How To Load Phoenix On Kodi? Complete Guide 2024

One of the most widely used Live TV addons is the Phoenix Kodi addon. The add-on offers hundreds of high-definition Live TV channels. You may stream channels from various genres on the Phoenix Kodi Addon, including sports, news, TV episodes, matches, and more. This addon’s peculiarity is that it regularly informs you of current happenings. Through this add-on, there is a ton of content to discover. So, learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi.

Phoenix may be added as an add-on to Kodi, but first, you must set up both Super Retro and Phoenix on your system. See how to install Phoenix on Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi.
  2. Go to “Settings” and click on “File Manager.”
  3. Select “Add Source” and click on “None.”
  4. Enter the URL and name it “Fusion.”
  5. Go back to the Kodi home screen and click on “Add-ons.”
  6. Select the package installer icon and choose “Install from zip file.”
  7. Choose “Fusion” and select “xbmc-repos.”
  8. Click on “English” and select “” Phoenix will now be available in the Add-ons section.

Refer to this article, and learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi easily by installing the required software.

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How To Set Up The Phoenix KODI Add-On?

In case you didn’t know, the Phoenix Kodi install is a need. Before demonstrating how to install the Phoenix app Kodi add-on, we’ll first go through how to install the SuperRepo repository.

  1. Keep Kodi updated and prevent issues like the “Could not connect to a network server” error.  Go to to update Kodi.kodi tv
  2. Select “Save As.” Look down and pick the working framework running on your gadget. I intend to use Windows.operating systems
  3. Check that the recommended version works by clicking on it. Open the downloaded file to set Kodi.phoenix logo
  4. You will successfully get Phoenix on Kodi.

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How To Install Kodi?

Before installing and adding the add-on of the Phoenix, install Kodi on your system using a VPN. Follow the steps:

  1. Install Plugins from Unknown Sources. If you want to install plugins like Phoenix, us, and Covenant, you’ll need to set up Kodi to download plugins from unidentified sources.
    kodi update
  2. After opening Kodi, select settings. Select System Options. To enable Unknown Sources, toggle the plugins option on the left.unknown sources in kodi
  3. To confirm your change, click “Yes.”
    click yes on kodi
  4. Use a VPN because Kodi recognizes where you are on the network and streams videos and shows there.

When streaming videos and using Kodi, it’s best to use a VPN. Search for “VPN” in your browser to locate a VPN, then select the one you find most appealing. However, you can give NordVPN a shot if you don’t have time or patience or want to use a reputable VPN. Search for “VPN” in your browser to locate a VPN, then select the one you find most appealing. Moreover, you can check Browsers with built-in VPNs

If you are using Chromebook, you can refer to this article, Kodi On Chromebook | Install Now To Start Watching | 2024

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How To Install SuperRepo?

Follow these moves toward introducing SuperRepo on your adaptation of installing the Phoenix addon. Here are some possible risks of watching online streaming without encryption.:

  1. Your Internet service provider (ISP) now has a direct view of everything you watch and stream online.
  2. You must use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your display. A VPN secures that. Our preference for a VPN is Express VPN.
    express vpn
  3. Figure out how to introduce a VPN on your Fire television stick.  Select “File Manager” from Framework.file manager
  4. Choose “Add source.”add sources
  5. After clicking “text box,” the on-screen keyboard will show up. After that, enter, which is the SuperRepo repository’s URL, and click the “Done”
  6. Type “SuperRepo” and press the “Done” button.superrepo
  7. Your Document Supervisor should now have SuperRepo added to the rundown. Return to the KODI home screen now. One more time, return to the KODI home screen.
    kodi home screen

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How To Install Phoenix?

KODI now supports the SuperRepo repository, as both the software are ready to be installed. Now, since you want the Phoenix add-on on KODI, you will have to install Phoenix. To install Phoenix, follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Add-ons, Get Add-ons, All Add-ons, and System.add-ons
  2. You can install Phoenix from the list of add-ons. Select the “Install” button on the subsequent screen after finding Phoenix and clicking on it.phoenix installing
  3. Phoenix’s successful installation will be signaled to you by a notification box in the lower right corner of your screen.successfully installed
  4. If you want to avoid enabling an add-on installer like the one that comes with installing Fusion, you can get the Phoenix add-on for KODI using the method we showed you how to do if you want to introduce Combination, which accompanies other added highlights.

How To Load Phoenix On Kodi?

Since you have installed Superrepo and Phoenix, you can add them to Kodi. You can begin installing the Phoenix addon on Kodi following setup. Follow this procedure to learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi:

  1. Open Kodi by clicking the Settings icon on your device. Go to File Manager.file manager
  2. Enter this link: Click
  3. Give this repository a name. naming
  4. Return to the main Kodi page. In the menu, select Plugins. In the upper left corner, select the package icon. Choose Install zip
  5. Click on Phoenix repo, the file name you just entered.phoenix repo
  6. Select the zip file called a repository. phoenix reborn-1.5.0.  Click Install from the repository after that.
    add a repository
  7. Pick the Kodi Phoenix Reborn Repository option. Select Video Extensions. Select Install from the Phoenix Reborn plugin install

This teaches how to load Phoenix on Kodi.

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Advantages Of Adding The Phoenix Add-On To KODI

Some of the benefits of installing the Phoenix add-on for Kodi are:

  • The KODI guide on How to Install the Phoenix Add-on is free.
  • Numerous users already benefit from this guide’s timely, interest-based follow-up advice.

phoenix rises kodi

  • The How to Install the Phoenix Add-on KODI guide is available free of cost.
  • It is free to set up, and installation is not required.

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What to do to Set Up the Phoenix Kodi Add-on?

We described How to Install the Phoenix Add-on KODI in this guide; if you need help, contact us.

How does this manual help you?

This manual will help you learn how to install the Phoenix Add-on KODI easily without wasting time.

How long does it take to execute this method?

The How to Install the Phoenix Add-on KODI guide takes 10+ minutes to finish.

What devices are supported?

Mobile devices

What operating systems are supported?

iPhone or Android


Thus, from the various ways and methods to load Phoenix on Kodi, some easy ways are provided. Mobile devices of both IOS and Android support this method. It also has certain advantages, like it’s free to set up, and no cost is required to install it.

Finally, this article describes the various methods of how to load Phoenix on KODI. We hope this guide was helpful and that you successfully could connect and add Phoenix as an add-on on Kodi by following these methods. You can also check this out if you want another add-on for Kodi.

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