How to Add Bots to Discord Server | Best Ways [2021]

Discord is one of the most widely-used voice and text chat apps for gamers. Anyone can create a server on Discord and add members to join the server. In the initial stages, the leader can control the activities of the server due to a low number of members and fewer events performed. However, once the server starts to grow, there is an initial need for a moderator to control activities on the server. How to add bots to discord. For this purpose, Discord introduced the system of Bots. Bots are programs created with the help of a complex coding process to operate the activities of a server.

How to Add Bots to Discord Server

We will tell you the different types of bots and how to add Bots to Discord server.

Different Types of Discord Bots

Before the question of how to Add Bots to Discord, let’s discuss the different types of Bots. Moderation is one of the essential activities performed by a bot. However, Discord Bots perform several various activities other than just moderation. These are the different types of Bots you will find on a server:

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Music Bots

Music Bots are bots that use the help of Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms to play your favorite music on a discord server. You can boost the bass of songs and add playlists.

The best Music Bots on Discord are Groovy and Rhythm.

Moderation Bots

Moderation is one of the most important activities that a bot performs. These activities include tasks such as welcoming a member to the server, giving them warnings, kicking members out for violating policies, giving roles to members, tracking their activities, and many other duties.

The best moderation bots on Discord are Mee6 and Dyno.

Other Bots

There are several other bots you can add to make your server more engaging. Some of these Bots are Dank Memer that lets you create and share memes across different platforms. There are over 100 tools that you can use to create memes.

You can explore several different unique bots in Bot Library.

Well, now let us get to the question of how to add Bots to Discord.

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Checking out Bot Libraries

The first step to learn how to add Bots to Discord is to check out bot libraries. There are several sites that display bot libraries, but these two are the most trusted: Discord Bots and Carbonitex. You will find a wide range of bots that can serve all your needs for your server. Thus, open your mobile or PC browser and search for any of these sites for bots that you want on your server.

Get access on Discord Server

This step is for those people who are not the main owner of the discord server. To add a bot on Discord, you need to obtain the ‘Manage Server’ permission on the app. Thus, ask the owner of the discord server to give you the permission without which you will not be able to add the bot. Thus, login into your discord account and check in the permission section whether you have the authority to add a bot to the server.

Invite or Add Bot to Server

The next step to learn how to add Bots to Discord involves inviting or adding the bot to your server. If you are using the Carbonitex site, find the option ‘Add Bot to server’ while if you are using the Discord Bots site to add a bot, find the ‘invite bot’ option. Click on the button. This will redirect you to the discord app.

Select a server

Once you are redirected to the Discord App, select the server in which you wish to add the Discord Bot. Upon selection, just click on the ‘authorize’ button how to add the bots to discord server.

Adding Github Discord Bots to your Server

Github is a software-developing subsidiary of Microsoft. It is extremely famous and has a worth of over $7.5 billion. There are more than 4000 Github Discord Bots. Adding Github Discord Bot to your server is another process. To add a Github bot to your server, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open a web browser (Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recommended) and paste the below-mentioned link: Click here.
  • Instead of ‘Bot Client ID’, add the actual client ID of the bot you want to add to your discord server.
  • After adding the actual client ID, authorize the bot, and allocate it a role.
  • Is it. Adding a Github Bot is as easy as that. Now, let’s perform the final step in how to add Bots to Discord: Allocating role to a bot.

How to Allocate Roles to Discord Bot

Without a role to perform, a Discord Bot is as useless as garbage. You have to allocate it a role on your server. To allocate a role to a bot on your server, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Discord app and open the navigation menu by clicking on the three white dots on the top-left corner.
  • Click on the server on which you have just added the discord bot.
  • Now go to server settings.
  • In server settings, click on the ‘member’ option that will open up the list of people on your server. The bot you added is a member of your server.
  • Locate and click on the bot you recently added.
  • Allocate it any role you want it to perform. Make sure to give it a duty that it is built to perform. You cannot give a music bot the duty of moderation.


Well, this is how to add Bots to Discord Server. The above-mentioned steps are easy to perform and work for all discord bots. Once you add a bot to a server, you can add the same bot to another server with ease. I hope you liked the post.

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