Kodi Genesis Not Working And How To Fix It | 2024

Errors are always infuriating, but when you are ready to watch your favorite show on Kodi and Genesis, it runs into problems, especially because it can be hard to discover the root cause of the problem all on your own. The most frequent advice given is to “Check Kodi’s log.” However, this isn’t always useful because the logs are drafted with experts in mind. The good thing is that most of Kodi’s issues can generally be fixed in no time. If your Kodi Genesis Not Working, this article will help you fix this along with additional issues. Additionally, learn how to watch History Channel on Kodi for an enhanced viewing experience.

If you’re experiencing the “No Stream Available” problem on Kodi, here are some tips to fix it. First, make sure you have a strong internet connection. Next, update Kodi to the latest version and clear cache and providers within the app. To bypass geo-restrictions, use a trustworthy VPN. Also, consider installing popular add-ons like Exodus Redux or Seren. If you’re still having trouble finding the content you want, try searching from different sources. As a last resort, reset Kodi to its default settings.

These solutions are explained further in detail, along with other tips and explanations. Keep reading to learn more what are Kodi Genesis issues and how to fix them.

What Can Be Done About Kodi Repositories That Have Stopped Working?

Although the Add-on Repository is Kodi’s official repository, many more repositories are available in the add-on market. Third-party repositories are what the others are known as, and independent developers typically run them. Kodi Bae and Kodi Fusion are the two most widely utilized.

 kodi repositories that have stopped workingYou can add the source to Kodi and then download the repository to install them using the “Adding Source” option. This method is used to install all of Kodi’s add-ons and builds. Also, click here for Kodi Genesis alternative tools.

There are many different types of third-party repositories on the market, along with information on how to utilize them and how they operate. Here are some general remedies for resolving neighbourhood problems:

  • Install the repository again.
  • Restart the gadget
  • Reinstall Kodi after uninstalling it.
  • Servers typically cause repository issues, so you should get a new repository rather than waste time trying to fix the problem.

Kodi Unexpected Failure:

Even when Kodi was operating smoothly just moments earlier, it occasionally stopped functioning all of a sudden. There’s no need to fear, as your Kodi may have a corrupt file that caused the system to crash and fail.

kodi unexpected failureEven though this is a rare issue, you should know that you can resolve it by reinstalling the Kodi program. Although we can comprehend your reluctance to lose all of your data and files, there isn’t much else anyone can do in this situation.

The only method to solve this issue is to upload a copy of the Kodi logo to the support forum and see if someone there can assist you in recovering your data. Read this article for the best 10 Kodi Addons.

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Buffering Problems?

You should take proper care of several things if Kodi has buffering troubles. Clearing the cache is among the best fixes. It primarily transports useless files and data that weigh down the entire system and affect storage.

kodi buffering problemsThe further step is to create a large-size video cache. Large storage space is frequently required for videos to run smoothly. Your system’s memory management may improve if you raise the amount of your cache. How to install and run Kodi on Xbox One? Read This.

Why Doesn’t Kodi Work On A FireStick?

A streaming device called the Amazon FireStick can turn any conventional TV into a smart TV. It is a USB-style gadget that you can quickly link to an HDMI connector.

Most of the time, installing Kodi on a FireStick goes without incident, but users may occasionally experience some difficulties. It is because the add-ons contain installation-related dependencies and flaws.

why doesn't kodi work on a firestickReinstalling the add-on from a recent repository should solve any issues you have with installing or using Kodi add-ons on FireStick.

The best course of action will be to delete and reinstall Kodi if you experience any Kodi-related issues. Click here for Kodi on Chromebook.

To enhance your Kodi experience and troubleshoot any FireStick installation issues, consider following this guide on how to use Kodi on PC and how to get showtime on Kodi.

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General Solutions To Fix Kodi Genesis Issues

Try any of the following methods if your Kodi Genesis Not Working properly:

Use A VPN Along With Kodi

VPNs are generally used to hide illegal streaming from a user’s internet service provider (ISP). Apart from this, using a VPN can be of great advantage to users who only work on official streaming sources. Often, servers and sources are geo-blocked, which means they are constricted to specific geographical locations by ISPs. This results in
add-ons are not working.

using vpn with kodiIn these situations, VPN helps to hide the IP address and enables the user to access servers from all over the world. Therefore, if your Genesis is not functioning correctly due to geo blockage, using a VPN will resolve the issue, and you will be able to stream again.

