Free Photogrammetry Software For Windows In 2023

Photogrammetry is the science of the collection, calculation, and analysis of photonic representations with accurate data on physical objects. Surveyors, architects, and engineers use the free photogrammetry software to construct topographic charts, meshes, cloud points, or real-world drawings. If you are also planning to do so, in this article, we will present free photogrammetry software to make your work easier, even as being a beginner. Know about free photo stitching software you can use in 2023 from this article.

Photogrammetry is useful in the field of 3-dimensional printing. As it can replace three-dimensional scanning, which is a popular technique to gather data from the component you try to model. In some instances, using the photogrammetry of the 3-dimensional model makes more sense than using the 3-dimensional scan. 

For example, only a 3-dimensional scanner suited to such applications will function while capturing large objects such as apartments or sites. Besides, photogrammetry is also much simpler and more reliable than using the camera on your phone. The software you need to process these data and create a 3-dimensional file is the correct one after you have an image.

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The 7 Free Photogrammetry Software to Use in 2023

The below mentioned are some of the best and free photogrammatery software that you may use for field work and projects in 2023. Whether you are an engineer or an architect, these free photogrammatery software would help you in every way.

Autodesk ReMake

It is one of the most popular and free photogrammetry software. The student version of the software happens to be free, which means if you are photogrammetry learner, then this would be the right choice for you. Also, the free version of this software is not applicable for commercial purposes. 

Autodesk ReMake

The Autodesk ReMake software transforms images for your project into a three-dimensional model or two-dimensional drawing. Recap stands for reality capture. In fact: the program operates utilizing an aerial graph. In other words, it means that you can create real pictures using airborne aircraft. The three-dimensional representations of smaller objects are a setup of photographs captured using a handheld or tripoded camera.

Download : AutoDesk ReMake 


It is a scene-construction and free photogrammetry software. Also, it would be best if you used a secondary software to get your textures done. The good news is that it takes only a few minutes you will get the output. It’s incredibly fast, able to construct an original rendering. It is not very precise, however, and high resolutions will cause an excessive amount of Ram usage. Precisely, it is advisable to use the software for professional purposes.


It would be best if you had some tinkering, as this application is very complicated. Nonetheless, it will be relatively easy to deal with, so as long you read the instructions, there would be no problems.

Download : VisualSFM

Multi-View Environment

This popular and free photogrammetry software is for image-based geometry restoration. This involves structure from motion, stereo multi-view, and for the reconstruction of the earth. The individual steps in the pipeline are for a command line, but you can find most functions at the user interface UMVE.

Multi-View Environment

The research group of Michael Goesele had established the project at TU-Darmstadt at that time. Also, this software is working well for short ventures, but for commercial uses, it is unsuitable. The secondary processing is also essential, which adds some time to the production process.

Download : Multi-View Environment 


This software [COLMAP] is a clean, comfortable, honest, and free photogrammetry software that tweaks the different rendering options it provides. The hardest part of using this software is very resource-intensive, and a reasonably robust Graphics Card would be needed. And even then, to avoid crashes, you should decrease the max picture size.


Today, COLMAP is an outstanding tool, since there are so many other software to play with. However, it does not generate any textures–you need to perform it in a secondary system.

Download : COLMAP

3DF Zephyr

This software’s free version restricts the dataset to not more than 50 images. This means that you cannot construct extremely detailed renderings, but it is safe to do so. The rendering process takes about half an hour in high settings and returns a reasonably detailed model.

3DF Zephyr photogrammetry software

Nonetheless, it is a little over-teched — partly with sub-menus and other project windows that would have sufficed with a single one. In some instances, the camera used to take the input pictures may also be better adapted. However, it is challenging to justify preferring this software over another one with the drawbacks.

Download : 3DF Zephyr


This free photogrammetry software is operateble on Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible photogrammetry software. The downloading and setting up of the software is a bit annoying, partly because the language used in this software is in the French language. You can also start rendering photographs once MicMac is all set up. The algorithm seems to be particularly susceptible to noise, probably to catch every detail. Against this, there is a possibility of overlooked lanscapes.

micmac photogrammetry software

We would warn against downloading this software, considering how tough it is to use and how bad it performs because the programs are more straight forward and more effective.

Download : MicMac 


This free photogrammetry software by Agisoft is a perfect sort of software for photogrammetry enthusiasts. It will be easy to operate & safe, but due to typically noisy models, it is not suitable for commercial use. It means that any distortion or ragged borders on complex structures are likely to occur.

agisoft photogrammetry software

One of the cons of this software is its slow speed as it takes about 45 min for a little rendering in high settings. This time with a reliable processor does not diminish, and sometimes the CPU use is also spiking for minutes. The software is virtually perfect for experimenting, but due to its heavy usage of resources and long rendering times, it is not suitable for many others.

Download : Agisoft 


Also, you may know that there are some successful and free photogrammetry software, which does not cost you a hundred. As you have now read all about free photogrammetry software, it’s time to pick the suitable one for you. If used any of the above free photogrammetry software, tell us about your experience in the comment section below. 

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