How to Watch UFC 207 on Kodi – A Step-by-Step Guide

UFC is unbelievably significant in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and has grown a worldwide fan base. Its importance and the challenges it faces, especially as to locale-locked streaming and pay-per-view (PPV) charges, can be credited to various variables. Thus, knowing how to watch ufc 207 on kodi is essential.

You must install and set up Kodi on your device to watch UFC 207. Then, scroll down to add-ons. Then, click the unknown sources option towards the screen’s right portion. Click yes on the warning pop-up sign and go ahead. You might want to check this article on installing Kodi 19.4.

Due to broadcasting rights and contracts, not all UFC events are available for live streaming in all countries. This can frustrate fans who want to watch events not accessible in their region. UFC events are often scheduled based on the location of the venue, which can lead to inconvenient viewing times for fans in different time zones. This article will take you through the detailed steps to watch ufc 207 on kodi and where to watch ufc 207 on kodi.

Warning: Using Kodi without a VPN is dangerous

Risks Associated with Streaming on Kodi

  • Legitimate Worries: Downloading or streaming such content may comprise a copyright encroachment, leading to legitimate activity, punishments, or notification from copyright holders.
  • Malware and Infections: These risks can endanger your gadgets and your data’s security.
  • Unstable Streams: Third-party add-ons might not provide reliable streams, leading to constant buffering, poor video quality, and interruptions during your viewing experience.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Unofficial Kodi add-ons can collect your personal data and browsing habits, which might be used for targeted advertising or malicious purposes.

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Importance of VPN for Anonymity and Safety

These advantages of a virtual private network (VPN) include:kodi vpn

  • Expanded internet-based obscurity reduces the likelihood of your action being connected to you.
  • Privacy: This is particularly important when using Kodi to stream potentially copyrighted or sensitive content.
  • Security: VPNs encode your web association to safeguard your information from programmers and any digital assaults that could target openings in your organization or gadget.
  • Admittance to Geo-Confined Content: Bypassing geographic limits with a VPN empowers you to get to the content that might be confined or distant in your space.
  • Avoiding Throttling: By hiding your online actions, a VPN can assist you in getting around this.

How to set up the Mad Titans Sports add-on on Kodi 2024

By default, Kodi doesn’t let you install third-party add-ons because of privacy and security concerns. However, enabling an “Unknown sources” setting will allow you to install third-party Kodi add-ons. So let’s change that setting. Also check out these top repositories for Kodi. 

  1. Launch Kodi and Click the gear icon at the top to enter settings and Select System.
  2. Scroll down to Add-ons, then, Jump to the right portion of the screen and enable the Unknown Sources option.
  3. Click Yes if a warning pop-up appears. Make sure the toggle is flipped to the right.
  4. Return to the Kodi home screen, select settings again, then Select File Manager.
  5. Scroll down and click Add source in either column and Click <None>.
  6. Now, carefully type in and hit OK. If you encounter any errors, try replacing http with https.
  7. Select the box under Enter a name for this media source, enter the name magnet, and click OK. Back on the Add file source window shown below, click OK again.
  8. Return to the Kodi home screen and click on settings again.
  9. Click Add-ons in the top row, Select Install from the zip file, and then select Magnet.
  10. Select the file Don’t worry if the numbers in the file are different for you. It just means the repository has been updated.
  11. Wait until you see a message in the top-right corner saying Magnetic Repo Add-on updated.
  12. Now, click Install from the repository. Select Magnetic Repo, then Video add-ons, then Scroll down, select Mad Titan Sports, then Click Install.
  13. Click OK to allow the installation of required add-ons. Wait until you can see the message Mad Titan Sports Add-on installed.

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5 Alternatives to Mad Titans Sports for UFC on Kodi

Here’s a more detailed overview of each of these Kodi add-ons as alternatives to Mad Titan Sports for watching UFC content:

Planet MMA (formerly UFC Finest)

The Planet MMA Kodi add-on offers a variety of UFC content, including live events, replays, documentaries, interviews, and more. It is designed explicitly for MMA fans. planet mmaThe user-friendly interface simplifies browsing and finding the most recent UFC fights and related stuff.


The flexible Kodi add-on SportsDevil offers access to various sports programming, including UFC.sportsdevil Although it doesn’t only concentrate on the UFC, it frequently provides links to past UFC events, replays, and related material. In the Kodi community, it is a well-known add-on frequently updated with fresh sources.

