Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps For Android (Latest 2023)

Movies provide entertainment, relieve stress, and offer opportunities to learn new things. Sci-Fi movies and documentaries can be particularly enlightening. Parental control apps can help monitor children’s movie choices. Films are not only for entertainment but also to raise awareness about real-world issues. Moviemakers are appreciated for their dedication and creativity. Here’s a list of the top ten best movie apps for Android. Give them a try!

Here is a short list of the top ten best movie apps for Android:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Hotstar
  4. Tubi TV
  5. Mobdro
  6. Showbox
  7. Terrarium TV
  8. Just Watch
  9. Viewster
  10. Documentary Heaven

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All kind of genres and every movie is available on the internet, and apps are available on Android and iOS platforms to watch movies online for free. You can also watch international TV shows, anime, and multilingual movies on different apps. These apps may sometimes consume a lot of your internal memory; click here to increase internal memory of your android device.


Now watching movies on your smartphone needs a good app that can be installed so that you can stream movies online free from a particular genre. So there is a wide range of apps available on the Google play store or app store of iOS operating systems. However, this article is dedicated to movie apps for Android but they are movie apps for iOS & tablet too.

You can also watch movies by switching to different websites, but that could cause some inconvenience, but apps are better to watch movies or TV shows around the globe. App developers and service providers are working hard together to satisfy their customers from every corner of the world.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at free live TV apps with premium-quality video streaming right on your Android or iOS smartphone screens.

Also, see how you can customize your rooted Android with Xposed Modules.

List Of 10 Best Movie Apps For Android

Here you will find some of the best movie apps that we have reviewed just for you. Do have a look at all of them and find out the best one for you.


This is the best app for watching movies, and TV shows and contains loads and loads of entertainment to satisfy its customers all around the world. It has customers from each corner of the world. It provides a free trial for a month, and then you need to pay 7.99$ per month for viewing the content present in the app. You can find various categories on Netflix, such as action, horror, fantasy & many more.


Netflix contains awesome content for its viewers, and it also creates its videos for its viewers. According to recent survey America has more Netflix subscribers than cable TV. Thus Netflix is trying to make its service as better as possible every day. This is the best app to view movies, and paying for such an amazing app must not be an issue for anyone of us. Also, by reading this article, you can learn how to watch the best film YouTube channels in 2023.

Features of Netflix

  • Remove “Guilty Pleasure’s” From Your Lists
  • Secret Netflix Codes
  • Downloads
  • Get A Sneak Peak At All The Upcoming Movie And TV Shows
  • Get Your Own Profile
  • Netflix Roulette
  • Automatic Subscription To Every Netflix Around The World
  • “Secret” Audiobooks
  • Practice A 2nd Language

Download Netflix here!

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As Netflix has gained popularity worldwide, Hotstar is gaining popularity whole over India. It’s a handy and advantageous and one of the best movie apps for Android, and you will also be able to live stream sports like football, cricket, tennis, badminton, etc., all being live streamed through Hotstar. One can enjoy free streaming movies with limited entertainment but also multi-lingual as it streams shows in different languages, and it has also started Hotstar originals that are being loved throughout the country.


Hotstar also contains a premium section that needs a subscription of 199 rupees per month. You can view even animated movies available for children and enjoy the sessions. You can also download the movies and view them

Offline and Hotstar has also made good connections with Jiotv which helps to view live tv through its app.

Features of Hotstar

  • Experience the seamless Video Playback with the best possible quality within your network.
  • One does not have to wait for results, Smart Search ensures quick results.
  • Friendly User Interface, easy to operate.
  • Hot Content Catalogue helps you keep an eye on what’s trending!
  • Quick access.

Download Hotstar here.

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Amazon prime video

Amazon is the world’s leading online shopping merchant and is growing day by day very famous. It started its prime video a few months back, and it has evolved very successfully.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video also gives a monthly trial, but after the monthly trial, all you need is to pay 8.99$ per month for a subscription, and you may enjoy unlimited TV shows and movies anywhere, anyplace, anytime; just log in and start surfing through your favorite genres. As in Hotstar, you can also download videos and watch them offline. You can also view IMDB ratings of a particular movie and your favorite stars. Click here for 10 movies about physics every student should watch.

Features of Amazon Prime

  • Users get unlimited photo storage.
  • Free Music Streaming.
  • Prime Videos offer the latest movie streaming.
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.
  • Kindle Owners get access to Lending Library.
  • Membership sharing is allowed for a limited number of users.

Download Amazon prime here.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also an amazing app that lets you watch movies, TV shows, Korean drama, anime and also different genres. The best part of the app is there is no need to pay any subscription fee for watching tv shows or movies or anything in this app.

