Top 14 Best RAM Cleaner For PC | Clean Your RAM Now! [2024 Update]

This is the era of the busiest lives. We all want to do everything in the easiest and fastest ways. Technology has made our work much more comfortable and quicker, but to maintain excellent work, it needs some maintenance as well. 

Here is the list of some Best RAM Cleaner For PCs:

  • Ashampoo Win Optimizer
  • Advanced System Optimiser
  • Wise Memory Optimizer
  • RAMRush
  • Iolo System Mechanic
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

If your PC is old or got stuck with lots of stuff and you are irritated with its slow processing, then it is time to clean your RAM and improve the performance of your PC. Don’t worry if you have no technical knowledge because we are here to help you in the best possible ways. Computers get slow due to various reasons such as using too many programs at once, too many start-up programs, and too many opened browsing tabs or due to viruses. So using a RAM cleaner for a PC will deal with it smartly and in an effortless manner. It will clean up caches, junk files, and logs, scan your PC, and make it work in an organized way.

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Best RAM Cleaner Software For Windows

Here we have listed the 14 Best RAM cleaners for PC software for your Windows, which is undoubtedly going to help you find the best one for ram cleaner for pc.

Ashampoo Win Optimizer

This Ashampoo is agile and robust optimizer software packed up with a number of tools to make your PC faster and more secure. Ashampoo is one of the leading internet-based companies and RAM cleaning software for PC in the world, which has a standard and is known for its innovative technology.

ashampoo win optimizer

Hence Ashampoo wins optimizer, cleans RAM, boosts, and optimizes its performance. Plays the role of the accelerator in your PC. Win optimizer works very smartly. It frees up memory, speeds up the start-up times, and also focuses on privacy protection.

Advanced System Optimiser

Advanced System Software is just like its name –‘advanced’ and packed up with so many tools to make your PC work faster and smoother. From cleaning and optimizing to providing security and recovery, this program is a mixture of tools to fulfill all the necessary needs of your pc.

advanced system optimiser

Advanced system optimizer removes junk and clears cached memory and obsolete files from the storage, making your PC performance increase. It also gives you a fast, unstoppable gaming experience and protects you from threats to your PC. Overall advanced System Optimizer and ram cleaner for pc is a blend of all necessary fixing programs for your PC to keep it working like new.

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Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is free of charge and easy-to-use memory cleaner software. It frees up the RAM occupied by some useless programs and boosts your PC performance. It also provides you with automatic tuning and optimization of RAM.

wise memory optimizer

Just a single click on optimization can free up memory in seconds. It takes up very little space, and it’s an attractive feature. Wise memory optimizer comes up with a portable version that enables you to store the program file on hard drives.

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RAMRush is free RAM cleaner Software that works in the background making your PC run smoothly by freeing up RAM. The most important thing is it is so easy to use, and just a single click on its icon will clean up RAM i.e., ram cleaner for pc. Along with cleaning and freeing up RAM, it also optimizes the system memory usage, prevents system crashes, and removes memory leaks.


The best thing I found in RAMRush is that it is light on resources and works with all Windows operating system versions. It also gives you an auto-optimization feature, which will make you tension free and will provide you with detailed graphs. So make your PC performance better with RAMRush.

Iolo System Mechanic

This software is among the popular RAM cleaner and system care tools in the industry. Apart from saving valuable space in the computer, it also boosts performance. Your PC will run at a different level of speed using the Iolo system mechanic.


The software also assists in blocking various unwanted settings. The system is compatible with detecting and removing more than 50 types of scrap folders. It can also delete the cache and cookies of the internet browser.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

IObit is a name that is celebrated for its advanced system care. It is not just a ram cleaner but also boosts internet speed while you are working on your device.

iobit advanced systemcare free

It keeps the Windows registry clean and clears junk. It also amends drive errors. The UI of IObit is clean and can be personalized. Furthermore, it comes with open restore or backup files or ignores a list. Also, this cleaner does not work on external files or devices.

Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner has gained fame as the best and free Ram cleaner available for laptops and computers. It is even available for smartphones. It is one of the best software to clean and optimize the system’s memory.

piriform ccleaner

It sweeps all the browser cookies and cache and undesired files. This, in turn, clears space on the system’s disk.
If you pay for a better version, you will get the benefits of pre-scheduling RAM cleaning and real-time shielding.
The user interface displays Intuitive and convenient interaction. Besides these, Piriform CCleaner amplifies the speed of stagnant internet. However, repeated notification popups may be displeasing.

Razer Cortex

If you are a gaming freak, Razer Cortex will be the best RAM booster for PC and other components. The computer often freezes while handling large game files. Thus, you require a complete tool that will reduce the game lag.