Made in Canada IPTV

Made in Canada, IPTV is an add-on that offers access to various live TV channels, including sports channels that might broadcast UFC events. made in canadaWhile it’s not solely dedicated to UFC, finding live streams of UFC matches and related programming can be a good option.

Fight Club

A Kodi add-on that focuses on combat sports, including MMA, is called Fight Club. It gives users access to various MMA materials, such as UFC fights, fight replays, interviews, etc. fight clubFight Club can be a good choice if MMA content is your primary area of interest.

The EndZone

The EndZone is initially focused on American football content, but it occasionally offers access to other sports, including UFC events and combat sports. It may not be as dependable as some other UFC content add-ons, but it is still worth looking into for the rare event.endzone

Remember that Kodi add-ons and their accessibility may change for technical and legal reasons. To be sure that you are not breaking copyright rules, it is crucial to select reputable sources and practice caution. To reduce potential security threats, ensure you’re constantly running an updated and safe version of Kodi.

Watch UFC 292: Sterling vs. O’Malley with UFC Fight Pass

Here are the steps on how to watch UFC 292: Sterling vs. O’Malley with UFC Fight Pass using Kodi:

  1. Subscribe to UFC Fight Pass. You can do this on the UFC website or the UFC Fight Pass app.
  2. Install the UFC Fight Pass add-on on Kodi. You can find this add-on in the official Kodi repository.
  3. Open the UFC Fight Pass add-on and sign in with your account credentials.
  4. Select the “Live Events” tab and scroll down to find UFC 292: Sterling vs. O’Malley.
  5. To begin streaming the event, click the “Play” button.

While watching UFC Fight Pass on Kodi, you may also utilize a VPN to safeguard your security and privacy. Since UFC Fight Pass is geo-restricted in some nations, this is crucial if you reside outside the United States.

The following are the procedures for setting up a VPN on Kodi:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service. It would help if you researched to discover a decent VPN service that suits your needs because there are many out there.
  2. Get your device’s VPN client downloaded. You can connect to a VPN server using the VPN client.
  3. Open the VPN client and join a server in a nation where UFC Fight Pass is available without geographic restrictions.
  4. Start Kodi and open the UFC Fight Pass add-on.
  5. Sign in to your UFC Fight Pass account and start streaming UFC 292: Sterling vs. O’Malley.

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Streaming UFC from anywhere globally

Here are the benefits of using a VPN service like Ivacy when you learn how to watch ufc 207 on kodi:kodi

  • Admittance to Geo-Confined Content: By interfacing with servers in different countries, a VPN empowers you to access content that won’t be open in your space.
  • Keeping away from Oversight: By moving your web traffic through servers in different countries where the substance is accessible, a VPN can help you avoid these impediments.
  • Improved Privacy: This is crucial while streaming video as it helps safeguard your personal information and viewing preferences.
  • Security of Public Wi-Fi: A VPN encrypts your connection, enhancing safety and guaranteeing that your data is private even on unprotected networks.
  • Lessened Throttling: Using a VPN can avoid this because your ISP won’t be able to tell which streaming service you’re utilizing.
  • Maintaining your privacy while streaming is made possible by this.
  • Security for Payment Transactions: A VPN can help secure your financial transactions by encrypting your data if you need to make payments while utilizing public Wi-Fi to subscribe to streaming services.
  • While traveling: You can access your preferred material by connecting to your country’s servers with a VPN.

Kodi VPN for UFC PPVs

For several reasons, using a VPN when watching UFC Pay-Per-View (PPV) events on Kodi can be crucial when learning how to get ufc 207 on kodi-kodi repository

  • View to Geo-Confined Content: By associating with servers where the occasion is accessible, you can get around these impediments and view the substance using a VPN.
  • Protection and Security: By scrambling your web traffic, a VPN makes it harder for outside gatherings to follow your internet-based exercises.
  • Abstain from Choking: By keeping your ISP from rapidly identifying the exact sort of transfer speed you’re consuming, a VPN can assist you with getting around choking.
  • Protection from Legal Problems: While using a VPN does not endorse criminal behavior, it might enhance the level of anonymity for your online activities, reducing the risk of surveillance.
  • Bypass Blackouts: You can watch the event without the blackout restrictions by utilizing a VPN to connect to a server outside the blackout area.
  • Prevent Spoilers: By clicking on servers in locations where the event is taking place right now, a VPN can let you watch the event live while lowering the chance of unintentionally discovering spoilers.

