What is a Ticket Scalper Bot | Everything You Need to Know

Thus, Scalping or scalp trading is a process of bulk buying things and reselling them for profits. The process is itself a short-term one and involves daily profit. The ultimate goal of this process is to purchase pieces of stuff at a lower price and sell them at a higher price. The whole process is an automatic one. The most common example is buying tickets online. Know what a Ticket Scalper Bot is!

scalper bots
scalper bots

Any online retail shop uses these scalper bots. These bots use methods that can annoy the working of an ordinary buyer. As they use an automated process to buy products in bulk, the retail industry has invested a perfect amount of time and money in these scalper bots. Know about 6 Best Websites To Generate Fake Airline Tickets or Boarding Pass too!

What are ticket scalper bots?

Ticket scalping has become one of the most widespread problems arising in recent years. It is a method in which robots purchase many tickets to a show within seconds of release. Then these tickets are sold on other platforms at a higher range. This not only creates problems between buyers online but also creates havoc in the eCommerce market.

ticket scalper bots
ticket scalper bots

These scalper bots are situated in smaller regions to work freely. They trace the upcoming events and launches that take place on different platforms to prepare a strategy. When the ale goes live, these Ticket Scalper Bots immediately get into the action of purchasing goods and tickets.

How do these Scalping Attacks work?

The scalper bots use an automated process, so it is impossible to match their speed. The process flows in three stages.

Keeping track of the target websites.

The first and most crucial stage is to keep an eye on the events happening or coming up on the website. It is also known as drop checking. The bots keep track of the website, and the social media handles that the website has. Due to which they get their hands on the links of events faster than usual. These scalpers also create fake accounts using bots. The constant tracking of websites results in nothing but an increase in traffic volume.

keeping track of the target websites
Keeping track of the target websites

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Adding to cart

We know that the one who adds the item to the cart first and heads to the payment section gets their hands on the products. The faster one adds effects to the cart; the person obtains access to it first. Therefore, these bots need to add the item to the cart as soon as possible. But here, they need to get through the safety controls without being caught by captchas and more. These Ticket Scalper Bots mainly rely on such proxies, as a result of which each request comes from different and confirmed IP addresses.

Using an automatic process to purchase

The last stage is purchasing the goods that were added to the cart. To perform this step, the bots use an automatic process. The process starts with login using credentials or by entering as a guest and ding payment with a list of credit cards which keep on changing from time to time. To avoid detection, they make each purchase using different billing profiles, names, and address formats.

Ways to stop ticket bots

After knowing what a ticket Scalper Bot is, let’s look at ways to block them. These bot programmers can sometimes be very powerful and not easy to stop. The essential protection steps like blocking obsolete browser versions or using powerful CAPTCHA protection might help secure the least powerful bots. The scalper bots with the advanced program require more powerful techniques to get blocked by sites. Some of the developed methods are:

Using fingerprint

The scalper bots are large in numbers, and when they work, they work at large, and it is impossible to switch to different devices easily. They will have to change the browser every time they log in, clear the cache or use incognito mode. Applying a fingerprint will detect all the activities from a similar browser, try to connect continuously, and block them.

using fingerprint
Using fingerprint

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Reputation Analysis

A lot of software bots use similar kinds of patterns and IP addresses. A list of bot patterns is available will help identify the known bots that try to enter the website.

Browser validation

It is a process that helps confirm whether the browser is running in the manner it actually should. Some bot programs use a similar browser and then rotate among those to prevent them from getting caught. Browser validation can be done by checking if the browser has the JavaScript Agent, works in expected ways, and uses a particular pattern used by human users.

Using Progressive Challenges

There are several ways of identifying a bot. Even to the advanced bots, one of the most challenging processes is introducing specific progressively tricky challenges. Some of them are:

  • CAPTCHA- you may have come across these while visiting a website. It checks for a bot by giving a complex task to solve before accessing the website.
  • Cookie- it is issued to check if the cookies are accepted by bots/users.
using progressive challenges
Using Progressive Challenges

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Is ticket scalping illegal?

This practice of buying and reselling tickets of an event by purchasing less value and selling them at higher prices is prevalent in the US. The laws regarding ticket scalping may vary from state to state, and there is no federal law that prohibits tickets scalping.

Why do people scalp online?

Scalping happens online mainly. The ultimate motive of scalpers is to buy items with limited availability at lower prices and sell them at higher prices. This process results in daily profits; therefore, it attracts many individuals.


We hope that this article on what a Ticket Scalper Bot is helped you understand the concept more clearly. Thus, Next time you face a suspicious browser, this article will help you recognize the presence of bots and how to prevent it.

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