How To Fix Twitter “Something Went Wrong, Try Again” Error

Are you constantly seeing Twitter’s “ something went wrong, try again” Error? You’re not alone, so don’t worry. Users of Twitter frequently have this problem. We’ll review several troubleshooting techniques in this article to assist you in resuming tweeting

‘Oops, something went wrong‘ message. An error message reading “Please try again later” appears when the Twitter servers are offline. To verify if Twitter’s servers are up, visit the down detector’s Twitter Server Status Page. You are powerless if everyone’s servers are down.

When the error message appears repeatedly, it cannot be delightful. Reading a guide on how to repair “something went wrong “on Twitter is advantageous since it enables users to remedy the problem swiftly. 

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Several Possible Solutions For Twitter Something Went Wrong, Try Again

Let us read them one by one. If Twitter something went wrong, try reloading the error shows, then:

Look Up Twitter Status

Users of Twitter, a social networking site, can communicate with the general public by sending brief messages or tweets. If you’re having trouble accessing the service, Twitter is likely unavailable because of maintenance or technical issues. Visit a website like Downdetector, which keeps tabs on outages and interruptions for several internet services like Twitter, to see if it is possible to access the service. We recommend waiting and trying Twitter again later if the website indicates issues.

downdetectorIf you report any difficulty, checking the platform’s Twitter Support account is also a good idea for updates on any difficulties. You can investigate social media networks or take a vacation from the internet to participate in offline activities while waiting.

Remember that these interruptions are typically brief, and the service will resume shortly.

Log Out & Log Back In 

Re-login to your account after logging out if you receive a notification on Twitter, “Something went wrong. Try again.” log out and log back in Any problems brought on by a stale session or corrupted data may be resolved. Select “Log out” from the drop-down menu after clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. You may easily log back into your account after logging out.

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Keep An Eye On Updates

Have you ever wondered why does it say something went wrong on Twitter? This is because an outdated Twitter app or browser might bring on the problem. A crucial first step in resolving Twitter issues is to check for updates. keep an eye on updatesYou can follow these steps to check for updates on Twitter:

  • If you use the Twitter app on a mobile device, visit the App Store or Google Play Store and look for updates. Be sure to install the app’s most recent store or google play store
  • Ensure you have the most recent version of your web browser installed if you are using a web browser to visit Twitter. By accessing the browser’s website or its settings page, you can check for updates.most recent version of your web browser
  • Checking your device for updates can be a good option. An old smartphone may be the root of several Twitter difficulties. Ensure that the operating system on your device is the most recent version.checking your device for updates

It’s advisable to try again if the problem persists despite having the most recent versions of Twitter, the app, and your device.

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Refresh The Page

Refreshing the page is a simple yet effective solution to the TwitterSomething went wrong, try again” error message. You can either use your browser’s refresh button or the “F5” keyboard shortcut (or “Command + R” on a Mac”) to reload the page.

refresh the page

When you refresh the page, your browser sends a new request to the server for the same page, which can clear up any temporary glitches that may be causing the error. 

Disabling Ad Blocker

You must follow the developer’s instructions to remove an ad blocker from Twitter. So that you would not see Twitter Error, “something went wrong” repeatedly. This may change based on the particular ad blocker you’re using. But you can try some general actions, like:

  1. Open a web browser, then go to twitter
  2. In the toolbar of your browser, select the ad blocker icon.
  3. Find a way to turn off the ad blocker for Twitter or the current page.disabling ad blocker
  4. Check the ad blocker’s choices or settings if you can’t find this blocker's choices or settings
  5. Refresh the Twitter page once the ad blocker has been effectively disabled.

Try emptying the cache and cookies from your browser and turning off any additional extensions or plugins you may have if the problem persists.

Visit Twitter On A Different Computer Or Device

If you are having problems accessing Twitter using your current browser or device, consider using a different browser or device. This can help you figure out if the issue is with the particular browser or device you’re using or if the issue is with your internet connection or Twitter servers. visit twitter on a different device

Using a different browser or device may enable you to access Twitter without any problems since it is also conceivable that Twitter and your browser or device do not work together properly. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are a few of the widely used browsers. You can access Twitter using a mobile device as well.


Why do I keep getting a 'Something went wrong, try again' prompt when accessing Twitter?

This error may appear if you typed your login information incorrectly or if your account has been temporarily suspended.

What causes the 'Something went wrong, try again' error while submitting a tweet?

If there is a problem with Twitter's servers, your internet connection is unreliable, or your device is malfunctioning, this error may appear.

When I try to post a photo to Twitter, I get the message, 'Something went wrong; try again.' How can I repair this?

You can post the picture later, perhaps when the Twitter servers are less crowded. Alternatively, you could attempt a different uploading technique.

I need assistance with the 'Something went wrong, try again' error from Twitter; how do I get in touch with them?

You can reach them by going to Twitter's help page and making a request there. The Twitter Help Center or the Twitter Community may also contain the answer to your problem.


The Twitter error “something went wrong”; try again can be fixed. Refreshing the page is one way to remedy this. Delete the cache and cookies from your browser, Activate ad blockers, and Verify your internet connection is reliable. Disable VPN.

You can contact Twitter Support if you need more than the above fixes.

It’s crucial to remember that another issue could cause this error, too, so it’s wise to check the Twitter status page to see if there are any known problems. Ensure your account is not restricted or suspended by Twitter by performing another check.

This article lets users learn about probable reasons for the issue and different troubleshooting techniques. Users can also comprehend the causes of the error message and how to avoid it in the future. Users’ time and effort will be saved, and their Twitter experience will be enhanced.