Troubleshooting: Kodi UFC needs to be fixed?

Here are some common issues and their potential solutions related to how to watch ufc 207 on kodi:kodi settings

  • No Streams Available or Empty Links: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Kodi add-on you’re using to stream UFC content.
  • Buffering or Slow Streaming: Check your internet connection speed and try connecting to a different server through your VPN to see if it improves the streaming quality.
  • Add-On Not Loading: Try again after clearing the cache. You can also try rebooting your device or Kodi. Check out how to add Zen to Kodi in this article. 
  • Blocked Content or Geo-Restrictions: Use a VPN to connect to a server where the content is accessible if geo-restrictions prevent viewing UFC content.
  • Authentication or Login Problems: Confirm the exact login and secret words you entered.
  • Outdated Add-Ons or Repositories: Ensure that the repositories and add-ons for Kodi are current. Reinstall or update the add-ons from reputable sources.
  • Failed to Install Add-On: If you’re having trouble installing an add-on, enable installation from unknown sources in Kodi’s settings.
  • Experiencing Errors or Crashes: Try turning off other add-ons to see if the issue persists. If it does, consider contacting the add-on support channels for assistance.

Things to know when streaming with UFC Kodi add-ons

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

The following are some things to remember:kodi repository

  • Legal Considerations: Be cautious while using add-ons and research if they are legal where you live.
  • Using a VPN can help you get around geographical restrictions and preserve the privacy of your online activity.
  • High-Speed Internet: Aim for a minimum internet speed of 10 Mbps for smooth streaming.
  • Device Performance: Older devices with limited processing power might need help with the demands of streaming live UFC events.
  • Quality Settings: If you experience buffering issues, consider reducing the video quality to improve the streaming stability.
  • Clear Cache: Periodically clearing the cache can help enhance streaming quality.
  • Add-on Updates: Keep your Kodi add-ons updated to ensure you use the latest version with potential bug fixes and improvements.
  • Buffering and Lag: Lag & Buffering: If you experience lag or buffering, consider pausing the stream briefly to give the content time to advance.
  • Add-ons with Good Reputation: Stick to well-known Kodi add-ons with positive reputations for streaming UFC events. Examples include add-ons like Planet MMA, SportsDevil, and Rising Tides.


Is It Legal to watch UFC 207 kodi?

Streaming UFC events through unofficial Kodi add-ons can infringe upon copyright laws, depending on your jurisdiction. Researching the legality of using such add-ons in your region is advisable before proceeding.

How Can I Install Kodi Add-ons for UFC?

You must first add the appropriate repository source to Kodi before installing an add-on from that repository. However, we advise you to seek current installation manuals because repositories and add-ons sometimes change.

Can I Watch UFC Fights Live on Kodi?

Some Kodi add-ons may offer live streams of UFC events. These streams' dependability and quality can change, though. Having a solid internet connection and considering a VPN is crucial for privacy and security.

What Should I Do If a Kodi Add-on Isn't Working?

Confirm that the login and secret words you entered are exact. Take a stab at interfacing with an alternate server if you're utilizing a VPN to ensure it's not the reason for your login issues.

How Can I Avoid Buffering During UFC Streams?

Buffering issues can often be due to slow internet connections or overloaded servers. Ensure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection, and consider adjusting the streaming quality to a lower setting if buffering persists.

Are There Paid Kodi Add-ons for UFC?

Some Kodi add-ons may offer premium or paid sections that claim to provide higher-quality streams. However, please exercise caution when considering paid add-ons and ensure they are from reputable sources.


In conclusion, watching UFC 207 or any other live event on Kodi can be an exciting way to enjoy the fight. We discussed in the article how to watch ufc 207 on kodi. But it’s important to remember that accessing copyrighted content without proper authorization can be illegal in many regions.

Make sure you understand the legality of accessing copyrighted content through Kodi. Unauthorized streaming of pay-per-view events like UFC fights might violate copyright laws, leading to potential legal consequences. Consider using official and legal channels to watch the event. UFC typically offers official pay-per-view options through its website or official partners. If you still choose to use Kodi, be cautious when installing add-ons from third-party sources. A VPN can help mask your online activities and protect your identity from potential risks.

Remember that the best approach is to prioritize legality and ethical content consumption. We recommend supporting the sports industry and content creators by using official channels to watch events like UFC 207 Sportsdevil.