Top 14 Best Moba Games for PC You Can Download

Gaming fascinates a lot of people and especially if you can talk about can you can play on your computers or laptops with proper optimization. There is no soul who can deny the love for their games.

Here is the list that counts the best MOBA games that are evergreen and can be played on PC all and every time.

  • League of Legends
  • Brawl of Ages
  • Gigantic
  • Airmech
  • Arena of Heroes
  • Arena: Cyber Evolution
  • Atlas Reactor
  • Awesomenauts
  • BattleBorn
  • BattleCry
  • Battlerite
  • Battlesouls
  • Bloodline Champions
  • Chaos Heroes Online

Let’s begin with a sneak peek. In case you’re a die heart gamer with an external gaming mouse and keyboards, sometimes headphones can be an issue and interrupt your gaming experience.

Best Moba Games for PC

Here’s our list of the best ones of 2023:

League of Legends

The game is a successful creation of riot games and follows the footsteps of the famous classic Warcraft III Defense of the Agents. The game comes completely free of cost to use and has several game-mixing strategies.

league of legends

And combined RPG elements in one place serve the perfect dish ever.

Visit: League of Legends

Brawl of Ages

Everybody loves Clash Royale-style gameplay, and this one is inspired by the same. Brawl of Ages is a proper mixture of Clash Royale–style gameplay with few tinges of CCG mechanics.

brawl of ages

The S2 game’s Brawl of Ages can also be downloaded and played free of cost without paying any extra penny.

Visit: Brawl of Ages


The game is a battle arena game and is Motiga’s one of the best first forays into the game of battles genre. This one of the Moba Games is an easy bounce that involves playing alongside strategies, functioning accordingly, and so on.


The multiplayer option of the game lets pitting teams of a different bunch of players fighting against each other and sends some intriguing and continued twists to the format of the game.

Visit: Gigantic


The name might not suggest, but this is a 3d sci-fi RTS by one of the famous game associations, Carbon Games, and can be played on the browser with the help of Steam.


The agenda of the game is to control a mech that can transform every second and take up immense fights in a moment or two without a pinch of notice spared.

Visit: Airmech

Arena of Heroes

The Arena of Heroes is another topmost MOBA game brought up by the sneaky games. The game has the rules set for a player who handles the game single-handedly and instructs a team consisting of four guardians into combat.

arena of heroes

The motto of the guardians in the game is to take up the enemies and destroy their power core. This is not some usual game full of reactions but gameplay making use of the arena.

Visit: Arena of Heroes

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Arena: Cyber Evolution

Arena: cyber evolution is a sports game that follows the policy of physics. The game is a proper combination of elements of all the popular games that run under the MOBA genre.

arena cyber revolution

The function and the gameplay of the game are somewhat similar to ice hockey. Spearhead Games developed the game.

Atlas Reactor

Atlas reactor is brought to the world of MOBA games by Trion’s world. It is completely free to play the game. The game has its strategy set to function. And it also requires a bit of deft planning and some early and very swift decisions and responses while playing.

atlas reactor

Visit: Atlas Reactor


Awesomenauts, as the name suggests, lets you fight for the future world and show your awesomeness. The game can be optimized and is embedded in the 2-D platform, and is free to download and play all day long with no barriers on time.


This MOBA game also has a side-scrolling facility that serves better than ever.

Visit: Awesomenauts


The BattleBorn is typically designed for the galaxy, stars, and universe. The game is based on a battle that involves fighting for the last star in the galaxy.


The game is presented by Gearbox Software’s Moba Games and is free to play only for trial and preparation.

Visit: BattleBorn


The BatttleCry game is brought up by the offline BatttleCry studious diving into the battle pit with the battle genre serving with it.


The game blends the melee and the ranged combat in a custom and stylish way to provide the ease you require during the gameplay.

Visit: BattleCry


The Bloodline champions gave the dev team and successfully came up with a battle rite. This MOBA game is free to have your part of the fun.


Also, it consists of a different variety of colorful characters cast in the game where the prime focus is to possess the skills required and win every battle in the right way.

Visit: Battlerite


The game is free to download and play. It follows a very fast-paced gaming format. And it also comes with features that give the power to the players to switch anytime between the characters available in the game.


During the time of flying, you can possess the abilities. That leads to the flow shift of the battle in a minute or two, and the game also needs the players to think of their minds to know how and when to switch.

Visit: Battlesouls

Bloodline Champions

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The bloodline champions are free-to-play PvP-focusing MOBA games that Funcom develops. The game is somewhat similar to the defense of ancients and also shares some properties of the Warcraft arena.

bloodline champions

Visit: Bloodline Champions

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Chaos Heroes Online

The original Dota mods are mostly based on MOBA games, and so are Chaos heroes online. The features of the game are that of a three-lane map.

chaos heroes online

But have a skill set of mechanics that are more focused and geared toward pushing the pace in the right direction. Not to mention, it is at aiming right for the purpose required.

Visit: Chaos Heroes Online

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What is MOBA style game?

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is a subgenre of strategy video games. Two teams of players compete against each other on a predefined battlefield.

What is the number 1 MOBA game?

League of Legends. In the world of MOBAs, League of Legends has been at the undisputed top of the list for active players. Released in 2009 by Riot Games, it has grown to over 100 million registered players. It maintains one of the busiest professional gaming communities in the world.

Is Battle Royale MOBA?

Battle royale vs. MOBA: which one's better? If you enjoy first-person shooter games, you'll probably enjoy battle royale games more because most battle royale games are shooters. But if you want point-and-click RPGs or real-time strategy games, you'll probably find more enjoyment in MOBA games.


This was the well-compiled list of the top 14 best Moba games for PC. Are you a gamer? Let us know which Moba PC game is your favorite.

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