Top 7 Free Facebook Proxy Sites for You to Use in 2023

Social media can be both boon or bane depending upon the  fact that how an individual uses it. It is a place where we share our feelings, creativity, and make friends or stay in touch with them. Some people also waste a lot of precious time in their life. One of the social media platforms is Facebook. In this article, we are going to tell you about Free facebook Proxy Sites to make you more aware about this platform. There is a way to unblock Facebook even when you are present in these areas and use it without much hassle. We can do this through proxy sites. There is a wide range of them out there on the internet as of now. In general, it is a strategy to hide the IP address of your device from the sites you are visiting. 

The top Facebook Proxy Sites include:

  • Filter Bypass
  • Instant Unblock
  • KProxy
  • Zalmos
  • Vtunnel
  • Facebook Proxy Site
  • ProxFree

These Proxy sites are a great way to access Facebook, especially in areas it isn’t easily accessible. This article will help you know more about how to use these sites.

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Facebook’s Influence

Childhood is a time of enjoying, exploring, playing and doing lots of physical activities. And, most importantly learning new things as at this age the grasping power is at its peak. But now a days they are becoming more like couch potatoes. It makes guardians worried about their kids. These kids often become addicted to Facebook and spend their time in this virtual world. It cause them to neglect their studies and even ignore their personal relationships. The same goes for office workers as well.

Productivity can very easily see a downfall if a company is full of Facebook addicts. Therefore, to get rid of this problem, many offices, schools, and organizations have blocked Facebook on their premises.

When a user visits a particular proxy site, that site cannot see the entire area of that user. The reason behind this is that the free facebook proxy sites make it seem like you are entering the site you are visiting from a different place altogether. It’s just like a shield between the user and the sites that the user is visiting.

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 Top 7 Free Facebook Proxy Sites to Consider Today!

Detailed information on top 7 Free Facebook Proxy Sites  are as follows:

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Filter Bypass – Web Proxy

This proxy site has been offered free of charge to its users by the developers and has great SSL encoded web proxy of decision. In addition to that, the number of ads is kept to a bare minimum and there are no pop-up promotions which is a huge benefit to all the users. This web proxy also supports YouTube and has even HD video quality to offer at its disposal. 

Filter Bypass – Web Proxy free facebook proxy sites

The user need to do to unblock Facebook with the help of this is to enter the URL of the website that you need to unblock – Facebook in this case – and then tap on the surf catch. That is it, the web proxy is going to take care of the rest. Afterward, the administration is going to give you a proxified adaptation of the external webpage.

Visit: Filter Bypass – Web Proxy


It is a web proxy site that can unblock Facebook from anywhere – no matter where the user is, whether it’s school, office, or anywhere else. It’s free of charge. This web proxy site, can unblock not only Facebook but practically any of the websites that are present there on the internet as of now irrespective of location.

instant unblock

For that the user needs to go to the web proxy site. Next, enter the website URL that you would like to unblock on the address field of the web proxy site. And, press the ‘unblock website.’ Then web proxy site will do the rest of the work for you.

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And, you will be able to view facebook profile privately and browse through any of the websites that you wish to visit, including Facebook. This explains why it’s one of the best free facebook proxy sites available on the Internet.

Visit: Instant-unblock

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When it comes to least number of ads, KProxy is one of the best free facebook proxy sites that one can suggest you.This web proxy site comes loaded with a minimal number of ads. Therefore, you would have to go through those irritating pop-ups and annoying ads every time you log in to your Facebook account. Also the developers have offered the free facebook proxy sites to its users free of charge.


This web proxy does not have a speed cap as well which makes it extremely fast. And, makes the user experience so much better as well as smooth. Along with that, with the help of this web proxy site, it is entirely possible for you to watch YouTube videos in high quality as well. The user interface (UI) and the navigation process is exceptionally easy to use, adding to its benefits.

Visit: KProxy


This is certainly one of the best free facebook proxy sites you can find out there on the internet as of now, especially if you are looking for a web proxy that can help you get to Facebook or YouTube without much effort on your part. 


This web proxy is well-known as well as a widely loved one among YouTube clients for its specialty in unblocking recordings. It provides SSL security to shield your perusing.

The videos are given to you in high quality. Furthermore, it can provide you with even HD quality videos on YouTube.

Visit: Zalmos

Vtunnel (Discountinued)

This web proxy site let’s the user to browse a website free of cookies and scripts. It is one of the most widely loved and trustworthy web proxy sites among users.


To unblock Facebook from this free web proxy site, go to the web proxy site. Once you are there, enter the web address of Facebook which is in the input field section.

Visit: Vtunnel

Facebook Proxy site

It is one of the best free facebook proxy sites. It lets the user access many other different and popular sites like YouTube, Reddit, Twitter etc.


facebook proxy site

It’s user interface (UI) is simple, clean, and extremely easy to use. Users with little technical knowledge can handle this proxy site without much hassle or effort on their part.

In addition, this free web proxy site to unblock facebook comes with a very limited number of ads which is a huge plus.

Visit: Facebook Proxysite


This web proxy helps the user to scramble their perusing data. And, have complete control over their perusing history, treats, and many more.

It has the most splendid structured user interface (UI) , especially when comparing it with the other free proxy sites present on this list. 

The developers have offered the web proxy to its users for free of charge. Keep in mind that when you select a server that is close to you, you are going to be rewarded with the fastest possible speed as well as the best proxy perusing knowledge.

The web free facebook proxy sites are best suited for those who would like to avoid oversight confinements along with  perusing the web without leaving a single trace of them back there.

Visit: ProxFree

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