15 Similar Games Like House Party For This Winter

House Party was one of the first 3D dating games which were developed. With the game being taken off the market since October last year, fans are heartbroken. If you are a House Party fan, this blog is for you. We bring you the best collection of games which are like House Party. In October 2021, Epic Games decided to take away House Party from all parts. Since then, fans have been devasted by the decision.

Here are the best party house games:

  • Time for You
  • Lust Theory
  • Welcome to Free Will – Episode 1
  • Innocence Or Money Prelude 
  • Adorable Crush

So Techyhost brings you some of the best games which can probably replace House Party.

House Party

House Party is a 3D comedy dating game exclusively made for the Windows platform. Eek developed the game! Games on 5 December 2015. 

Moreover, the game has been warmly accepted by gamers worldwide since its inception in 2015. It was the first of its kind that was ever developed.

house party


  • Release Date: 5 December 2015
  • Genres: Adventure, Dating, Comedy, Simulation, Indie, Casual
  • Player Mode: Single Player
  • Developers: Eek! Games
  • Platform: Windows

House Party mainly concentrated on adult life and dating. This is one of the main reasons why people connected with this game a lot.

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15 Similar Games Like House Party 

We believe the games we are recommending can definitely replace House Party. So let’s know more about the game.

Time for You

A dating simulator based on the adult life of youngsters. It is an indie game with a detective twist.
time for you


  • Genre: Simulator, Dating, Mystery
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP( or other higher versions)
  • Storage: 1GB

Without a doubt, Time for You is a game for House Party lovers.

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Lust Theory

As the name suggests, the game has some adult content. So play according to your discretion. Other games, like House Party, also have adult content.

Lust Theory takes you to a 20-year-old boy’s life. His life is completely changed when he finds that every day is repeating the previous day.

lust theory


  • Genre: Simulator, Dating, Comedy
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP( or other higher versions)
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Spec: 4GB processor

The game is filled with some fantastic realistic graphics. So, do try the game.

Welcome to Free Will – Episode 1

The game revolves around the life of a young girl. Adventures begin when she goes to a small town to find her mother. Play as the girl in this visual novel game. 

welcome to free will


  • Genre: Simulator, Visual Novel
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7( or other higher versions)
  • Storage: 2GB

The game’s fantastic storyline gives a taste of House Party.

Innocence Or Money Prelude 

A visual novel where you play as Jennifer, a young girl. Explore the adventure of her life in the city.

innocence or money prelude 


  • Genre: Simulator, Visual Novel, Adult
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7( or other higher versions)
  • Storage: 2GB

Red Falls Season 1

The game is truly incredible with its realistic storyline. You can play this xRed-produced game by purchasing it on Stream.  The game is for all House Party lovers.

red falls season


  • Genre: Simulator, Dating, Adult
  • OS: Microsoft Windows or Mac
  • Storage: 2GB

Choose a particular character and live their life.

Adorable Crush

Matured Games created the adult game. Adorable Crush is a visual novel that takes you into the roleplaying genre.

adorable crush


  • Genre: Simulator, Visual Novel, Adult
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7( or other higher versions)
  • Storage: 2GB

 To play the game, purchase it from the Stream.

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Tequila Sunrise

The game offers some fantastic graphics with an excellent storyline.

You play as a footballer Robert Finch who goes to Manchester United.

tequila sunrise


  • Genre: Simulator, Visual Novel, Casual
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
  • Storage: 500GB

Goming Out On Top

Coming Out on Top is a dating game. The game has some adult content. So, we advise you to stay away if you are not above 16. The game was developed and released by Obscurasoft. Unlike other games like House Party, this game has amazing graphics.

coming out on top


  • Genre: Simulator, Dating, Casual
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
  • Download Link: Coming Out on Top

AI * Shoujo

AI * Shoujo is a simulation video game developed by Illusion in 2020. In the game, you are on a peaceful island exploring adventures.
Moreover, to accompany you, there are ladies. We promise you are really going to have a gala time with AI * Shoujo. On a lighter note, please don’t get addicted to the character.

ai shoujo

Please note the game contains obscene visuals. So, play accordingly.


  • Genre: Simulator, Adventure, Casual
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10


HuniePop is a dating game where you are first taught to date girls. It is a unique game for Linux and Windows users. If you are obsessed with House Party, you are definitely going to enjoy HuniePop.


You get to date eight beautiful women. It gives an excellent experience with stunning graphics and music. Without a doubt, HuniePop is one of the best games, like House Party. So, play it and enjoy your vacation.


  • Genre: Dating, Simulator, Casual
  • OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Download Link: HuniePop


If you love chatting with your mates on House Party, start using Discord. You can join numerous servers according to your interest.

discord games like house party

Discord is presently the best way to create connections throughout the world. You can use this for group studying, online worth, and other activities. In addition, Features like screen share make it an amazing software to use. Using it is also very simple, So we advise our readers to use Discord. Moreover, the game is available on all platforms.


  • Genre: Chatting
  • OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Download Link: Discord

Gal*Gun 2

Gal*Gun 2 is another unique game on this list. You have to save girls from demons using Pokemon Shot gadgets.
Moreover, the game is filled with surprises. Especially the bright graphics in the game makes it fantastic to play.

galgun 2


  • Genre: Survival, Combat
  • OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Download Link: Gal*Gun 2


Omegle is an online platform where you can chat with people from different corners of the world like in House Party.
Video chat has gained immense popularity in recent times due to the lockdown. Make new mates with Omegle. Since the chatting is a lot like House Party games, you will definitely enjoy Omegle.





  • Genre: Video Chat,
  • OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Join Omegle


The Subverse is an incredible game with multiple gameplay modes. It is one of the best games, like House Party. It belongs to the genre of dating and simulators. The game is compatible with platforms, including Windows.


The game contains amazing graphics which can make anyone’s day. However, let us tell you that the game contains various explicit sex scenes. So, don’t try Subverse if you are not above 18.


  • Genre: Roleplay, Action, Adventure
  • OS: Microsoft WindowsJoin Omegle
  • Join Subverse

SimGirls – DNA

The SimGirls – DNA is an incredible adult dating game.

simgirl dna

Firstly, you have to choose your character. Then you need to earn a living. With that money, you can go out with different women. Moreover, the game amazingly replicates the dating life of youngsters.


  • Genre:  Dating,  Casual, Adventure
  • OS: Microsoft WindowsJoin Omegle
  • Join SimGirls – DNA

Along with these House Party-like games, try Discord as well. Our handpicked collection can surely keep you entertained this season. 

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the House Party.

When was the game House Party closed?

The developers of House Party have been wrapping it from the market since October 2021.

Is House Party an adult game?

House Party gives you the feeling of an adult world of dating. So it is definitely an adult game.

Why did House Party taken down?

According to reports, developers have closed down House Party for developing more games metaverse centric.

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Overall, we hope our recommendation of games that are like House Party can replace it. For more such gaming and tech solutions, please follow Tehyhost. Please share your views in the comment section below.