Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable {Direct Download Links}

Microsoft Visual C++ is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is a platform to develop Windows Applications in C and C++ programming languages. It is now in integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio. It grants developers an isolated application to edit, test, write and debug their code with critical alerts based on your PC compatibility.. When it comes to the deployment of the software, the developers have two choices! Thus, you must know how to Download Microsoft Visual C++.

They can choose to bundle the DLLs in their application or rely on a package, i.e., Visual C++ Redistributable. These Redistributables grants a single installation that many programs can utilize at the same time on a user’s system. These packages are needed to execute the contents that are written or developed in C++ programming language. Out of many integrated services like outlook, word, powerpoint etc. Visual studio is another amazing service offered by microsoft.

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Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Visual C++

The packages of Visual C++ Redistributable installs all run-time components which are needed to run C++ applications assembled using Visual Studio. This package installs runtime segments of Visual C++ Libraries on a system that does not have already installed this Visual C++.

The packages which install components include CRT (C Runtime), ATL, MSDIA, MFC Libraries. The libraries are needed to execute applications that are introduced by the use of the corresponding version of Visual C++. If you want to execute applications or set up drivers introduce by Visual C++, you need to download Microsoft Visual C++!


There are so many Microsoft Redistributable Packages installed on your computer system. You can open them by navigating to Control Panel>>Programs>>Apps and Features. In the list of programs which installed on your system, you can see that there is more than one package of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. Whenever you develop some programs or apps using Visual C++, the packages will install automatically or download manually is another great option.

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Different Versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Available

If you are adopting the same version to create multiple apps, then all apps need one Redistributable package. Choosing a version to download is quite an easy task! Different versions different OS. For example, if you are using 32-bit Windows, then download  Microsoft Visual C++ of 32-bit, or you have 64-bit Windows, then download or install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


Many of the versions of Microsoft Visual C++ already come from ready to use in your system. Some of them come along with Windows itself, and some needs post installation, depending upon the version of your OS. Any additional version or versions you will see of the Visual C++ on your computer are downloads in association with the programs in requirement of it.

If you want to uninstall any of the version of Microsoft Visual C++ then you have to uninstall it carefully! As you are not aware of which version relies upon which file. That’s why choosing not to install it is a better option.

Things to Remember Before Downloading Microsoft Visual C++

  1. Determine the version of the Windows OS you are using. To identify that, simply navigating to Start menu>>Run.
  2. Within the Run Window, type “Control System” then tap on “OK” button. This will open the System Information Window.


Remember to note which version of Windows you are using and which operating system is in support. (like 32-bit or 64-bit)

Now, download the Microsoft Visual C++. The information of OS and supporting version is a need when you are installing the Visual C++.

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How to Visual C++ Redistributable

  1. Go to “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio” on simply navigate to this downloading page of Microsoft.
  2. Tap on “Download.”
  3. If you are using the 32-bit version, then download Microsoft Visual C++ of 32-bit version, or in the case of 64-bit, download the 64-bit version of Microsoft Visual C++.


View properly the downloaded files and follow the given instructions. That’s all! The Microsoft Visual C++ is now good to go. Any issues or debugs or critical alerts? Feel free to comment down below.