Razer will detect and remove unwanted background processes while playing games. Further, it also provides a game boost feature for regular gaming users.

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

If your PC is old and takes a lot of time to start up, then you have to get this care genius. It will strip all the junk and make your disk lighter and faster. Some admirable features of Tenorshare include options like disk defragging, abolishing redundant startup processes, and others. It also boasts an inbuilt cleaner for the Windows registry.


It is also favorable for those who do not wish their activities to be tracked. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius Ram cleaner cleans all your activities from browser history to disk. The action of cleansing and revamping is prompt.
Talking about the user interface, it has a clear, handy, and simple interface. Other than the absence of an ignore list and constant notification, it is an overall good application for clearing RAM.

CleanMem Free/Pro

If you want to control your PC memory cleaning activities, you can opt for CleanMem. The worth mentioning feature of this software is the free version doesn’t nag you to download the Pro version. It is one of the celebrated PC optimizers and RAM enhancers.
Besides that, CleanMem has other striking features, such as Autorun. This RAM booster cleans the disk every 15 minutes. This might become annoying for some users.


Apart from this, it calls over Windows API for cleaning, optimization, and boosting.
Its smart technology filters recent files to a standby list for better speed and space management.

Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner, this one is a smart cleaner. It monitors and then optimizes the RAM memory based on needs. Also, you can customize the menu bar. It also shows you the list of applications that consume big bites of memory. It also gives you detailed reports on RAM consumption.

memory cleaner

You can optimize the PC’s memory automatically with one click. The user interface, however, is a little complex, and the process is also quite slow compared to other similar apps.

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MZ RAM Booster

Mz RAM Booster is also a free application ram cleaner for pc that is designed to improve the performance of your PC. It speeds up the computer, increases free RAM, and stops memory leaks.

mz ram booster

It gives you an auto-optimizing tool that occasionally speeds up your PC performance. Mz RAM Booster is user-friendly and uses few resources and negligible CPU time.

CCleaner Professional Software

CCleaner Professional is a RAM Cleaner for pc with all the cleaning features. It gives your PC a speed boost in just one click. Now it is easy to use and is full of advanced features such as safe browsing, automatic cleaning, auto-privacy protection, and auto-updates, which makes your system work faster and smoother.

ccleaner professional software

It allows you to set the automatic system according to your convenience. CCleaner also provides privacy protection, real-time monitoring, and a start-up manager. It is an all-rounder cleaner program with impressive features that will increase the performance of your PC. All these features make it one of the best ram cleaners for PC.

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WinZip System Utilities Suite

WinZip System is an all-in-one optimization program. It will clean, boost, and enhance your system by scanning it with advanced tools, and it also protects it from threats. WinZip is one of the best ram cleaners for pc to speed up your PC in just a few clicks.

winzip system utilities suite

It includes more than 20 essential tools, such as registry enhancers, windows optimizers, security and privacy tools, backup and recovery, and many more.


How can I physically clean my computer RAM?

For cleaning the RAM of your computer, firstly, shut it down. Then, unplug it from the primary source and CPU, and remove the RAM stick attached to the motherboard. Now, wipe it with a cotton cloth and use a compressed air vacuum cleaner to remove extra dirt. Fix the RAM stick again to its place, and you are good to go.

What is the best RAM cleaner app for PC?

Introducing RAM Rush—a straightforward and cost-free RAM cleaner designed for Windows. RAM Rush enhances your system's RAM performance while providing real-time visibility into RAM usage. Furthermore, you can monitor current CPU utilization in real-time. You also have the flexibility to customize the graphs' colors that depict live RAM and CPU activities.

Are RAM cleaners good?

Experiencing complete RAM storage is a genuine concern, signaling an underlying issue. Nevertheless, resorting to a RAM cleaning tool proves to be an ineffective solution. This approach merely offers a temporary delay to the problem at hand. Rather than efficiently storing essential data within the RAM, the tool redirects this data to the Windows page file and initiates cache release requests.

How do I clear my RAM fast?

To stop high RAM usage, start small by quitting programs you aren't using, restarting your computer, uninstalling unneeded programs, and scanning for any malware on your device. If this doesn't work, consider downloading RAM cleaning software or installing more RAM.

Conclusion For Ram Cleaner For PC

RAM cleaner Software is a demanding need for your PC as it improves the overall performance of the PC by cleaning up RAM in one click. It helps maintain the stability of your system. So without wasting more time, go and download these RAM cleaning apps for your PC. Hence this will make your PC work like new.