How To Change Twitter Handle | Top Tested Methods [2022]

Twitter (It’s what happening) is an American social networking service through which users can post and interact with other users with messages known as ”tweet”. Users can access Twitter through its website interface or the mobile app. In this article, we will teach you how to change twitter handle.

It is a company based in San Francisco, California.

Tweets were originally limited to 140 characters but were increased to 280 characters in November 2017.

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone & Noah Glass in March 2006 and was launched in July of the same year.

It was one of the ten most-visited websites in the year 2013.

What Is Twitter?

You all must be thinking that why is she just bragging about Twitter, where there’s why you all also should start using this –

  • You can follow the work of experts in your field.
  • Build and productive and helpful network for yourself and others too.
  • Keep yourself updated with all the latest news and updates from all the sectors and fields.
  • Meet new people, new culture.
  • Expand your horizons.
  • Express yourself.

twitter logo

This article is for how to change your twitter handle or also known as your Twitter username. This is nothing but the thing which appears with the ‘‘@’‘ symbol, and it is unique to every account.

The Username is needed when you are logging in to your account. People search by your Username. As now you all know the importance of Username, keeping a straight-to-the-point username can help build your network.

What Does The Twitter Handle Consist Of?

  • Lowercase and uppercase letters from A – Z.
  • Numbers from 0 – 9.
  • It must be more than four letters or characters and less than 15 letters or characters.
  • No spaces allowed, only letters, numbers & underscores.

How will your Twitter handle look?


How will your Twitter URL appear?

What Is The Difference Between Your Twitter Handle And Twitter Name?

Twitter handle is unique, whereas Twitter name doesn’t have to be unique. The Twitter handle has a maximum of 15 characters, and the Twitter name can have more than 15+ characters.

How Do We Choose An Effective Twitter To Handle?

It seems to be a simple task, but it is not what it is. The users of Twitter are growing day by day. Then finding an ideal or perfect handle would be a bit of a task.

So here are few tips on how to choose your ideal Twitter handle before going into how to change twitter username:

  • If you have a business, you can always use ”HQ’‘ (Headquarter).
  • App companies can use the app in their Twitter handle.
  • Use ”The’‘.
  • Use ”I am’‘.
  • Companies and groups can begin their Username with ”we are’‘.
  • Simple and OG user your name. *wink*

How To Create A Twitter Account?

I’m just talking about the Twitter handle, but how do we create a Twitter account. So, let’s learn before getting into how to change twitter name:

  • Firstly, Sign up on the Twitter website or app.create your account change twitter handle
  • Build your profile by choosing a profile photo.
  • Add bio.
  • Follow people.
  • Tweet and enjoy!

Now that you have created your Twitter account, follow the topics you like and customize the Twitter experience if you don’t know how to change twitter handle.

How To Change Twitter Handle?

Let’s look at the ways to follow if you don’t know how to change twitter handle

For IOS & Android

  • Go to Setting and privacy and click on account.twitter app
  • Now, click on the Username and start typing your new Username in the Username field. If the Username is already taken, you will be asked to choose another one.change twitter username
  •  Once everything is completed, click on Done.

This is the way to do it if you don’t know how to change your @ on twitter.

For Laptop

  • Firstly, Open the website and click the more (horizontal three dots) button from the side menu.
  • Secondly, Click on settings and privacy.twitter setting and privacy
  • Thirdly, Click on Account and further on 
  • Twitter will ask you to type your password to know it’s you.
  • Below the account information, you have to update your Username in the username field. If it’s already taken, you will be asked to choose another username.update username
  • Click on the Save changes change twitter handle

Finally, This is the way to do it if you don’t know how to change your twitter handle using the web browser.


To conclude, ee believe with this tutorial we have guided you to how to change twitter handle. In addition, pinning tweets is one of the best feature available in the history of twitter. Find out how to pin any tweet using 3 methods.

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