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Clear The Cache And Provider Of The Add-On

If Kodi Genesis is not Working, for instance, if you have any display problems, you may use this when Android applications stop functioning or display errors. A cache is a storage space where such data is temporarily in-store. It helps to load the information quickly. Clearing the cache of add-ons helps to resolve problems like buffering, errors, etc. You can clear the cache and source of Genesis by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to My Add-ons from the add-on option on the main screen of Kodi.
  2. Then click on the Video Add-ons.add ons in kodi
  3. Go to Genesis.
  4. Click on Tools from the options given.kodi tools
  5. Mouse on Clear cache and select Yes, from the list of options.
  6. Click on Clear Providers and select Yes, from the same list.

Clearing the cache will help increase internal space. Thus allowing Kodi to function smoothly.

Update The Add-On

Many times when add-ons are the latest update and thus stop working. As a result, it leads to your Kodi Genesis Not Working. Therefore, check if you have updated the Genesis add-on to its latest version. If it’s not, then update it. You can update it by uninstalling the add-on and then reinstalling the updated version available.

genesis update the ad onsAfter reinstalling, check if you are still getting the same error. If not, go on and watch your favorite show. If you still encounter an error, try the following method.

Update Your Graphics Card Driver

If your Kodi Genesis not Working on your TV or smartphone, this method can be useful. Another usual reason for this error can be an outdated Graphics card driver. However, this procedure can only be helpful if you are using Kodi on your Windows PC. If you have Kodi on your Fire TV, Roku TV, any Smart TV, or smartphone, then this method will not be helpful, and if you are using Kodi on a Windows PC, then follow the steps given below to update your graphics card driver:

  1. Open Device Manager.device manager
  2. A list of options will display. From the options, click on Display Adapters.device manager
  3. The Graphics Card installed on your PC will be shown, and then right-click on it.
  4. Click on Update Driver.upgrade graphic card drivers
  5. Click on search Automatically for updated Driver Software.
  6. Select Update Driver, If there is any update available.
  7. If Windows cannot search for an update, you can look for one on the device manufacturer’s website.

Install The Add-On From A Different Repository

You may be encountering this problem due to some bug in the Genesis add-on. Then try installing it from a different repository. You can also try this procedure if you don’t find an updated version from the repository you downloaded the add-on.
Doing so may help you get a bug-free Genesis add-on that has the latest update. The repositories which have the Genesis add-on are:

Download and install the Genesis add-on from any of the above-given repositories you have never used before, and then check if it works. The Kodi Genesis Not Working problem will indeed be solved.

Update Or Reinstall The Kodi App

At times the Kodi application can itself be the cause of all issues. Therefore when all procedures fail, this would be the last method to resolve the issue. Update the application if it is not the latest update. If not, proceed to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. You can also choose to reset the application by going to the app settings and deleting its data. If you decide to reset the Kodi app, you will have to install all your add-ons, repositories, and skins again.

Explore new add-ons like Poseidon for Kodi and how to install stream hub on Kodi that might enhance your Kodi experience.

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How can I avoid Kodi freezing?

Update Kodi to a newer version. The Kodi streaming cache should be cleared or expanded. Use a separate streaming add-on that draws its content from many sources. Make sure your ISP isn't slowing you down by checking.

Why won't Kodi play any movies?

You could occasionally experience issues with Kodi, such as videos not playing or a No stream available message. Installing an appropriate Virtual Private Network will quickly fix this widespread problem (VPN).

Why is there no stream available?

Among the most frequent causes of No Stream Available is your ISP throttling, filtering, or geo-blocking your traffic. Always use a reliable VPN to fix this issue.


Genesis is one of those add-ons which many times have playback issues. So, don’t think that you are the only one to get such kinds of problems. We hope at least one of these solutions helped fix your Kodi Genesis Not Working problem.

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