How To Share A Tweet On Facebook? Complete Guide

How do you share tweet on Facebook? Twitter users on other social media sites may want to share their tweets to reach a larger audience. It can be accomplished by sharing tweets on Facebook, letting you interact with friends and followers who might not use Twitter.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to transfer tweets on Facebook; it’s an easy process that only requires a few clicks.

facebook and twitter app icon

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to share tweets on Facebook, enabling you to start promoting your Twitter content to your Facebook audience.  How To Embed YouTube Video On Twitter? Check Out this.

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Share Tweets on Facebook

A tweet can be quickly shared on Facebook by following simple steps. The complete instructions to share tweet on Facebook are provided below:

  1. Locate the tweet you want to share. You can select the tweet you’d like to share. It can be found on your Twitter profile or by using the search function on Twitter.
  2. Choose a tweet from the dropdown menu. Once you’ve selected the tweet you’d like to share, you can choose it by clicking the dropdown menu symbol (three dots) in the tweet’s upper right corner
  3. Click “Share Tweet” To access the sharing options, choose “Share Tweet” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose the Facebook icon. You can share your tweet via the share options window on several social media sites. To share your tweet on Facebook, click the Facebook symbol.
  5. Select who can view your article. Choose the privacy settings before posting to control who can view it. You can share it with everyone, just your Facebook friends or a particular set of people.
  6. Choose “Publish.” Click “Post” to post your tweet on Facebook after selecting your privacy preferences and, if desired, adding your message.

That’s all on how to share tweet on Facebook! Your tweet was successfully shared on Facebook. Now, your tweets can be seen and interacted with directly on Facebook by your Facebook friends and followers. You can also Check Out How to Embed YouTube Video On Twitter.

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Instructions for sharing a tweet on Facebook in detail:

Detailed brief information about how to share tweets on Facebook is given below, do follow these instructions:-

You can log into your Twitter account.

log in to twitter

Open your Twitter account that you want to connect to Facebook in the first stage. Fill in the credentials to open your account.

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Choose settings from the menu.

The following action is to go ahead and access your Twitter profile settings by selecting the profile menu item from the menu bar’s left side.

step twoo

You will see the Facebook logo at the bottom of the page. For a new window to open, click that button.

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Choose “Sign in to Facebook and Link Your Accounts” after clicking where it says to “Post Your Tweets to Facebook.”

Please enter your Facebook login information here. But your Facebook name and profile image will be shown if you have already logged in with your Facebook account on your browser.

step three real

Please feel free to choose okay to go ahead.

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When prompted that Twitter will soon obtain your Facebook login information, select “Continue as.”

After logging in, you’ll receive a warning that Twitter will access certain information from your Facebook account. Your complete public profile information, friends list, and birthday will all include in the data.

continue as

If you accept, select “continue as,” and your Facebook name will appear.

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Please check who will see your tweets.

You may control who can view your tweets on Facebook by selecting the audience using the inline “audience selection” button in the pop-up window.

before who can see

You may control who can view your tweets on Facebook by choosing the audience using the inline “audience selection” button in the pop-up window. How To Embed YouTube Video On Twitter? Check Out here.

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Click the “Log In With Facebook” and “Allow” buttons to link Twitter and Facebook.

To connect Twitter and Facebook, click the “Log In With Facebook” and “Allow” buttons.

step three


Once you click “Allow” or “Okay,” your Twitter profile photo will appear instead of the “Connect to Facebook” option, with an arrow pointing to your Facebook profile photo. The connection was successful, as you can see.who can see


As of right now, anytime you tweet, Twitter will repost all of your tweets to your Facebook Timeline, along with your username.

Making a post on your Facebook page

You can do this if you share tweet on Facebook fan pages.

There is only one action you need to take to be sure that your tweet appears every time you send one: to connect directly to your Facebook page. It can be helpful, especially for entrepreneurs on creatives.

I’ve included for you below the detailed instructions for reposting Tweet to Facebook Page.

  1. Follow the steps above Before linking your Twitter and Facebook profiles. On your Twitter Settings page, select the “Profile” tab.profile
  2. Click “Allow Posting to My Facebook Page” Click the “Allow publishing to one of your pages” link under your Twitter -> Facebook connection to allow tweets and retweets to post to your Facebook fan page.allow posting
  3. You will then be prompted to permit Twitter to post to your Facebook profile. In this instance, offering Twitter access to “manage pages” and “publish pages” on your Facebook page is crucial.allow publishing
  4. Then select “Allow” to permit Twitter to post tweets to the Facebook fan page of your audience In the privacy settings, you can also click the dropdown box and select the Facebook group you want to exchange tweets and retweets.

Facebook Timeline sharing of a single tweet

You might occasionally want to retweet or share a single tweet. It would be best to tell your friends or admirers about something noteworthy.

We’ve included a step-by-step tutorial for sharing a single tweet below.

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You can enter your Twitter login information and choose the tweet you want to share.

Finding the tweet you want to share is the first step in transferring a single tweet on Facebook.

Choose “Copy Link to Twitter” 

twitter post screenshot

Then, click the downward-pointing arrow in the top-right corner to reveal a menu bar with three options. “Copy Link to Tweet,” “Embed Tweet,” and “I don’t like this Tweet” are some of these options. The first option, “Copy URL to Twitter,” can be chosen.

Copy the Tweet’s URL

Continue reading the article to learn how to copy a tweet to Facebook!

The full hyperlink to the tweet will appear in the pop-up window that will eventually appear you complete this step. Hence, choose and copy the tweet’s Link before posting it to Facebook.


Create a new post on Facebook, paste the Address, and hit “Publish.” 


The tweet will be shared to your Facebook group, fan page, or timeline for likes and shares by everybody. You can share a tweet privately if you want to keep it private.

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Can I post a tweet on Facebook without connecting my Twitter account?

No, to share a tweet on Facebook, you must have a Twitter account that is connected to your Facebook account.

Can you share a tweet on Facebook without the tweet image?

You can decide whether to include the tweet image when posting a tweet on Facebook.

Before sharing a tweet on Facebook, can I alter the content?

When you share a tweet on Facebook, you cannot alter the content of the Tweet. However, you can also submit a comment on the article.

Can I share several tweets at once on Facebook?

By copying the tweet URL and putting it into a Facebook post, you can share several tweets on Facebook.

Can I use a third-party social media management tool to share a tweet on Facebook?

Thanks to most social media management software, you can share tweets to Facebook and other social media platforms.

Can I post a tweet from the Twitter app on my phone to Facebook?

Using the same procedures as on a desktop, you can share a tweet on Facebook using the Twitter app on your phone.


In summary, Share tweet on Facebook is a simple process that only needs a few quick steps. You can share your tweets on Facebook and reach a larger audience by adhering to the instructions provided in this article. We sincerely hope this article was helpful and given you all the knowledge you require to post tweet to Facebook.

With this information, you can increase your online visibility and interact with your audience on various social media networks. We’re happy to have finished your quest for news to share Twitter posts on Facebook or share Twitter on Facebook. Click here to learn more about Free Facebook Proxy Sites.