CAD software acts as an integrated graphical user interface (GUI) on a PC or system. With which engineers and architects can design, build, inspect, and manage engineering projects. Thus, you must know about the finest Drafting Software out there.

Are you looking for free drafting software? But you are confused to choose the best drafting software which satisfies your need? Then we are here to help, in this article, we sorted the top 10 free best drafting software which are available.

Check the below top 10 free best drafting software then you will get an idea of choosing your best for your designing needs. For a beginner, it is preferable to choose any one of these Drafting software to improve their skills in designing. And these Drafting software’s are proved in providing impressive results when compared to the commercial ones.

Top 10 Best Drafting Software


AutoDesk created this 123D which is popularly known as AutoDesk 123D; it is a combination of CAD and 3D modelling tools. The AutoDesk 123D supports both 3D modelling and 3D printing. If you are having a supported 3D printer and need a 3D print of your design, then this 123D is the best choice.

It is a beginner level drafting software and is available for free of cost. 123D software supports the following OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux. It is also time saver software because of its library of premade blocks, and objects.

Formats: 123x, step, x3d, STL, VRML
Type: 3D


FreeCAD is open source free best drafting software which is mainly used to design real life objects of any size. This software has parametric modelling capability which allows you to make changes for 3D design.

You can access other open source libraries such as Open CASCADE, Coin3D, Python (a scripting language) in this FreeCAD software and vice-versa. Also, this software offers modular architecture, sketcher, Robot simulator.

Modular architecture allows plug-ins to the core application. Sketcher allows you to sketch 2D shapes. The use of robot simulator is to study robot movements.

Type: 2D or 3D
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Formats: Step, VRM, iges, obj, stl, svg, dxf.


LibreCAD software can be used by both beginners and intermediate users. It is free Computer design software which is used to design 2D objects. Also, the interfaces and handle concepts of LibreCAD are similar to AutoCAD which gives an ease of experience for the user. Based on Qt4 libraries LibreCAD runs.

Type: 2D
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Formats: dwg, dxf
Price: Free


It is also free CAD software, which mainly focuses on 3D sculpting and 3D modelling. Sculptris has features like ZBrush navigation and Standard-level navigation. You can also add plug-ins to extend features and productivity. Because of its sculpting features, you can create real-time 3D objects and can produce printable models very easily. Certainly deserves a spot in our list of free best drafting software.

OS: Windows, Mac
Price: Free
Type: 3D
Formats: obj, goz


QCAD is 2D free CAD software which is recommended for intermediate to advanced users. It is geared towards technical drawing because of partly inspired by AutoCAD. Even beginners can learn this QCAD quickly because of its remarkable neat and clean user interface. Not to mention, QCAD Library has more than 5000 CAD parts which are available as free add-ons.

Type: 2D
Price: Free
OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac
Formats: Pdf, svg, dwf, dxf, dwg


DraftSight is a free CAD software. It is from Dassault Systems which is the publisher of CATIA and Solidworks. Anyone can learn the program quickly because of its clear user interface. Moreover, DraftSight has many necessary tools to develop 2D technical drawings. And, storage of designs are in layers and can export to PDF to use as construction sheets.

Type: 2D
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Formats: dxf, dwg


TinkerCAD is owned by Autodesk, and it is a free drafting program. Using TinkerCAD, you join complex objects and also join, subtract shapes. A beginner can also produce impressive results with basic techniques using the TinkerCAD software. Also, to grasp the basics in 3D modelling, this TinkerCAD is an intuitive approach for newbies. TinkerCAD supports 3D printing services, HTML5, and a geometry kernel.

Type: 3D
Price: Free
Formats: 123dx, 3ds, obj, svg
OS: Web Application

3D slash

3D Slash has a solid block i.e. cuboid which can be further divided into smaller blocks of identical sizes. Using an array of tools user can create own 3D models. In addition, these tools include a hammer, trowel, chisel, pulpwood, and drill. You can remove individual Cubes using the hammer tool and to add cubes, the trowel is in use.

Using these free drafting programs, 3D designing will be easy for beginners. So with little understanding, the users can achieve impressive results using 3D slash software. Using a 3D printer, you can also print your models because this 3D slash software is in link with many online drafting program printing services and models.

Type: 3D
Price: Free
Formats: 3Dslash, obj, STL
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

NanoCAD Software

Similarly, the basic version of NanoCAD Software is available for free. Not to mention, NanoCAD supports parametric modelling. It easily adapts to the changes that are in the projects. Like AutoCAD, it also comes with a spreadsheet editor.

Type: 2D
Price: Free
Format: dwg, pdf, ifc, plt
OS: Windows

Blender – Free Best Drafting Software

Blender is free best drafting software and professional open source. Using blender, you can create many applications. Such as animated films, visual effects, video games, arts, and 3D printed models. Also, it contains many tools and modifiers like creation of meshes in 3D printing.

All in All, it holds features like 3D modelling, UV unwrapping, skinning, texturing, video editing, and compositing. Also, Blender has sculpting capabilities which are similar to commercial ones like ZBrush or Mudbox. Moreover, Blender is not for beginners; it is suitable for professional users.

Type: 2D/3D
Price: Free
Format: stl, obj, 3ds, dae, svg, ply, vrml, x3d, lwo, x, fbx
OS: Mac, Unix, and Windows


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