We all use our computers for almost all our work. Our uses range from browsing the web to shopping online. We even use our Laptops and PCs for doing business and for entertainment purpose. It is due to these practices our PCs accumulate extra junk that hogs space on our hard drive. To solve this problem, we often use registry cleaner software.

The registry cleaner software not only helps us fix the registry, but it also helps PCs run faster. So without further ado, here are 7 best free and paid registry software that will make your life easier in many ways.

List of Top Registry Cleaner Software


CCleaner is the most widely used registry cleaner for Windows. The layout is simple and the light. The clean UI adds the advantage of using the system and utilizing the software functions to its full potential.

Special attention must be given to its design as its one of the best looking registry cleaner software in the market. It must be noted that CCleaner is free and is a shareware. This one can clean the registry very fast. It can also fix the registry key error.

A new user would be easily able to adapt himself since the whole software is very user-friendly. A regular warning system before cleaning the registry is an added bonus.


JetClean is small and powerful. It is simplistic in design and fast in its usage. The software scans the registry in a very short amount of time. The cleaning is fast too. There is a “1-click Repair” Option that can repair your registry.

The software is compatible with most of the previous versions of Windows as well. The UI is sturdy to say the very least. The user must note that there is a predetermined amount of “cookies” that the software keeps.

Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver is the first paid registry cleaner on our list. It has high efficiency when it comes to cleaning the registry. It can solve the errors of registry with ease. The general window of tools is simple and easy to use.

Besides the general ease of use, there is also a relative flexibility in the software. The Registry Reviver can identify errors with the registry and fix them at regular intervals automatically. This feature is very useful for an active user.

Registry Tuner

There is something special about this paid registry cleaner software. Registry Tuner can help you recover the entries and registries. The usage is highly flexible. There are various options to perform different tasks depending according to the need of the user.

The various types of file to find for registry cleaning can be adjusted by the user. The registry cleaning is fast. It also makes the system run smoothly. The overall usage is worth the price you pay for the product.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the most efficient registry cleaners in the market. It is light and is highly cohesive in its functionality. The best part of the Wise Registry Cleaner is that it can perform the custom scan for finding the junk registries.

A user can perform deep or quick scans as per his need. The cleaning is effective and easy. The custom scans are very effective for a shared computer as they can clean the registry regularly.

The fascinating thing about this registry cleaner is that it can work on new systems perfectly. However, the cluttering is evident in older versions of windows.

WinUtilities Registry Cleaner

The WinUtilities Registry Cleaner is almost same as any other software on this list. However, there are various advanced features in this that other software doesn’t have. The first special feature of it is the selection based cleaning.

The second feature is restoring of the registry at a time. The is also an option of backing the registry up before cleaning it. The compatibility of the software is very good. It supports almost all versions of Windows.

Comodo Registry Cleaner

Comodo Registry Cleaner is a paid software. The software has many high-end features that make it a great choice for the users. The option to back up the registry is one of the highlights of the software. There is also a custom scan option and the option to choose to scan of the registries. This option makes Comodo very handy and flexible to use.

So this concludes our list of best free and paid registry cleaners. I hope there are some of the software that you would love to use. The choice is (as I always say) based on your need.


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