How Much Does A Minecraft Server Cost In 2024?

Minecraft is both a single-player and multiplayer game. You do not need any servers if you are playing alone. But if you want to play it with your friends, i.e., in multiplayer mode, you need to have a Minecraft server. This blog will talk about a Minecraft server cost and how you can buy it.

“How Much Does A Minecraft Server Cost?” Minecraft Server pricing varies by provider and increases with active players. A server for 20 players costs $15/month. Hosting on your PC depends on specific requirements.

If you want to enjoy Minecraft gaming with your friends, you must have a Minecraft server. Techyhost will provide you with complete information about the Minecraft servers’ cost, according to your demands. Before knowing about the Minecraft Server Cost, we must understand several aspects which determine the cost. It’s very crucial to buy the perfect server as per your requirement.

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Minecraft is a video player game released in November 2011 by Mojang Studios. It belongs to the genre of Sandbox and Survival and is available on platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android. Since its inception, Minecraft has enjoyed incredible popularity and fanbase across the globe. So if you still haven’t played the game, you can download it from here for Android.


In Minecraft, players have access to a free world. In this 2009 released game, players have to fight monsters and evil creatures.

Mining minerals and building a safe shelter is a player’s primary task. The main USP of the game is that you can literally do anything. You can run, walk or fly.

You need a decent amount of skill and strategy to play Minecraft.

Genre: Strategy, Survival, Sandbox

Minecraft comes in both single-player and multiplayer modes. But you must have a server to play it in multiplayer mode.

Download: Minecraft

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Factors Impacting Minecraft Server Cost

Now let’s look at how much the server cost according to the following factors.


There are basically two versions of Minecraft Server Cost.


          Java is for Mac and PC.

javaThis is the default version you will find when you visit the official website of Minecraft.


           Bedrock is the version for Android and iOS.

bedrock minecraftThe version is also known as PE(Pocket Edition).


RAM is a very crucial aspect of deciding the Minecraft Server Cost.

ramThe lowest RAM you can have is 1.5 GB. The vanilla version will run on it. But if you want to have a multiplayer of 20 people, choose a standard RAM of 2GB. If you’re going to add some plugins, you have to go with 3GB RAM.

Remember, the more the RAM, the more players you can accommodate on your server.  

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Amount Of Players

More players are the cost of your server. You can go with a RAM of 350 MB per player for smooth running.

How Much Does A Minecraft Server Cost?

So without any further ado, let’s answer the most critical question in this article. How much does a Minecraft Server Cost?


If you want to use your pc as a Minecraft server, you don’t need any external server to purchase. But for this, you need to make a lot of modifications to your pc.

You need at least these specs if you want to run the server remotely: 

gaming pc

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4460 or better
  • RAM: 16GB
  • SSD: SSD: Samsung 980 Pro.
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • Storage: 32GB 

You have to spend at least 1000$ to do these modifications on a PC.

The main advantage of hosting a Minecraft server is that you don’t have to pay. You can use it according to your wish. But remember, it also involves risks like a cyber attack.

Server Hosting

 Server hosting is the most sought way for Minecraft servers.

It provides:

  • 24/7 Server access 
  • Protects from cyber attacks. 

Server hosting is a bit costly. So, if you can build a community of active players, it will be profitable for you. However, the perks it brings with it are simply unique.

You can use the following top Minecraft servers online:

  • Apex Hosting
  • Shockbyte
  • Hi pixel

hipixelRemember, a server can cost thousands of $s per year.

Overall, for a community of 20 players, the charge is $15-$20 per month.

These are the best ways of buying Minecraft servers.

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List Of Minecraft Servers

Here is a list of the most popular Minecraft servers.

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is one of the top-rated Minecraft servers. It provides SSD along with CPs having high clock speed.

apex hosting


  • 1GB of RAM and access to unlimited players for only $4.49 monthly.
  • 2GB of RAM and access to unlimited players for only $7.49 monthly.
  • 3GB of RAM and access to unlimited players for only $11.24 monthly.

The maximum RAM you can get is 7GB, only $26.24.

Considering its price, Apex Hosting has an in-budget Minecraft server cost.


If you want low latency and complete FTP access, then try the Shockbyte Minecraft server. The cost is also budget-friendly. Moreover, you get DDoS protection.



  • 1GB of RAM and access to 20 players for only $2.50 monthly.
  • 2GB of RAM and access to 40 players for only $5.00 monthly.
  • 4GB of RAM and access to 80 players for only $10.00 monthly.

A maximum of 9GB RAM is available in Shockbyte.


GPORTAL is one of the cheapest Minecraft servers available.



  • 2GB of RAM and access to unlimited players for only $2 monthly.
  • 3GB of RAM and access to unlimited players for only $3 monthly.
  • 4GB of RAM and access to unlimited players for only $4 monthly.

The GPORTAL provides a maximum RAM of 8GB.

So, here is all the Minecraft server cost. Choose the best from here.

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So now, let’s answer some of the most asked questions regarding Minecraft servers.

How much does a Minecraft Server Cost for two players?

A Minecraft server of $20 will be more than enough for two players.

How much is the cost of a Minecraft Realm?

A Minecraft Realm is a subscription-based model with a fee of $7.99 per month.

What are the top Minecraft servers?

Here's a list of the top Minecraft servers available online. Hi pixel Mineheroes Desteria

Why should we buy Minecraft servers?

You can do business with Minecraft servers and earn good revenue.

Are Minecraft servers profitable?

Yes, running Minecraft servers are profitable.

How can I make money with the Minecraft server?

You can do a profitable business with Minecraft servers by building a network of active Minecraft players.

We hope we believe we could answer all your queries.


To sum it up, we provided all you need to know about Minecraft Server costs. But if you face any hassles, feel free to communicate with us through the comment section below. To knowing more about the gaming world, please follow Techyhost. We will meet you with some new exclusive tech content. 

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