4 Ways To Fix Discord Won’t Open Error in an Instant | 2022

Discord an invite-only place where people come in the room to talk where a community of all sizes run with multiple moderation tools and custom member access of special powers setting channels. It was originally used by gamers as a place to build community and talk with all its positives discord is prone to errors that are very annoying while performing tasks. Some of the major causing errors for Discord Won’t Open are –

  • Errors of discord are mostly caused by system-related errors.
  • Excess app data, proxies.
  • Not up to date system, wrong date and time settings.
  • Not downloading discord and using the web version of it.

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Some of the most common asked discord errors are download error, JavaScript error discord code error, discord connection so bad, lagging discord down again, data entry issues, email registering issues with discord, server connection issues, sending and receiving message errors, errors in connection of voice chats, don’t work on open WIFI network, ‘no route’ over the weekend rebooting error of discord and so the list goes on. These errors are the most common errors in discord. The Discord bots can help you fix some errors but not all. To know about the best voice changers for Discord, click here.

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4 Methods To Fix Discord Won’t Open Error

Let’s look at the ways to fix Discord Won’t Open Error

Closing Discord Itself 

There are majorly two ways to close/kill the discord application if discord isn’t opening

  • Opening task manager (ctrl + shift + Esc) – selecting discord – end taskcreate new task
  • By pressing windows key + R – searching cmd – type “taskkill / F / IM discord.exe’’.task manager command to solve discord error

After these two processes, relaunch Discord.

Now everything should supposedly work fine. Additionally, you should use the first method, which is easier and better if at all, it fails to use the second one to fix Discord Won’t Open Error. 

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Clearing Of Problematic Data 

These data are considered app data and local app data; these data are stored in one single file where discord is installed. You can directly search for that on installed application settings, or you can follow these run settings if discord wont launch

  • Closing discord from the above ways of killing/ closing the app
  • Pressing windows key + R – type “%appdata%” – press enter.run task bar to solve discord error
  • The new open window that appears find discord folder delete it.discord folder
  • Relaunch the app.

Now for local app data, you may repeat the process to clear it by typing “%localappdata%” instead of %appdata% mentioned above at the second step. 

Correction Of Proxy Settings/ Server for LAN 

In many cases, Discord Won’t Open in windows due to using VPN servers, which disrupts the proxy settings, so if you are using a proxy or a VPN network for tampering with some settings on the internet, do not worry. You could easily fix this by very simple steps mentioned below if discord not opening

  • Open windows search box and search for control panel / right-clicking on Desktop selecting control panelcontrol panel
  • Open the “network and internet” – select “Internet options”connections tab
  • An Internet properties window will pop open click on the connections tab.
  • Under the local area network(LAN) settings section, click on LAN settings  on the bottom right side 
  • Under the proxy server section, uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN.internet options to solve Discord error
  • Click OK, and then apply  
  • Relaunch discord 

Now the problem related to proxy/ VPN and app data, and local app data will be resolved. 

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Fixing Errors Not Resolved From The Above Solutions 

Even after all the steps above the problem still avails then follow these steps if still discord not working

    • Getting your system up to date as discord software updates itself and system needs to be updated accordingly for the app to work properly / work at all 
    • While in some cases the system is already up to date but discord is not, by just updating discord problem have been seen to be solved in many cases 
    • Open the discord on its web version; some of the common complaints regarding this were that the web version resets the discord session on your Windows 10 application; for resolving this issue, the following things you have to do 
      • Launch discord on your PC’S app
      • If it does not open the go to the web version of the discord 
      • Logout and then log in on the app/web version with your credentials 
      • And after all of that, the windows ten discord should work as it supposed to in the first place
    • Setting the clock of your system right; however, this might seem very small, it matters a lot. You can simply correct this by going extreme left of your taskbar in a windows pc, where you would find the date and time – 
      • right-click on the date and time in the lower right of your screen  
      • adjust date/time 
      • set time automatically.
  • As a last resolve to solve this issue, i.e. uninstall and then reinstall discord
  • You can uninstall it by opening files – selecting installed files -uninstall discord.

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In conclusion, These were the four ways how to fix Discord Won’t Open error hope this finds you the best in help resolving the issues relating to discord errors in a windows pc. Other ways could be resetting DNS, disabling proxies, logging in with different methods, using SFC to repair corrupted files. 

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