6 Top Furniture Design Software to Design in 3D | 2023

Digitalization and automation have made the processes of planning, designingprototyping, and manufacturing much simpler. Whether it is designing a simple cupboard or furniture for the whole hotel construction, the use of CAD softwares to do so makes the work flawless and designs more desirable. But the common confusion amongst individuals and groups is about the choice of furniture design software, its features, its price, and its budget.

While it is viable for big companies to switch softwares easily, irrespective of the price, small businesses need to evaluate the whole scenario to make a pick. 

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Six Best Free and Paid Furniture Design Software

The following are the six best softwares for designing furniture that you can look into and opt for whatever suits your requirements and capital the best.


SolidWorks has remained amongst the top designing softwares for a good amount of time, due to its fair support of 3D Modelling and simulation tools. For designing furniture, not only can you use the features and tools facilitated by the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Technology, Solidworks also supports various add-ons like PASCAM Woodworks and integrations like DraftSight.

solid works

These features let you design photo-realistic or animated, virtual products, as well as determine the quantity of material for preliminary calculations. After getting accustomed to the working of the software, you can let your creativity and skills fly for better and aesthetically appealing designs.

Supported on Operating System: Windows.

Pricing: After a free trial of 30 days, there are various pricing for various groups like students, professionals, industrial use.

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Fusion 360

Provided by Autodesk, which is amongst the leaders in making software for designing, Fusion 360 aims at designing products without much hassle, so that you can focus on the innovation, unbounded by the constraints of CAD.

fusion 360

Packed with versatile sets of parametric, freeform, direct, and surface modeling tools, it lets you work your way up from basic sketching to 3D modelling in a lesser amount of time. With rapid prototyping tools, Fusion 360 reduces the impact of changes in design and manufacturability, thereby reducing break(s) in processes.

Supported on Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS.

Pricing:  While it is free for educators and students, commercial use requires a yearly payment of $495 (priced ₹22,420 in India) after a free trial version.

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Google SketchUp

It is one of the most freely used 3D Modelling software for educational and industrial use. It is easy to work with and can be used without any prior experience in designing digitally. The furniture design software includes functionalities for textures, 2D and 3D models, drawing layout, surface rendering, lighting effects, animations, and also supports third-party plugins from the Extension Warehouse.

google sketch up

It also has features to share the 2D versions of your model online easily, making collaborations much easier.

Supported on Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS.

Pricing: It has a free version available, Pro version comes with added features at ₹21,901 per user per year.

CAD Pro Furniture Design Software

CAD Pro has a bunch of drafting software features that lets you create many types of blueprints for modern furniture design. It also comes with a sketch tracing feature, that allows making templates from scanned designs manually made on paper. Then it can later be easily modified to produce effective blueprints. It is unique in the way it has characteristics to add voice instructions, pop up texts, and images to your furniture design blueprint.

cad pro furniture designer

CAD Pro also provides a library containing thousands of symbols and clipart that can be used for free. You can also design clipart and save them for use.

Supported on Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS.

Pricing: $99.95, with extendable download at $18.99

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PRO100 Furniture Design Software

It is one of the best softwares for designing custom cabinets and furniture. It is pretty similar to CAD Pro. PRO100 has a very appealing user interface that supports strong visualization. Functionalities include shape editing, 3D modelling, swapping parts, crown molding, job costing and pricing, cust lists, door lists. It also has a feature that you can use to create your own catalogs.

pro100 furniture designer

The designs can be made into .jpg images as well as 3D Panoramic views for VR glasses and mobile devices, which is a great representation for both the manufacturers and customers. The furniture design software is very fast and usually requires prior professional knowledge and experience for users.

Supported on Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10.

Pricing: The cabinet solutions are available for yearly payment of ₹40,172.

Polyboard Cabinet Design

If you specialize in a cabinet and cupboard designing, Polyboard is your pick. It has features particularly devoted to cabinets. The furniture design software was made on a vision for businesses to be able to construct faster and simpler with a nice materials based workflow. Also, maintain high quality as well as high margin and having the edge in the competition and reducing the production.

poly cabinet furniture designer

Features include dynamic 2D and 3D representations, accurate cutting lists, cost calculation, sets of working drawings of parts, the export of CN post-processor files.

Supported on Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OS.

Pricing: It depends on the design and layout you are working on.

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What design software does IKEA use?

IKEA develops over 75% of its furniture photos using 3ds Max and V-Ray. They've effectively created a 3D bank of all of their images that they can use in any environment they want. It allows them to develop low-cost marketing projects worldwide.

What is the design used in the furniture?

It's an applied art that draws upon different areas and necessitates an understanding of materials and fabrication techniques. So furniture design, it's no one thing. It's more of a holistic discipline, drawing upon many other areas.

Can Fusion 360 be used for furniture design?

For any scale of furniture design, the drawing space in Fusion 360 allows you to create templates, automatically update drawings based on design changes, and even add notes from fabricators and BOMs or cultists. This space is compelling with tools like weld symbols, GD+T intelligent templates, and more.



Though all furniture design software are more or less the same, it is the equilibrium between their distinctive features. Also, the needs for your imagination to come alive that strikes the perfect balance. Since all softwares have their own pros, it is always advised to have a trial session if possible to find out which of them is for you. The ultimate power is in your hands to use these softwares to give wings to your ideas.