How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in Under 15 Steps

You know how to screen Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube on Discord. But do you know how to stream Disney Plus on Discord? If you have no idea, then this piece is for you. Streaming Disney Plus on Discord is not much different from screening Netflix or Prime Video, and the process is identical. Stay till the end of this page if you want to know how to screen share Disney Plus on Discord in just a few steps. However, if you want to stream Hulu on Discord, there are ways for that too.

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Discord is a Voice over Internet Protocol MMS platform where you can text and call friends over any medium. You can send private and group text messages and voice and video calls among users using Discord servers. After a while, it was launched, and it formed a cult among gamers.

discord app

While gaming, gamers began using Discord as their go-to text and voice messaging platform. Since then, the number of Discord users has skyrocketed.

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Disney Plus

Disney+ is an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. Hotstar service primarily distributes films and television series produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television.

disney plus

It also has dedicated content hubs for the brands such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star in some regions.

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How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord?

Discord does not detect what content you are streaming, and it will allow you to screen any content. You just have to add the video source, and you are done. Allow us to demonstrate to you how it’s done.

First, make sure you download Discord on your computer and log in with your credentials. We have left you the download link here. You can either use your username and password to sign in or scan the QR code from your mobile app. Once you do that, you can begin with the steps below to know how to stream Disney Plus on Discord.

discord sign in

Choose the Title

  1. Minimize the Discord app and open the browser of your choice (Safari or Chrome), and go to the Disney Plus Hotstar site
  2. Now browse the catalog and choose the film or title you want to screen, then minimize the window.

    disney plus hotstar

Add the Screen to Discord

Now you should add the Disney Plus Hotstar Screen to Discord to start screening.

  1. Once you minimize Hotstar, open the Discord app in a different window.
  2. You can locate your username at the bottom of the Discord app. Next to it, you will find the settings icon. Click on it.discord settings
  3. Under Activity settings, select activity status from the activity
  4. Inactivity status, you will see a box that says ‘no game detected.’ Locate the Add it! Button on the bottom. Now click on it to add the on add it
  5. Discord will display the list of apps running in the background in the drop-down box. From them, choose the browser you have Disney Plus open.
  6. Once you select the right window, tap on Add Game button.add game
  7. Your window is added and ready for screening.

After this step, you can move to the next step, where you choose the channel you want to screen the movie. Or, you can select a channel you already created and screen the film.

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Choosing The Channel

Choose the channel you want to screen the movie. You can either use an existing one or create a new one. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you have to select the server from the list of servers. Discord will select a server automatically if you have only one the server
  2. Secondly, you have to click on the screen sharing button next to your server name.
    screen sharing button
  3. You will be prompted with a small pop-up window named Screen Share
  4. Before selecting Go Live! You will have to choose the streaming channel type and quality.( You cannot stream more than 720 pixels and 30 frames if you’re a free user. You’d have to subscribe to the Discord Nitro account if you need to screen share in higher resolution. )
  5. Once you select all the necessary options, you can click on Go Live!go live discord

Now you are streaming the Disney Plus share screen to all participants on your channels. You have now learned how to stream Disney Plus on Discord in less than a few steps.

But what if you could not see the movie on the share screen? Instead of the film, your participants can sometimes only see a black screen. Can you stream Disney Plus on Discord without the black screen? Yea, there is a way to rectify this.

How to Stream Disney+ Without Black Screen

There is one thing you can do to disable this issue on Discord. 

  1. First, open the Browser app on your computer and go to settings.browser setttings
  2. Way at the bottom of the sidebar, you will see System settings. Select System.
  3. Locate the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available option.’ Uncheck the button to disable hardware acceleration.
    hardware acceleration

This will disable the hardware acceleration for the browser app. Hardware acceleration allows the app to use the computer processor more efficiently. It enables the app to perform certain functions more efficiently than before. It is the only cause for black screens while screening any other streaming service on Discord. This happens not only on Discord but also in Zoom and AnyDesk too. Disabling hardware acceleration in the browser and the app will certainly solve this issue.

Important Note

Most importantly, make sure you and your friends have a stable internet connection. This ensures a seamless flow of content on your screen. You may experience some lag if your internet is slow or buggy, and good broadband might make a massive difference.

Warning on Streaming Disney Plus on Discord

Before sharing any movies on Discord, make sure you know about the copyright problem. If you use the Disney Plus share screen on a public server, you might be in trouble. Because the production company owns the content you are sharing, you got no right to monetize it. Doing this can get you into trouble. Moreover, you might face a lawsuit. Keep this in mind, and don’t make this mistake.

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You can use this method on any operating system; it works on Windows and macOS. We hope you now know how to stream Disney Plus on Discord from this article. You are free to share with your friends and let them know how to watch Disney Plus on Discord in just a few steps, and they might use this to watch the film with their other friends. In addition, you can consider subscribing to a Discord Nitro account to have higher quality content. The title looks much better in higher quality, and it is nicer to look at.

There are ways to watch Netflix on Discord too. Find out how and launch a watch party with your buddies.

Hope we served you usefully in this article. Thank you for reading!

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