How To Change Disney Plus Bundle | 3 Best Ways

One of the biggest media businesses in the world is Disney. Additionally, it has taken advantage of its position to develop Disney Plus and open up new doors. The Disney Bundle is specifically Disney’s current top streaming offering. So let’s discuss how to change the Disney Plus bundle.

You can upgrade Disney Plus to a bundle. The Disney Plus bundle includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ at a discounted price, offering a wider range of content for your entertainment needs.

Disney Plus’s price is more reasonable for streaming services. The Disney Plus bundle is a fantastic improvement over the basic Disney Plus. One of the greatest ways to subscribe to all the different platforms is to get the Disney Bundle. Read Below to learn how to change Disney Plus bundle.

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Subscription Of Disney Plus Bundle

One of the easiest ways to subscribe to all the different Disney-owned streaming services is to purchase the Disney Bundle. Still, switching over and accessing all apps is extremely simple if you only have to share Disney Plus. Depending on your chosen tier, the Disney Bundle may also include ESPN Plus for a modest additional cost. Because of this, the Disney Bundle is among the greatest streaming offers available.disney plus intro screen Suppose you want to get even more value for your money. In that case, the Disney Bundle costs $9.99 per month if you simply want to add ad-enabled Hulu, indicating you’re paying pennies for yet another entertainment streaming service. Disney’s streaming service is already a fantastic deal at just $7.99 per month for its ad-enabled tier. You can also add ESPN Plus for a total cost of just $12.99, which is a wonderful offer for three services. That is Hulu with ads, but there is also a method to upgrade to Disney plus bundle with Hulu or Disney Plus that is ad-free.

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How To Change Disney Plus Bundle?

You can easily change and add Disney plus bundle using any of the methods listed here. 

For Existing Users

Here is how to switch or upgrade Disney Plus to bundle if you have a Disney Plus subscription. Use the very same email address for each account to receive the Disney Bundle discount if you already have Hulu and/or ESPN Plus subscriptions.

  1. Enter your Disney Plus login information.disney plus login
  2. Go to your profile by clicking the icon, then choose “Account.”disney plus account
  3. Choose “Switch to Disney Bundle.”switch to disney plus bundle
  4. Type in your payment details.
    payment details
  5. Simply click “Agree & Subscribe.”A confirmation screen reads, “Your account is ready to go!”
    hulu disney plus bundle

For Desktop

The yearly package is $79.99, saving you around $15 a year compared to paying monthly. Additionally, if you choose the Disney Bundle, the additional streaming services will increase your monthly payment from $7.99 to $13.

How to change the Disney Plus bundle? Fortunately, Disney makes switching your Disney Plus plan rather simple:

  1. Access Disney Plus.disney plus laptop
  2. Click the profile symbol (top-right on a desktop, bottom-right on a mobile device), then click account.disneyplus main
  3. The plan you want to switch from Disney plus to bundle to is under the Subscription box, so scroll down and make that selection.disney plus plans
  4. Once you have reviewed and verified your billing information, click Agree & Subscribe. Once you’ve completed that, your new Disney Plus or Disney Bundle subscription will be ready.
    hulu disney plus bundle

For Android And iOS

Here’s how to switch plans if you primarily use the mobile app for Disney Plus upgrade (Android and iOS) or prefer to use it to manage your account:

  1. Tap the bottom-right “your profile” icon while the Disney Plus app is open.disneyplus for phone
  2. Select the account from this menu.
  3. Tap on your plan in the Subscription section after finding it. disney subscription
  4. You can choose the Disney plan of your choosing right heredisney plus bundle change
  5. Then, to finish your transaction, you must adhere to the instructions from the App Store or the Google Play Store.disney plus phone subscription

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How To Check Your Switch To The Disney Bundle?

All you should need to do to get set up and ready to stream on Hulu, ESPN Plus, and stream Disney Plus are the quick steps mentioned. These are the actions to take if you want to ensure sure everything is operating as it should.

  1. Select “Hulu” or “ESPN Plus” and log in to the premium confirmation page after switching.hulu login
  2. Enter your password and email address. disney plus login
  3. Choose “Continue.”
  4. For ESPN Plus, choose “Start Watching Hulu” or “Stream Now.”espn plus
  5. That’s it; start observing if everything is configured properly.hulu
  6. Switching is straightforward and should take a few minutes of your busy day.

Disney offers one of the greatest online account management systems for Disney plus upgrades to bundle, making the procedure simple.


How can I change the Disney bundle to be ad-free?

By visiting your Hulu Account page, you can switch the bundle to the Trio Premium plan with Hulu (No Ads), Disney+ (No Ads), and ESPN+ (With Ads). Hulu will charge you $19.99 monthly to access Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

Are the Disney advertising bundles free?

Additionally, the monthly cost of the Disney Bundle in the US, which includes Hulu with commercials, Disney+ without ads, and ESPN+, will rise from $13.99 to $14.99. The cost of the bundle's premium edition, which includes ad-free versions of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, will continue at $19.99 a month.

Can Disney Plus bundles be changed?

You can upgrade to one of the Disney Bundle Trio plans if you already have Disney+ or ESPN+. You can upgrade to either the Disney Bundle Duo Basic or one of the Disney Bundle Trio plans if you already have a Hulu subscription.

Is the Disney package worth it?

Considering that the cost of Disney+ and Hulu separately is $15.98 per month, purchasing the bundle is worthwhile even if you only need those two services. Therefore, by combining the two streaming services, you can save $5.99 each month.

How can I get the Disney package for free?

Disney Plus is free for six months when you sign up for either the Begin Endless or the Do More Unlimited plan. When you join up for the Play More Unlimited plan or the Get Extra Unlimited plan, you can get the Disney Bundle deal, which includes Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu (with advertising), for nothing.

What is the duration of the Disney Plus Bundle?

The Disney Bundle is a part of your eligible Unlimited plan and is yours to keep as long as you keep the eligible plan. As an upgrade from the Verizon Disney+ promotion, you will be charged the full $13.99/month* bundle monthly charge once your initial Disney+ promotion period has ended.

Can you share the Disney+ bundle?

No. There is only one Disney Plus plan available. There is no way to sign up for a family subscription to increase the number of devices that can be connected, unlike a service like Apple TV+, which can be shared across numerous users and accounts.


It was all about how to change the Disney Plus bundle. Disney provides a fantastic Disney Bundle and the chance to pay annually and save money. Since its debut, Disney Plus has caused a stir in the streaming community. The site has grown in various areas and provided a lot of original content. So you can now change the Disney Plus bundle using the methods discussed here.