How To Download Apps On Chromebook Without Google Play Store

Apps may be something you want to install for a variety of reasons. There are instances when an Android software you wish to download on your Chromebook is just not offered by the Google Play Store. Depending on the situation, it might be marked by the app’s developer. The article discusses how to download apps on Chromebook without google play.

You can download apps on Chromebook without google play by downloading APK and setting up ADB on Linux. For your Chromebook, you can perform a specific app search or browse apps by category. Select Install from the app page’s buttons. The application will download and install right away on your Chromebook.

You can install Android applications from the Google Play Store onto your Chromebook. Only a few Chromebooks can currently access the Google Play Store. Read below how to download apps on Chromebook without google play.

Ways to Download Apps On Chromebook Without Google Play

Here are the two methods to download apps on Chromebook without google play.

download apps without google play

Download APK

You must first download the app’s APK from an APK website before connecting your Chromebook without using Google Play. To install an app using this method, you must provide permission and allow the device to install the google play store on Chromebook the program from an untrusted source.

apk android

Numerous websites provide app APKs. Still, you must be careful while selecting the proper one since if you install the one from a dubious fake website, your device will get infected and eventually become broken. Although the websites are safe and secure, you should use caution when downloading the APK file. For the device to be ready to install apk on Chromebook:

On your Chromebook, go to the settings tab. Visit the settings section. Toggle Security. On the settings page, enable Unknown Sources.

If you enable Unknown Sources in the settings, you can download the APK files on your Chromebook, but if you don’t, you might not be able to install them on your Chromebook so that you can get apps without Google Play.

To download APK, adhere to these procedures:

After enabling the option, go to the preferred APK website. Find the software you want to download games on Chromebook by searching. Start by opening the download file once the download has finished. Follow the installation instructions after clicking Install.

If you don’t have access to Google Play on your smartphone, downloading apps using APK websites can be very useful. You can download the app again from the APK website when a newer version of the app is launched. Since your device doesn’t have Google Play, you won’t be able to update the app automatically; instead, you’ll need to delete the previous version before installing the new one.

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Set Up ADB On Linux

Although sideloading doesn’t require Developer Mode, the procedure isn’t one-click: to install your APKs using ADB, you’ll need some terminal expertise (via Android). Furthermore, your Chromebook needs to support Linux. For detailed instructions, see how to enable the google play store on Chromebook, but the procedure is straightforward: 

  1. Enable the built-in Linux sandbox environment on modern Chromebooks before configuring the Android Debug Bridge because it isn’t enabled by default (ADB).
    sandboxing in linux
  2. Toggle the Turn On button under Settings > Developers > Linux development environment (Beta).
    open linux terminal on chromebook
  3. On the following window, select Install, then adhere to the on-screen directions.

adb install

4. Hold off until the installation is complete. A terminal app will be added to your launcher, and the Settings menu will now have a new Linux (Beta) section. Turn on ADB debugging. Go to Settings > Linux Beta > Create Android apps to enable ADB debugging. You must select Continue after being prompted to restart your Chromebook.
adb debugging
6. Before the Sign-in screen appears, Chrome OS will once more ask for confirmation and notify you that the device is running untrusted apps. 

How to download apps on Chromebook? If you ever want to turn off the debugging bridge on your Chromebook, you’ll need to Powerwash (factory reset) it.

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Troubleshooting APK installation on Chromebook

The command “adb install [apk file path]” should work on Chromebooks with ARM processors without a hitch. Your Chromebook most likely has an Intel or AMD CPU inside if ADB returns an issue. On Intel and AMD Chromebooks, use the “adb -s emulator-5554 download nameofyourfile.apk” command to fix the “more than one device/emulator” error. Once more, substitute the downloaded package’s name for the filename.troubleshoot

How do sideload apps on Chromebook? You can also connect and fix the Chromebook key to an ADB server over a network. Press Enter after typing “adb connect”. To check if it’s connected, use the “adb devices” command. “adb -s emulator-5554 install nameofyourfile.apk” will install your APKs (via Android).

Try turning on Developer Options if you encounter a problem when attempting to connect to ADB via the network. 

Go to Manage Android Preferences > System > About Device > Build Number in the Google Play Store. Click Build Number several times to bring up the Developer Options window. To enable ADB Debugging, return to Settings > Developer Options.

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How to download apps without using Google Play?

Look up the program you wish to download and install on your Android smartphone on the APKMirror website. Using developer, app, and APK names, one can locate apps. When sorting by app or developer, pick the preferred app version instead of the APK.

Why can't my Chromebook download apps?

Chromebooks do not support all Android applications. If you search for an app in the Play Store on your Chromebook but cannot find it, the developer may have disabled the app for Chromebooks. Contact the developer to confirm.

How to individually install apps on my Chromebook?

From the Launcher, access the Play Store. For your Chromebook, you can perform a specific app search or browse apps by category. Press the Download button on the app page once you've discovered it.

How do I download apps without the App Store?

Open Safari and navigate to the official website of the program you want to download. After locating the app, choose 'download'. A download icon will soon show up. To begin downloading and installing the program, click the download icon.

Are apps only available on Google Play?

You do not need to use the Google Play Store to purchase Android apps. Users can download Android apps from a developer's website or an alternate app store provided by a third party.

How do I configure an APK file on my Chromebook?

Enter 'adb install nameofyourfile.apk' in the terminal to install your APK. The APK file name can be manually typed or copied and pasted.ADB returns 'Success' as soon as the installation is complete.

Why won't Android apps work on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks do not support all the hardware and software features seen on other Android-powered devices. If our program requires specific functionality that Chromebooks cannot handle, it cannot be installed on these laptops.


It is all about how to download apps on Chromebook without google play. Most Chromebook software runs online, even though it may function without an internet connection. You can now easily download apps on Chromebook without google play using any of the methods given above. Now that you know how to download apps on Chromebook without google play, check out how to download apps to an SD card on Android.