Tubi TV

This is the best free movie streaming app available on the Google play store and app store. So go and grab it and start watching your favorite movie if you have a decent internet connection.

Features of Tubi TV

  • Tubi Has a Long List of Genres
  • High video quality.
  • Easy sharing options.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Limited amount of video ads.

Download Tubi tv here.

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This app is just far beyond excellence. Mobdro is our personal favorite on this list of Best movie apps for Android. This app is perfect for live TV streaming, watching shows in HD, downloading movies, and accessing Hollywood content. It’s a must-have for those seeking a comprehensive entertainment experience.


It also contains some sincere movies of different genres. It is very useful, free, and does not cost a single penny. You can also stream anime in this app.

Features of Mobdro

  • Mobdro App offers a wide range of categories.
  • To watch the videos and movies frequently, you can bookmark or add them to the favorites list.
  • Users will get notifications on the latest movies and channels.
  • Music streaming.
  • One can download their favorite content to watch it later.

Download Mobdro here.

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Showbox is another mobile app for streaming movies that is free, and it has pretty good content that will attract its viewers towards it. App developers and providers have done a good job by making it free. And it also contains sensible content, which makes it most used the app for watching movies, TV shows, and other content.


It is not present in the Google play store. But you can download the apk file from your web browser and then watch out for your favorite movie. You can also download Showbox for PC and watch movies on your PC.

Features of Showbox

  • The interface is very easy to use.
  • You can choose the image quality according to your need.
  • The graphical representations inside the app are stunning and look great.
  • The best part about Showbox is that it doesn’t require you to sign up or log in to be able to use the app.
  • In fact, it doesn’t even need to put an email address to access the content.
  • Their library of television programs, news, articles, and films is always being refreshed.
  • Issues and bugs in the app are immediately fixed, refreshed, or settled in more current renditions.
  • A little introduction document implies a quick introduction and less storage room utilized on your telephone.

Download Showbox here.

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV app is also one of the popular apps on the play store and helps you watch your favorite movie. You can view movies by enabling Google Drive for it, and same as Showbox, it also has many genres.


You will like it for sure as it also has some modifications, and I can also say that it is a modified version of the Showbox app available on the play store and the app store. All you need is to install a VPN so that your privacy will be maintained. And you may not have any bad experiences or any issues while watching your favorite movie.

Features of Terrarium TV

  • Support for Android TV and Android TV Boxes.
  • Amazon Fire TV and Firestick are compatible without Jailbreak.
  • Clean, Intuitive, and well-structured Interface.
  • FULL HD (1080p), HD (720p), and 4K video sources.
  • Multi-language subtitles via and other leading sources for subs.
  • Multi-Option Sorting is available.
  • Mark the Watched Episode with One Click.
  • It is compatible with MX Player (on Android), and VLC Media Player (on PC).
  • The user gets a notification for new TV shows and movies.
  • Downloading options are offered in local storage to watch Offline.

Download Terrarium TV here.

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Viewster is Europe’s leading movie-viewing app. This app will prove to be pretty helpful if you are an anime lover. It will also prove profitable for viewing movies online. You should have a VPN to get access to this site. Or you may install it from the play store if you have access.


Features of Viewster

  • Viewster offers a wide selection of anime, web shorts, movies, and more.
  • One can stream free worldwide through advertising-supported desktop, console, and mobile apps.
  • Viewster channels provide the best in gaming, comedy, and animation.

Download Viewster here

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Just Watch

Just Watch app is very useful for watching Hollywood movies that you have missed watching in theatres. It has a wide range of movies available in its viewer’s section.


You can also connect it to your Xbox, and chrome Cast and view your favorite movie on a larger screen. It also helps you watch movies from different countries such as the UK, Germany, Newzealand, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Features of Justwatch

  • One can create a watchlist without having to create an account.
  • Justwatch provides information about which shows and movies are streaming at any point of time.
  • JustWatch informs you about any price drops or deals you might want to hop on.

Download Justwatch here!

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Documentary Heaven

If you are a big fan of documentary films, then you must check out this app as it lets you wide options regarding documentary movies. Documentary Heaven is top on our list.

Documentary Heaven

Apart from these, there are much more apps that help you. To watch movies, stream live TV and let you watch anime and also movies from different countries.

Visit Documentary Heaven here.

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Some of the other documentary apps are:

  • Popcorn Flix
  • Hulu
  • Movie Box
  • Popcorn time movie
  • Movie HD
  • Flipps TV etc.

If I start listing movie apps for Android, then the list will go on like this. So, it’s up to you that you decide among the following apps. Which one suits you, and which one is perfect for you for your entertainment?

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