iPhone Projector Apps to Download Right Now! | 2024

Who doesn’t need to view pictures and films at the expansive display? But now, no longer can everybody get a projector at home, even supposing it’s the smallest one of all a kind. Also, what if we must revel in massive display viewing every time and anywhere? Wouldn’t it be superb if your smartphones assist us in doing so?

You can download a phone projector app and flip your iPhone or Android smartphone into a projector. Here are some best iPhone Projector Apps:

  • Epson iProjection
  • Projection Simulator Android / iPhone
  • Panasonic Wireless Projector
  • Multi Presenter
  • Projector Remote
  • Barco Projector Control iPhone / Android
  • ClickShare iPhone / Android

Projectors compatible with your cell phone can help you project and watch HD videos, movies, and high-quality films on a large screen. Achieving true high-definition video projection with high-quality on a cell phone screen can be difficult. Although these apps may appear to be actual projection screen apps, they are actually simulator apps designed for entertainment and pranks.

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iPhone Projector Apps:

So, here are a few of the best iPhone projector apps of  2024.

Epson iProjection

This app is from Epson; consequently, you can depend upon it with closed eyes. The property information is to be had on each structure and is freed from cost. You can use the wi-fi function and show your snapshots and films on a vast display.

You can also deliver positive report codecs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, keynote pdf, jpeg, and png. There is also an integrated far-off management function to manage the projection.

epson iprojection

Likewise, you can ship your cloud documents to the iProjection app after viewing them on the projector. And there’s a built-in marker that will help you explain the slides.

 Visit: Epson iProjection

 Projection Simulator Android / iPhone

It is one of the Best iPhone projector apps in 2024. This “Projection Simulator” device allows smooth simulation for Sony projector installers and machine integrators. This device includes an interactive simulation of throw distance for the ordinary forms of the lens and has a lens shift range. This app has distinctive factor ratios among display and projection photos to select from.projection simulator

This simulator allows getting admission to theoretical values primarily based totally on entered dimensions, and the Real-global consequences can also add range barely because of tolerances. Download this app now and revel in!

Visit: Projection Simulator

Panasonic Wireless Projector

Whether you need to view your snapshots on the massive display at home or utilize this iPhone projector app for your workplace presentations, you could download the Panasonic wi-fi and iPhone projector app and get going. This app offers many unique features.

For example, you could rotate photos and zoom in/out per your requirement. There is a multi-stay mode as nicely with which you can revel in projection from multiple devices. Additionally, a marker feature might assist you in marking the report while you are projecting.

panasonic wireless

Visit: Panasonic Wireless Projector

Multi Presenter

As the call suggests, that is a simple-to-perform app that might assist you in venturing to numerous screens. This app has a unique function consisting of built-in tutorials to educate you to attach innumerable methods.

You can pick your technique, after which you proceed. You can seek the goal connections the use of the IP cope with and additionally favor your devices. There is a choice to test the records of your contacts as nicely.

multi presenter

This app helps report viewing, image viewing, and viewing photos at once from the digital digicam and internet viewing. So now, you can revel in nearly everything you do to your phone on the larger display.

Visit: MultiPresenter

Projector Remote

This app is, in particular, designed for Sony projectors and works as an iPad projector app. So in case you are seeking to manage a Sony projector, download this app and get going. The app may be very smooth to apply, and all the buttons, particularly, point out what they do. You might additionally get a coaching guide while you download the app; undergo it, after which comply with the commands to attach.

Barco Projector Control iPhone / Android

Barco Projector Control is one of the first-class iPhone projector app packages to be had free of charge withinside the market. It facilitates control of Barco projectors rapidly and snugs after the relationship to the equal Wwi-fiF router.

barco projector control iphone

Barco Projector Control replaces the usual far-off manager and offers extra features. The app has an effective installation that lets you switch between inner projector check patterns, etc. This app will serve you as a sophisticated projector far off manages with a user-pleasant interface.

Visit: Barco Projector 

ClickShare iPhone / Android

The ClickShare is one of the first-class projector apps for the iphone 6 designed for the smooth and automated format of content material on the quilt with an available click-on digital button tool on any phone in 2024.

You can share, comment, and keep Microsoft Office files or PDF documents and JPEG photos at the convention room’s imperative display, and you could do it with a conventional ClickShare Button tool to be had at the app.

Click on the digital Button tool, show the content material out of your device to the shared display, and reflect the phone or pill display to the imperative production of the convention room entirely.


The app makes the presentation the maximum correct and appealing one.

 Visit: ClickShare


Is there an app that connects an iPhone to a projector?

You can connect an iPhone to a projector. Try using the Projector Quick Connection application. It can work on Android as well as on iPhone. It combines the device with the projector and can send photos, documents, etc.

Do iPhone projectors work?

The iPhone projectors can display images and other contents on the screen by using the screen mirror function. In some models, you might need additional connectors like Lightning-to-HDMI. It is easy to set up and present good-quality images.

What does the projector app do?

A projector app turns your smartphone into a portable projector, displaying your screen content on a larger surface, like a wall or screen. It allows you to share videos, images, presentations, or other content with a group, making it useful for presentations, entertainment, and collaborative activities.

How do I project my iPhone pictures to the wall?

To project pictures on the wall using an iPhone, connect it to the projector using a pop-up docking port. The images will be directly displayed on the wall. The dimensions vary from five to 50 inches and 960/540-pixel range. It is a good quality for photos.

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With those iPhone projector apps’ assistance, you could genuinely stroll across the room and consider your content material on the expansive display. So while your buddies come over subsequent time, display them off your projector and manage them quickly with your phone’s assistance.

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