6 Best CEMU ROMS To Play Games From The 90s In 2023

The Gaming industry has been booming ever since the wondrous invention of gaming console emulators. One such cutting-edge emulator is the CEMU, aka Wii U emulator from Nintendo as tech nerds and pro gamers are drooling over the super innovative and engaging CEMU ROMS.

By 2023 some super hit ROMS in the market with sales in millions are the proof of the ever-growing gaming industry

Best CEMU ROMS in 2023

Below mentioned are six such ROMS whose success rate is off the charts.

Number 1 – MARIO KART 8

Both physical and digital sales are a whopping 8.45 Million making it undoubtedly the king of the market. Published and developed by Nintendo with a genre of racing with Players: 4 (12 Online), Released on 30th May 2014 (USA) with File/Download Size: 4.02 GB.

mario kart 8

Mario Kart 8 CEMU ROMs perhaps took a little longer than everyone expected to arrive. But it is worth the wait. The vehicles and racers have never been handled better; the pool of courses is perhaps the best yet, while replaying throughout Ghost Races or primarily the online races and tournaments is almost endless. This joins the list of must-have Nintendo games on the Wii U; it is a proficient effort that pushes the franchise forward. In upcoming years the debates over the best Mario Kart games in the series will, undoubtedly, feature this as a strong contender.

Download – Mario Kart 8


Both physical and digital sales are a massive 5.84 Million taking it to the second position in the market.

Published and developed by Nintendo with a genre of Adventure, Platformer with Players: 4, Released on 22nd Nov 2013 (USA) with File/Download Size: 1.65 GB.

super mario 3d

You can certainly summarize The Super Mario 3D World CEMU ROMs experience as a tremendously enjoyable and impeccably structured experience. The game recalls the mascot’s three-dimensional heritage while providing the perfect starting point for those that prefer two-dimensional platforming, catering to an audience of beginners and skilled veterans equally. This game is a definitive 3D Mario experience, magnificently finding a middle-ground between the iconic Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.


NUMBER 3- New Super Mario Bros. U

Physical and digital sales sum up to 5.80 million. New Super Mario Bros. U is Published and developed by Nintendo with a genre of Platformer with Players: 5, Released on 18th Nov 2012 (USA) with File/Download Size around 2.5 GB.

new super bros

If a gamer loads up the New Super Mario Bros. U with the expectation of playing another genre-defying escapade like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, then you are more likely to be unhappy. Mario’s first game plays it well when we talk about the theme and concept. Like previous titles in the ‘New’ series. A rehash of the blueprint laid down by the very first Super Mario Bros. back in 1985. The mechanism of this CEMU ROMs stays the same, but they have been gilded by decades of subtle refinements and enhancements, leading gamers to what has to be one of the most proficient of all 2D platformers that have ever been created. The game may not offer the cataclysmic genre shift that many crave, but it is the gem of the Wii U launch lineup, and a must-have purchase.

Download – New Super Mario Bros. U

NUMBER 4- Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Physical and digital sales sum up to 5.37 million. Super Smash Bros. is Published and developed by Nintendo with a genre of Fighting with Players: 8, Released on 21st Nov 2014 (USA) with File/Download Size around 15.7 GB.

super smash bros

The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U feels like a direct retort to criticism of its party-friendly aspirations. Nintendo’s crossover fighter series had its inoffensive start as a goofy game with a playground spirit. This is the CEMU ROMs which lets players to finally see who would win in a fight between the world’s two most renowned Italian plumbers and also a few of their friends. Subsequent entries continued this theme. Also, these entries were with more figurines in the toy box to pick from and added playgrounds in which to do battle.

This is a smarter, more fast blast of fighting mayhem, poised in its ability to appeal to an audience eager to give it a chance. Online play is robust and reliable. It allows players to hastily and efficiently get in a trivial or competitive match. Proficiently crafted, deep fighter. It is a wholesome joy to play no matter gamer’s skill level.

Download – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

NUMBER 5- Nintendo Land  

Physical and digital sales sum up to an astounding 5.20 million. Published by Nintendo and developed by Nintendo EAD. The genre of Party with Players: 5, Released on 18thNov 2012 (USA) with File/Download Size around 2.7 GB.

nintendo land

Nintendo Land is equally a brilliant celebration of Nintendo’s past and an electrifying glimpse into its future. But more significantly, this CEMU ROMs is exceptionally, riotously fun. One of the best local multiplayer experiences ever crafted. Hence, playing with buddies is a guaranteed bliss. There is also an unforeseen amount of depth to the single-player offerings. And Mii verse incorporation means you’re never really on your own. It unquestionably taps into the nostalgia vein. Nintendo Land will make a gamer feel like a kid again.

Download – Nintendo Land  


Physical and digital sales sum up to flabbergasting 4.95 million. Published by Nintendo and developed by Nintendo EAD. The genre of the game is: Shooter with Players: 2(8 Online). Released on 29th May 2015 (USA) with File/Download Size around 1812MB.


In a sea of rock-solid single-player Nintendo experiences, Splatoon CEMU ROMs is a standout as being a sublime multiplayer endeavor. The game has everything knitted stunningly and impeccably together. This is to create wonder in online gaming. The game face the test of avoiding too many hiccups. It has been built explicitly for online play. But conceptually attests that the Big N is capable of keeping up-to-date with this specific modern gaming trend.

Download – Splatoon 2

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So, there is more to come in the future. In conclusion, The gaming industry is promising and seamlessly aims at assuring the best to all its stakeholders. Till then, we can enjoy the above-stated ROMs and have a blissful time.