How To Install Covenant On Kodi? – Complete Guidance

As an alternative to the Exodus addon and to offer the finest viewing experience and a variety of video sources, the Covenant Kodi addon has recently gained quite a bit of popularity among Kodi users. How, then, do you set up and install Covenant on Kodi? Everything about installing Covenant on Kodi is covered in this post.

To install Covenant on Kodi, first, install a VPN > Then allow extensions from unidentified sources > Go to Covenant file source > Rename the file before saving it > Then utilize a zip file to set up the Covenant Repository > And watch movies and television easily.

Kodi Covenant offers a large selection of free media streams, an intuitive user interface, and a movie scraper to automatically access movie information, making indexing and classified searches easier. It also has a beautiful user interface. Now follow the thorough instructions to install the Covenant add-on on Kodi.

What Benefits Does the Covenant Kodi Addon Offer?

By utilizing media from numerous network sources and enabling users to access the media through Kodi, the Covenant Kodi addon extends the capabilities of the main Kodi. This saves you time since the Covenant Kodi addon offers the material you desire in great quality for no cost, saving you from having to search for it elsewhere.

covenant kodi addonBesides the substantial quantity of material it offers, the UI layout is one of the main draws of the Covenant Kodi addon. If you worry about using a difficult and intricate addon, don’t be; the UI is incredibly user-friendly and accessible to almost everyone.

Regarding user experience and usability, the Kodi addon is the best among all Kodi plugins. Click this link to learn how to use Kodi on PC.

Why Using a VPN Is Necessary to Install the Covenant a Kodi addon

Although Covenant’s extensive media library is incredibly alluring, most of its content is stolen, and there is no method to exclude illegal films from the collection. Additionally, your data is exposed to hackers because you can’t install Covenant from the official Kodi directory and must obtain it from a dubious third-party source.

vpn setupYou require a VPN to conceal your real address and online identity. By establishing a secure tunnel between your machine and the server, a VPN safeguards your online privacy by preventing anybody from viewing your browsing history.

After that, Covenant on Kodi may be installed and used without risk, allowing you to stream your preferred media. Just connect to a secure server for the quickest connection and buffer-free viewing. To easily access other streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer, the VPNs on my list also provide a worldwide network. Now let us look at how to install Covenant on Kodi.

The Complete Guide to Installing the Covenant a Kodi Addon

Covenant on Kodi can be installed in 8 simple steps. Regardless of the device, such as an iPhone, Amazon Firestick, or Android, the installation procedure is essentially the same. To securely install Covenant on Kodi, follow these instructions:

Get a VPN and join a secure server

Install a VPN is necessary how to add Covenant.

get a vpnBecause of its rigorous no-logs policy and military-grade encryption, which prevents third parties like hackers and advertising from decrypting or sharing your data, we suggest ExpressVPN. To install Covenant safely online, sign in to your account and connect to a server.

Allow extensions from unidentified sources

You must enable addons from unknown sources to install Covenant, a third-party extension. To enable the Unknown Sources setting, go to the “System Menu” and choose the “Addons” tab.

The Covenant File as a source

Click the “File Manager” icon under the “System” menu. Then, to add a unique source, click “Add Source” and then on.

covenant file as a source“In the text field, enter the following URL:, then press OK. Use a trustworthy source (if you can locate one); otherwise, you can receive the “Failed to Install Dependency” message.

Before saving, rename the file

Save the file with the name “Covenant” for quick access. On the “File Manager” window, it ought to be mentioned.

rename the fileTo keep your data secure when downloading Covenant, make sure your VPN is still active.

Utilize a zip file to set up the Covenant Repository

Now that the zip file has been downloaded, Kodi will save it in the “Covenant” folder you made before.

utilize a zip fileFor the Covenant repo Kodi to be installed, go to “addons,” choose “Install from the zip file,” and then choose the “Covenant” folder.

Utilize the repository to install the Covenant Addon

After setting up the Covenant repository for Kodi, click “Covenant” on the “addons” tab’s “install from repository” menu.

install repository

Complete the installation and add customizations

Pick Covenant from the list of Kodi video addons and press “Install” to launch the installation procedure.

install covenantChoose your desired language, region, and geolocation to finish customizing the installation.

Seek out Covenant to watch movies and television

After successfully installing Covenant, you may access the addon by clicking the Covenant symbol. Look through every show or movie you wish to stream. Going to “Information” and selecting “Update” will keep Covenant current. This answers you on how to update Covenant.

update covenantSo this is how to install Covenant on Kodi easily.

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What must I do if Covenant is ineffective?

You should verify your streaming sources if the error message 'No Streams Available' appears. Adding more streaming sources using Real Debrid is one method to remedy this. To be secure when using Covenant on Kodi, you can install a VPN. Within the Covenant Kodi addon, this is possible.

Will a VPN affect my Kodi streaming speeds?

All VPNs do slow you down. However, you won't see a change if you use a high-end VPN. To keep your data safe when viewing episodes on Covenant, use a VPN with a sizable network of quick servers. You avoid any stuttering or lowered video quality with this method.

Is Covenant on Kodi Safe and allowed for use?

Even if Covenant is legal, utilizing it might get you into trouble. On Covenant, a lot of the stuff is stolen. You may stream movies and TV episodes using one of the alternate official Kodi addons to ensure you aren't breaking any laws. You may also be exposed to viruses, hackers, and snoops because the addon was obtained through an unreliable third party.

Which is preferable, Covenant or Exodus?

Exodus Addon truly split into Covenant and Covenant. You can stream a ton of high-quality content regardless of the addon you choose. You don't need to alter anything if you're already using one of them and it's working well for you. If not, try the alternative.

Can I put a Covenant Addon on my Firestick?

Yes, you can install Covenant for Firestick quickly and easily.

Why does Kodi freeze sometimes?

Hardware acceleration is one of the main causes of Kodi's frequent crashes, especially on Android. Disabling this option will allow you to see whether the issue goes away. On the Kodi home screen, click the gear icon to open the settings menu. Select Player settings next.

Does Kodi have no price tag?

The free and open-source media player application known as the technology consortium and non-profit Kodi Foundation made Kodi. Kodi is accessible for various hardware platforms and operating systems, and it has a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.


Covenant is one of the top Kodi addons for streaming movies and TV shows. You may quickly install the addon using the instructions mentioned above. It provides high-quality streaming links for the most recent episodes of TV shows and movies. Please leave a comment below with any further questions you may have about how to install Covenant on Kodi.