear All The Cache And Data

This will save your space and then you can download some necessary stuff. In the maximum of the cases, it is seen that cache occupies more space than other data so deleting cache may also be very useful to increase space on your device.

Backup/Delete Photos And Videos

You can delete your unnecessary photos from phone’s memory to free space. You can either transfer them to your memory card or backup them in Google photos or any other cloud storage.

BackupDelete Photos And Videos

There is various cloud storage handy in the market right now. You need to buy storage from all the cloud storage sites thus Google photos is the best backup for photos and videos as it offers 115GB of free storage. This method can also help you save your internal memory.

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Using Micro SD Card

You can also Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone by inserting your memory card into the device and then routing the device. There are some minimum qualifications for the device and the SD card so that the internal memory of the device can be increased.

Requirements of the device:

  • It must be routed to the process to be done.
  • The device should have an SD card slot to insert a memory card.
  • It should have some apps like Link2SD card (get it from Google play store).

Requirements of SD card:

The capacity of SD card should be more than 4GB so that it is sufficient to increase internal memory of the device.

use sd card

You need to have a partition tool installed on your computer/PC to perform partition.

Steps To Perform Device Partition

  1. Now open the partition tool installed in your computer and then insert the SD card into your computer through a card reader or the inbuilt card reader of your laptop.
  2. Now select SD card from the options list in the partition tool. Format the SD card following to backing up all the important data. Now you need to perform partition on your SD card.
  3. Do the Partition in three parts and save it.
  4. You need to select FAT file option if the capacity of SD card is less than 4GB. But if the capacity of SD card is more than 4GB then you can select FAT 32. You can leave 512 MB for other file partitions.
  5. Now you have completed file selecting name them as EX1, EX2, EX3, etc. and now let the partition process continue. Now the partition is completed. Insert SD card in your phone.
  6. Now switch off your phone and open the Link2SD app on your phone.
  7. Now the app may ask you for the permission to root your phone.
  8. Once you have done that then select EX2 or EX3 any file from your SD card. Now “Mount script created” is shown on the screen.
  9. Now reboot your phone, and if there are no error messages after the reboot, then your phone has been routed, and the internal memory has been increased.

Thus, now you can check your internal memory through Link2SD card app in the check the Auto link option, and you can see the increased internal memory of your system.

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This was one of the option to change your SD card into internal memory. In some devices, you just need to open Settings and then SD card in it. Next, as you open SD card now click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Now there you can check the option as “Select as internal memory.” Then, as you select the option your SD card becomes the internal memory of the device.

Now, whenever you have selected your SD card as the internal memory keep in mind that the SD card should not be replaced or removed from the device. Doing so will lead you to lose your data from the SD card and also the rooted phone.

You should also be aware of the fact that whenever your get a root phone, there are chances that it may not work properly. There are 50-50 chances that your phone may work properly or may go wrong. You must also know how to remove write protection of Micro SD card. There are some other methods by which you can increase , but the most widely used methods are the above ones.

You can also try deleting your messages.

You can also try USB OTG storage by transferring the data to a USB device through the OTG cable.

Thus, these mothods are used to Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone.

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