How To Check Frequency of RAM | 5 Simple Ways To Check

This article will direct you to the most proficient method how to check frequency of RAM of your PC. It is perhaps the segment of a PC. It is liable for running and stacking all applications and programming you use.  Since RAM is a significant component, it is essential to realize how quickly and how much your memory is on the off chance you need to overhaul and analyze specific issues. The higher the MHz clock speed, the more information RAM can move in a more limited time. To improve execution, numerous gamers even choose to overclock RAM. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the frequency of RAM:

  1. Use the Win + X shortcut or the right-click option on the Start menu.
  2. Use the following command to determine your RAM frequency once Command Prompt has opened: Get BankLabel, Capacity, DeviceLocator, MemoryType, TypeDetail, and Speed with wmic MEMORYCHIP.

Overclocking raises the RAM limit by utilizing the hard circle’s memory space to acquire the most extreme force and speed. Yet, there are cutoff points and likely threats of overclocking your RAM.  Your RAM speed will rely upon your motherboard and CPU. Even the best motherboards for messing around – don’t permit RAM overclocking. Thus, regardless of whether you need to analyze the issue or need to refresh, one thing you need to do is to check your RAM speed. This article will answer your question, ‘ How do I know the frequency of my ram?’. 

Most Effective Ways On How To Check Frequency of RAM

Let’s look at the most effective ways ob how to check frequency of RAM

Check RAM Speed: Checking RAM Capacity 

If you need to know how to check your PC’s memory frequency, you must know your RAM limit. In case you’re utilizing Windows 10 and wondering what my ram frequency is. Here is how to check frequency of RAM: 

  • Right-click on the taskbar, and pick Task Manager.ram frequency on task manager
  • On the Task Manager, pick the Performance tab, and you’ll see the subtleties of your RAM. 

Order Brief (cmd) To Check The Subtleties Of Your PC 

  • If you’re running a more seasoned rendition of Windows, you can squeeze Windows Key + R to run the Run order. 
  • On the Run order, type DirectXtype dxdiag
  • At that point, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear, and you will see the subtleties of your PC.  

Check RAM Speed Utilizing CPU-Z

It is somewhat hard to run the most proficient method to check ram frequency in Windows 10 since it isn’t given the default programming. Yet, you can introduce an outsider programming called CPU-Z. 


You can download it on the web and introduce it. This product will help you break down the arrangement of your PC and give loads of valuable data, including the RAM speed

Here’s how to use it:

  • Download and introduce CPU-Z on your PC 
  • After introducing, open the application, and you can see a few tabs accessible 
  • Click the Memory tab, and you will discover loads of data about your PC’s memoryram frequency on cpu-z
  • On the DRAM Frequency, you’ll see the subtleties of your RAM speed 

This is how to check frequency of RAM utilizing CPU-Z on your PC.

Visit: CPU-Z

Check RAM Speed Through BIOS 

There’s another method to check your RAM speed by getting to BIOS. Every PC and working framework might have an alternate method to enter the BIOS

Be as it may, most PCs have the essential key to enter BIOS. It is by squeezing F2, F10, or F12. When you enter BIOS, there will be heaps of fundamental data about your PC, including the RAM, mainboard, and more.

check ram speed using bios

This is how to check frequency of RAM through BIOS on your PC.

Check RAM Speed On MAC Computer 

In case you’re utilizing Mac, it is pretty easy to check ram frequency contrasted with the RAM speed on the Windows working framework. You can tap the Apple logo and discover it on “About This Mac.’

ram speed on mac

It will show a tab with Mac’s data, including the processor’s name and speed, type, memory size, and speed. This is how to check frequency of RAM on a MAC computer.


How can I check my RAM frequency and speed?

Right-click on the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager to launch Task Manager. Go to the Performance tab — it will open with the selected CPU view, so Select Memory from the left menu panel. After selecting Memory, you can examine your RAM speed and other information.

Is 2400mhz RAM good for gaming?

This is dependent on the CPU in your system, as AMD Ryzen processors give more performance with quicker RAM installed. At the same time, Intel RAM speed may not directly impact your PC's performance.

Is 3200 MHz RAM good?

A quality DDR4-3200 kit was considered high-end a few years ago, but as time passes, 3,200MHz is now the standard for a proper gaming system.


I hope this article resolved your problem on how to check the frequency of RAM. Here are some extra tips I would like to give you regarding similar problems like this.  

  • As you would know, Windows PCs typically experience different issues, and one issue that may happen is a gadget driver. To improve PC execution and gaming experience, I suggest you refresh your gadget driver consistently. 
  • You can download outsider programming called Driver Easy. This product will consequently perceive your framework and take care of driver issues. 

You don’t have to know what system your PC is running precisely. You don’t have to chance to download and introduce some unacceptable drivers, and you don’t need to stress over committing errors while introducing. 

Those are some simple and basic stunts on the best way to check RAM speed on your PC and Mac. Remember that it is essential to realize your RAM speed since it will influence your PC execution. Ideally, this encourages you!

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