How To Fix Twitter Error “Something Went Wrong Try Again”

This article will teach you how to resolve the “Something Went Wrong, Try Again” Twitter error. Twitter combines messaging, blogging, and social media. It is a web development project manager with certification in computer education. But sometimes a message pops up: “Something Went Wrong. Try Reloading Twitter”. Twitter users of social networking and news website send and receive 140-character notifications called tweets.

The error message “Oops, something went wrong” appears on Twitter when there is a technical issue with the platform. To check if the problem is due to the browser cache, connect to Twitter incognito and clear the browser cache.

Millions of people use Twitter, one of the most influential media platforms. Most of the time, it works as intended. However, occasionally you might run into problems like why does It say something went wrong on Twitter? When using it, for instance, you can get issues like Twitter not working or something going wrong. Try again.

How Does Twitter Operate, And What Is It?

Friends, relatives, and coworkers can interact and keep in touch using the Twitter service by sending quick, frequent tweets to one another. Tweets, which can also contain text, allow users to publish text, photographs, videos, and connections to other websites.

twitterThese tweets are posted on your profile, distributed to your followers, and found on Twitter.

Methods To Fix Twitter Error “Something Went Wrong to Try Again”

Below are the steps to fix the Twitter error “Something went wrong to try again.”

Open Twitter On An Alternative Device

You get the Twitter something went the wrong issue if you use an iOS or Android mobile device. Switch to a different device and log into Twitter.

open twitterIf the problem only occurs on PCs, use a different browser. After that, ensure that you have effectively fixed the error. If not, try some additional possibilities right away.

Your Computer’s Time Or Date Should Be Updated

Websites like Twitter may be impacted by an incorrect time or date in the browser. For instance, these websites’ servers can display at different times. By following the instructions below, you can modify the time and date on Windows.

update computer's date and timeTo bring up the Run window, press Windows and R. Type control timedate.cpl into the window and press the Enter key. Click Change Settings under the Internet Time tab in the following box. Type in the Server section of the Internet Time Settings window and press Update Now. Then watch for the upgrade procedure to be finished.

Utilize Incognito Mode

To determine if anything went wrong, you can connect to Twitter incognito if the cache in your browser causes the issue. If so, use solution 3 to clear the browser cache. The Twitter page will usually open in private mode without any problems.

  1. To enter incognito mode, press Ctrl + Shift + N. Alternatively, you may also click on the three dots icon to enter the Settings menu and select the New incognito window.use incognito mode
  2. Next, sign in to Twitter to see if it works properly.

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Clear The Browser Cache 

You can also try this method if you see a Twitter error message.

clear browser cacheOpen a browser, then go to the main page. To access the Settings menu, click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the page. Click the Clear browsing data link in the sub-menu after hovering over the More tools option. In the Clear browsing data window, check the boxes next to the browsing data types you want to delete, then select a time frame from the drop-down menu. Finally, to complete the process, click Clear data.

Clear Twitter Cookies

The Twitter error “something went wrong, try again” may also be caused by cookies. If so, you should clear your Twitter cookies to resolve the problem. Here are the specific steps.

clear twitter cookiesGo to Twitter by clicking here. After clicking the Lock icon in the address bar, choose Cookies from the pop-up menu. In the Cookies in Use window, pick the cookie, then click the Remove button. Repeat this procedure until you have deleted all of Twitter’s cookies. To close the window after completing the cookie removal, click Done. Open Twitter now and start tweeting to check if something went wrong error has appeared.


How can the Twitter website be refreshed without utilizing the browser cache?

Then carried out a forceful refresh. To reload the webpage from scratch without utilizing the browser cache, enter the Twitter website and click Ctrl+F5. It momentarily resolved the problem.

How can cookies be deleted from Twitter?

1: Go to Twitter by clicking here. 2: After this, click on Cookies after clicking the Lock icon in the address bar from the pop-up menu. 3: Next, select the cookie in the Cookies in use window, then select the Remove button. Repeat this procedure until all of Twitter's cookies have been deleted.

What kinds of requests for account information does Twitter receive?

Lawyers frequently ask for account information in conjunction with civil cases that aren't criminal, including divorce cases or commercial disputes. Removal requests - Twitter occasionally receives legal claims claiming that anything posted on the site may be against the law in one or more nations.

What procedures are in place on Twitter for reporting accounts for legal reasons?

Suppose Twitter is not otherwise forbidden from doing so, Twitter will see your tweet, including those who follow you and possibly some unfollowers. In that case, Twitter will, by default, make an effort to inform the reported account holder of the existence of a legal request relative to the account. Under challenging circumstances, such as emergencies involving life-threatening threats, child sexual exploitation, or acts of terrorism, Twitter Error, Something Went Wrong Try Again, may be an exception to the user notice requirement.


Twitter is simple to use as a sender or receiver. You sign up using your Twitter handle and a free account. Then, you can send broadcasts (tweets) every day, every hour, or whenever you like. Enter 280 characters or fewer in the What’s Happening box next to your profile picture, then click Tweet. Those who follow you and possibly some unfollowers will see your tweet.

Other than to express their opinions, people send tweets for various reasons like Twitter Error “Something Went Wrong to Try Again,” including vanity, attention, shameless self-promotion of their websites, or just plain boredom. Most Twitter users use microblogging for leisure, and it’s an opportunity to yell to the world and celebrate the number of readers of their tweets.