How To Free Up Memory On Kodi | Complete Guide 2024

Kodi is one of the best free, open-source media players that work equally well on small and large screens. Kodi uses very little space; in any case, it offers plenty of extra choices, and they can summarize to take an enormous piece of your gadget’s memory and learn how to free up memory on Kodi. There are many different ways to low-storage on Kodi. When referring solely to Kodi, the media player is relatively stable and uses few system resources. However, Kodi lets users install add-ons and repositories to enhance the media player with various features. 

The main culprit for your Kodi taking up too much storage is your Kodi’s cache. If you clear out the reserve information, you can let loose a ton of extra room. You can do that by introducing an upkeep add-on like Indigo. To free up a lot of space, you can clear cache memory and other small files that aren’t needed. The Kodi player will operate much more smoothly and avoid constant freezes and crashes with sufficient free memory.

This article provides various ways you can free up your memory. If you are looking for easy ways, refer to this article and learn how to free up memory on Kodi.

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Ways To Clear Memory On Kodi

Some add-ons can use many resources. Others might need to work better with specific operating systems, or they take up much space on your hard drive, so you must clear memory on Kodi.

kodi app

Whatever the circumstance, this may impact your system’s performance.

Utilizing The Indigo Extra

As Kodi is open-source programming, it’s exceptionally adjustable, and designers have made a few highly inventive devices that let you assume full command over the product. You must install one of these tools, like OpenWizard or Indigo, as an add-on for your Kodi software.


Launch the application following the Indigo installation. Make a beeline for the “Support Devices” tab. There will be many devices here to assist you with clearing the extra room. 

Manually Clear Kodi’s Cache.

Is memory full on Kodi? Or is the cache full on Kodi? Clearing Kodi’s caches is the first thing you can do if it takes up too much space on your device. Like other applications, Kodi uses impermanent information on your framework and stores it locally to improve its general presentation. On the other hand, application caches can build up over time and consume your resources. To clear Kodi’s cache on Windows, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys to run the command.
  2. Then, write “%temp%” and press run cmd
  3. It deletes all the files in the folder and restarts your computer.

Follow the steps beneath if you are an Android television or phone user:

  1. Find the Kodi app on your device and press its icon until the options screen kodi tv app
  2. Go to the Storage & Cache tab by selecting App Info.
  3. To finish the process, tap the Clear Cache button at the end.kodi settings option
  4. Kodi can be cleared by going to Settings > App > Kodi and clicking the Clear Cache button on an Amazon Firestick or FireTV.
    kodi clear cache
  5. After that, check the installation size of Kodi on your system to see if it still uses too much storage space.

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Remove Unused Plugins

One way to free up Kodi’s memory is to remove unnecessary plugins. When you first installed Kodi, you probably tried a few different add-ons before finding one that worked best for you. These additional items consume extra room on your gadget. Remove any new add-ons from the Kodi app to reduce the size of the installation.

Follow the means beneath to erase Kodi’s additional items:

  1. Open the menu by going to the Gear icon for the settings option.kodi settings option
  2. From that point forward, access the Additional Items tab and pick an extra you never again use.kodi uninstall option
  3. Lastly, choose “Uninstall” till you delete all unnecessary add-ons from your device.

Utilizing New Start, Reset Kodi

Additional items on Kodi for your setups, information, and storage are total on Kodi. With this, you can manage Kodi more quickly thanks to a straightforward user interface that lets you clear cache, reset settings, and more. Utilize Fresh Start to restore Kodi to its factory settings if the app consumes excessive storage space on your device.

You can use other Kodi Genesis alternative add-ons for this process, but we’ll stick with Fresh Start, so keep that in mind.

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to the File Manager.kodi settings 1
  2. Now, select “Add Source” and add the repository Kodi is taking a lot of capacity.add source kodi
  3. Return to the primary screen and access the Additional Items tab from that point onward.dimitrology add source
  4. Then, click the Introduce button on the upper left corner of your presentation and pick Introduce from Compress Record.
  5. Click on Plugin. Video. after choosing Dimitrology from the list.plugin video freshstart
  6. Open Fresh Start in the main menu and choose Add-Ons. Lastly, click YES from the box.kodi fresh start
  7. After that, check the installation size of Kodi to see if it still uses too much space on your device. This successfully frees up memory on Kodi.

Remove Thumbnails

When you download a movie or television show, its thumbnails are included. Even when you delete a movie or television show, these thumbnails may still be on your device. Erasing these additional thumbnails can let loose a ton of room if you’re continually downloading and erasing new motion pictures.

kodi thumbnail

However, leaving the thumbnails section is preferable if you have limited media on Kodi and it takes up very little space. When thumbnails are removed, the movies and shows may sometimes not play correctly. This is one of the significant ways to free up Kodi’s memory.

Remove Textures .db From Kodi.

This is one of the software’s databases where you can find various artworks for your stored media.

kodi db files

You can erase this data set if you’re experiencing issues like fine art not showing up as expected and saving capacity all the while. 

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What is the reason for my Kodi buffering?

There may be things that cause your Kodi to lag. The most important are Problems with network connectivity, Limited bandwidth from the source of the streaming network, Congestion at the source, Inappropriate settings for the Kodi cache Internet service provider (ISP), and throttling of connection speeds.

Why is cloud storage best for Kodi?

Kodi has a limited amount of cloud storage. The small number of official add-ons are not connected to the creators; they only serve as the Kodi front-end interface for your cloud storage service. Fortunately, our cloud storage providers include those few developers.

How to install cloud storage on Kodi?

Click on Add-ons> click on the open box icon> click search>type the add-on name.

What is dropbox in Kodi?

Dropbox comes in second only to pCloud due to the service itself, not the particular Kodi plugin. With this, you have complete control over your Dropbox account in Kodi, which has many more features than the pCloud one. However, concerns include privacy issues and Kodi's cumbersome setup procedure.


The majority of users adore Kodi, a fantastic open-source media player. However, you can easily allow the software to expand by experimenting with new add-ons and down; thanks to its versatility, you can quickly expand by experimenting with new add-ons and downloading a lot of media, removing unnecessary software files. By going to the settings panel of Kodi, you can remove any add-ons you no longer use and learn how to free up memory on Kodi.

This concludes our guide on how to reduce Kodi’s system memory usage. If you have questions or different worries, do tell us in the remark area, and we’ll hit you up straight away.

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