Data monitoring apps for Android helps you keep a tab on data usage for optimized performance. You can use these tools to monitor and control data usage to avoid hefty data usage charges. These tools offer plenty other useful features to optimize your device performance. In this article, we have discussed 10 top-rated data monitoring apps for Android to help you manage your data usage.

10 Best Data Monitoring Apps to Monitor Data Usage

Check Data Usage

Check Data Usage is a wonderful tool that works seamlessly to monitor data usage on your Android device. It works on smart algorithms to help you track and manage Internet data usage both on mobile network and WiFi for optimum data usage. Here, you can set data plans to limit data usage on a daily basis.

Once you set the data plans, it will send you alerts when you reach the maximum set limit. It is also helpful to optimize Internet usage and device performance by blocking all unnecessary services running in the background. Further, you can manage your data usage based on old and expired data plans. Among other features, it offers clean RAM, clean cache and lot more.

Smart Data Usage Monitor & Speed Test

You can use this nifty tool to check your data consumption, track your calls and manage resource-hungry apps. This multi-purpose tool allows you to stop all unnecessary services running in the background to save some resources.

Smart Data Usage Monitor & Speed Test helps you track and manage data usage in real-time with Real-time App Data Counter feature. It is even used to check download speed, measure the latency and measure the network quality. It also allows you to share test results with friends and family.

Data Status

Data Status offers you exact data usage statistics to help you avoid exceeding data allowance. It provides you real-time monitoring of your data usage based on your billing period. Here, it displays non-intrusive Live updating icon in the notification dock for real-time tracking.

It is an exclusive feature that makes data monitoring easy and efficient. It presents scan results with “SnapShot” screen feature, display data usage prediction and compares your data periods.


DataEye not only helps you track and manage data usage but it also displays all latest data plans for easy comparison. You can use this app based data usage monitoring tool on your Android device to avoid hidden charges or heavy-data charges.

It displays results with an app-by-app basis to give you greater control over resource-hungry apps. You can use this app even while on roaming.

Data Usage Monitor & Manager

Use this tool for improved data usage tracking with high accuracy. Data Usage Monitor & Manager helps you monitor and manage data usage both on mobile network and Wi-Fi network. It displays monitoring analysis on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This app works on accurate sampling algorithms to offer you actual results. It presents historical data traffic chart for better monitoring. You can further segregate the data usage based on download, upload, foreground and background usage.


Google offers this nifty tool. Use this mobile data manager to track, save and control data usage efficiently. Datally helps you save data usage by up to 30% by allowing you control data usage app-by-app basis.

Using this app, you can monitor data usage in real-time and manage resource-hungry apps. It offers intuitive data usage metrics where you can find data usage, trends over time, usage history and per app-usage.

CM Data Manager

Use this tool to check and manage data usage & network speed for improved device performance. CM Data Manager helps you keep a tab on data usage both in background and foreground. You can even block unnecessary apps from using data.

This data tracker sends you real-time alerts when you reach maximum data limits and when apps are using data unnecessarily in the background. You can use this tool to extend your data life and measure network speed as well.

Opera Max

Opera Max monitors app’s data usage and offers you advice to optimize it. It is helpful to save money and protect your privacy. It provides a detailed analysis of data & privacy risk for smart assistance. Using this tool, you can even use tailored tool for social media accounts for optimum data usage.

You can further manage resource hungry apps to save some data for other important work. It offers an encrypted connection for secured online activities.

FLO Data Manager

FLO Data Manager is one of the efficient data monitoring apps out there. You can use this tool to track and manage data usage both on mobile network and Wi-Fi. FLO Data Manager provides a detailed analysis of app-based usage to control high-usage apps.

It helps you restrict background data usage with better monitoring. It even allows you to see data usage in real-time on the status bar. You can set alarms to avoid data over usage and track phone plans. Further, it offers Internet speed meter for better management.

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

You can use this phone monitoring app for better management and control over your data usage on both mobile network and Wi-Fi. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor displays real-time data usage graph to show usage by different apps on your device.

It offers weekly and monthly data usage reports for easy management of data on your device. You can use its “Data Plan” feature to set up zero-rated apps. You can further use GlassWire’s speed meter to keep a tab on internet speed.


Data monitoring apps prove to be best tools to help you track and manage data usage both on the mobile network and on Wi-Fi. You can use these internet usage monitor apps to avoid hefty data usage charges with optimized performance. We recommend you these tools to manage data usage effortlessly.


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